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G4 has been out for how long now? 2 years nearly? That is roughly in line with Moore's Law. Based on apple's product sheet of quadrants, it would make sense that if iMac G4's came out, then the rest of product line could be bumbed up to G5 with exception of PowerBook G4's for another 2-4Q. If a G4 iMac does come out, that might cannibalize the low end PowerMac G4s. Seems like they are due for G5. I know that NEXTSTEP (before it became Mac OSX) was ported to Sun Solaris...
As an owner of AAPL for the past 18 months, the stock appears dead--flat lined. I know this is better than lots of others which have tanked. Would like to gather people's thoughts on buying a short term "call option" on AAPL currently at $22.5. The main reason, and this is speculation, is that MWSF is Apple's big event for the year where many product announcements, etc are made and stock usually jumps up right before announcement. Given market conditions this year and...
Well, I saw a snapshot of FCP 3 on OSX and Apple only partially aqua-fied it. It looks really bad. Either totally aquafy it or keep the old UI but now its just seems funky. It is a shame becuase Microsoft did a great job on IE and other apps and Apple failed to do it with its own marquee product. (Although they did do a good job on QT and iMovie, iTunes). They got timid. I would really now look forward to FCP 3.1 when they get it really done. On the other hand,...
Or maybe he will announce a new iMac running "Intel Inside" Pentium 4. Or maybe re-announce the G4 saying that there is no need to go any higher as there is LOTS of LIFE left in it......
Well, adobe just announced After Effects for X so I have to image that FCP 3 for x will be announced tomorrow. The big question is still Photoshop for X from Adobe. I am waiting for the these apps before I move the OSX. Check out tomorrows announcements at 9am PST. They always announce on tuesday for press reasons.
Hmm, just thinking. Would Apple create its own After Effects like program as a seperate add-on like premiere and AE compliment each other? it would be nice to either have an integrated editing and compositing suite that work as smooth as possible together. its the same issue with getting some adobe products to compliment your macromedia products.
If you look at QT Streaming Server 4 preview, it supports QT MPEG4. Sorenson announced this last Jan/Feb so this is a very long beta. Since DV Expo is next week in LA, I expect that Sorenson will release the first MPEG4 codec along with FCP for X. BTW, I am using Sorenson 3.1 Pro and Cleaner 5.1 and the compression is very very good--a far better improvement and way faster encoding times.
Oh, and check out the link from Dr Zoidberg above. Junkyard Dawg, no one is going to listen to you from now on so you might as well change your handle and try again. Plagerizing other fiction from other boards and passing it off as your own. Smart, eh?
Yeah and I saw Elvis yesterday, too. Junkyard Pulp Fiction
They will announce a whole slew of OSX apps including Macromedia Flash/Dreamweaver for OSX and Adobe Photoshop. FCP will be announced in 2 weeks. If they get the mainstream apps after MS Office, that is when the bug migration comes to move over to OSX fully for those still on OS9. cheaper flat planel displays. reduced price tag on iPod to 299.
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