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Nokia Maps on iOS (Web App) 1. Open in Safari on iOS6 2. Save to Home Screen HTML5 for Maps. That's what I've been using and works great. routing including public transport and richer map data including voice guidance
Same view from Nokia Maps 3D http://maps.nokia.com/37.8314708,-122.4825772,16,228,56.01,3d.day
One more thing ... if you think Apple Maps are bad in the US, try using them in the rest of the world.  they really do suck bad so Woz is only experiencing a fraction of the real problem.  When you deconstruct a map, there is a lot of data underneath the describes and indexes the real world, there is POI, positioning, geocoding, map layers, street and other map views, places, traffic, turn by turn navigation, public transport and the list goes on.   Apple as created...
maps.nokia.com then save to homescreen - problem solved
Try Nokia Maps with public transportation and routing using the Mobile HTML5 version for iOS 6 here http://m.maps.nokia.com/
Incredibly poorly written and researched article.  Google and Nokia/Navteq are still years ahead of Apple Maps.  Apple has licensed Tom Tom maps.  Offline Maps is far superior on Nokia Maps and then Google, vector has been around for a long time - Nokia for years and Google in the last year or so. Also, underlying data and other APIs needless to say fully cross-platform for Web, native and mobile web are lacking.     I love Apple too but you are writing with blinders...
Nokia and Navteq have been doing everything that Google just announced.  They have 3D maps, Offline usage on mobile, Turn by Turn, Routing, etc. Seems like Google was trying to pre-empt the Apple announcement and play some catch up to Nokia/Navteq
Nokia Maps launched Mobile HTML5 version of Maps for iOS, Android and any other mobile device running HTML5 browser   http://api.maps.nokia.com/en/mobile/
The government issuing such a broad patent is simply a joke. patents should be narrower in scope. I bet many will challenge this and it will not be enforceable And Apple has had not LBS technology at all - no iPhone until 2007 and no LBS platform and they licensed Google maps - for Apple to get this patent in 1999 or therabouts is joke to USPTO
Setting Price targets are useless, baseless and manipulative.
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