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If you look at QT Streaming Server 4 preview, it supports QT MPEG4. Sorenson announced this last Jan/Feb so this is a very long beta. Since DV Expo is next week in LA, I expect that Sorenson will release the first MPEG4 codec along with FCP for X. BTW, I am using Sorenson 3.1 Pro and Cleaner 5.1 and the compression is very very good--a far better improvement and way faster encoding times.
Oh, and check out the link from Dr Zoidberg above. Junkyard Dawg, no one is going to listen to you from now on so you might as well change your handle and try again. Plagerizing other fiction from other boards and passing it off as your own. Smart, eh?
Yeah and I saw Elvis yesterday, too. Junkyard Pulp Fiction
They will announce a whole slew of OSX apps including Macromedia Flash/Dreamweaver for OSX and Adobe Photoshop. FCP will be announced in 2 weeks. If they get the mainstream apps after MS Office, that is when the bug migration comes to move over to OSX fully for those still on OS9. cheaper flat planel displays. reduced price tag on iPod to 299.
Wow, there are many great suggestions above: 1. Radio Tuner (Better yet: World Band Radio or XM Satellite Radio) 2. QT Management System: Audio (mp3), Video (.mov from iMovie) 3. 8-bit Display: Play Movies, Games, iTunes Surreal interface 4. Games: Pong, Chess, 5. Wireless: Ability to add Airport Card or Bluetooth, etc. 6. Voice Recording: (inc Optional Add on Mic) 7. Faster and Bigger Drive (They get smaller and faster and cheaper) to handle apps 8. Email & Instant...
I would speculate that future versions of iPod will have mutiple purposes to not only include mp3 from iTunes but also short clips from iMovie or images. The name "iPod" implies a nuetral name which can have many uses. There can also be advanced screen to display images, UI, iTunes display, organizer?, etc. Can you imagine if this also had a airport card for wireless uplinks/downlinks like bluetoooth? or act as an electronic payment system? etc. i also expect that the...
[quote]Originally posted by Leonis: I think he means the the speed increase, not the render time increase.
Sorry, I meant to say that render times will decrease. under OSX, rumors are that rendering performance will increase. sorry for the confusion. i wonder what this means for the matrox rendering card. Q. will it warrant a $1000 price tag? I guess only if you are doing lots of After Effects. I am looking forward to this and it is...
Hey, this is a great update. The fact that they added a firewall is fantastic esp if you are on OSX and DSL. that is a big cost saving and a great saftey feature. if you have been hacked into, you know what i mean. also the 128 bit encryption is fantastic as well. as far as speed, i agree with people above unless you are doing lots of DV file transfer to another DV Storgage server on a network, 11mbs is great and from a laptop. apple continues to inovate while others...
Apple will release FCP for OSX Dec 4 at DV Expo. See http://www.thinksecret.com. It's about f***king time. I am holding off on moving to OSX until that comes out. Also rumors that FCP for OSX will increase render time by a big factor. Lastly, Sorensen 3.1 codec for QT is now Multiprocossor enabled. let the good times roll. renoski ciao-der
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