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Apple is Audi and Microsoft is the belated 1970's Ford Pinto that explodes to rear impact
it's going to get slower.....a great wifi phone though...... tmobile hotspots should see a boost even if they lose customers. apple had 2 viable options: 1) GSM carrier in US. They can roll out GSM phones for international markets - ATT - TMobile Were the only options. Verizon with its proprietary sandbox Brew would not work for apple even though CDMA networks are far superior technically to GSM networks. GSM has widest coverage globally. 2) Apple...
he's being paid to wait on behalf of someone else and is also begging getting national TV exposure. What a LOSER. Carl IS the PC Guy
ignore the wife, grow some nuts
pre-nup in CA, have lots of sex in the beginning as you need to store up for extended hybernation where spring may never come again and say eat me every once and while
hold on a moment, i have to reboot my phone
8 inches and wide
time to get rid of the ads. they are stupid...mac guy and pc guys....lame
Apple has said it will not allow 3rd parties developers to write apps for the iphone. this will be the only major handset manufacturer to close their system to outside developers (other than Google). Cingular has numerous of other phones that do not bring down the network. this is a complete strategic mistake by apple. it's all about control for them. lastly, their image is being tarnished by using a trademarked name owned by cisco yet apple went after every...
New Posts  All Forums: