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Apple Creates an MVNO (i.e. Apple is a virtual branded carrier like Virgin Mobile or Disney Mobile), an iPhone backed by a DRM-based content delivery system leveraging an enormous existing base of iTunes users. It's the killer combo: handset, carrier, and content delivery. See this article: http://www.tangentmobile.com/2006/01...king-up-steam/
I'll wait for 6th gen video ipod with horizontal 16:9 display.
I was the OpenStep and NextStep PM for Sun at the time. We did the port to SPARC and Sun x86. The Cocoa libs and PDF were ported. Cocoa still has the remenents. Look at Foundation and App Kits...they still have NS prefix to them. NS is for NEXTSTEP. Apple can do the port, the big/little endian stuff has been done. My former Sun bosses without naming names are there at VP levels and are from Sun and directly worked on this. It can be done, not pretty but it can be done...
Apple iPhone is a no fucking brainer. just a matter of time.....mobile is enormous and growing
sweat pants for a sweat shop sounds more like it.
too much good open source java application servers these days (Jboss, etc). The days of propeitary content management systems (like Vignette) and application servers is drawing to a close. even though webobjects supports tons of standards it appears proprietary.
so the next incremental update after 10.3.9 is 10.4 (Tiger)...otherwiseit'll be and that will start sounding like the old sun solaris releases of yesteryear
I sure wish Apple (or some developer) would create a Cocoa based Web developer tool. I really can't stand Dreamweaver, GoLive or NVU for that matter. All have unintuitive UI and workflow. If Apple did such a product and applied the lessons learned from iWork and iLife or Pro Apps, it would have a hot on its hands. Anyone else frustrated with shitty UI of Macromedia and Adobe products? Apple does it far better.
people who buy mac mini will BYKMM keyboard, mouse, monitor, otherwise buy the iMac G5? no one in their right mind is going to buy a mac mini G4 with 20" display instead of buying iMac G5?
See thishttp://www.thinksecret.com/news/0501briefly2.html
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