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Incredibly poorly written and researched article.  Google and Nokia/Navteq are still years ahead of Apple Maps.  Apple has licensed Tom Tom maps.  Offline Maps is far superior on Nokia Maps and then Google, vector has been around for a long time - Nokia for years and Google in the last year or so. Also, underlying data and other APIs needless to say fully cross-platform for Web, native and mobile web are lacking.     I love Apple too but you are writing with blinders...
Nokia and Navteq have been doing everything that Google just announced.  They have 3D maps, Offline usage on mobile, Turn by Turn, Routing, etc. Seems like Google was trying to pre-empt the Apple announcement and play some catch up to Nokia/Navteq
Nokia Maps launched Mobile HTML5 version of Maps for iOS, Android and any other mobile device running HTML5 browser   http://api.maps.nokia.com/en/mobile/
The government issuing such a broad patent is simply a joke. patents should be narrower in scope. I bet many will challenge this and it will not be enforceable And Apple has had not LBS technology at all - no iPhone until 2007 and no LBS platform and they licensed Google maps - for Apple to get this patent in 1999 or therabouts is joke to USPTO
Setting Price targets are useless, baseless and manipulative.
Sorry, but Apple is BEHIND the PACK already in terms of video conferencingNokia has been doing this for a long time. Nokia already has QiK, Kyte and now WebEx via Cisco on its devices with good two way cameras (one in front AND back) including flash and 5MP zeiss camera.Apple iPhone can't even multitask unless you jailbreak it and even then the unreplaceable battery dies in just a few hours.
My guess is 250k units sold since not all people activated in the minute they got them. still, half the 500k figure.
would be great to have a mini-pages (iwork) app for the iphone and work on home dir sync to iphone. portable laptop.
Apple is Audi and Microsoft is the belated 1970's Ford Pinto that explodes to rear impact
it's going to get slower.....a great wifi phone though...... tmobile hotspots should see a boost even if they lose customers. apple had 2 viable options: 1) GSM carrier in US. They can roll out GSM phones for international markets - ATT - TMobile Were the only options. Verizon with its proprietary sandbox Brew would not work for apple even though CDMA networks are far superior technically to GSM networks. GSM has widest coverage globally. 2) Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: