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too much good open source java application servers these days (Jboss, etc). The days of propeitary content management systems (like Vignette) and application servers is drawing to a close. even though webobjects supports tons of standards it appears proprietary.
so the next incremental update after 10.3.9 is 10.4 (Tiger)...otherwiseit'll be and that will start sounding like the old sun solaris releases of yesteryear
I sure wish Apple (or some developer) would create a Cocoa based Web developer tool. I really can't stand Dreamweaver, GoLive or NVU for that matter. All have unintuitive UI and workflow. If Apple did such a product and applied the lessons learned from iWork and iLife or Pro Apps, it would have a hot on its hands. Anyone else frustrated with shitty UI of Macromedia and Adobe products? Apple does it far better.
people who buy mac mini will BYKMM keyboard, mouse, monitor, otherwise buy the iMac G5? no one in their right mind is going to buy a mac mini G4 with 20" display instead of buying iMac G5?
See thishttp://www.thinksecret.com/news/0501briefly2.html
I agree. Mac Mini is for those who *already* have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. otherwise, i would definately go for the iMac G5 low-end with mouse, flat panel display, and keyboard.
from a produc tmarketing perspective having a) garageband b) soundtrack c) logic express d) logic pro was too confusing. Like LiveType was squashed by a much better application Motion. The important thing is for FCP editors to easily create royalty free music without having to be musicians and use loop based mixing software. What will FCP 5.0 include in leiu of Soundtrack????
what do you think would happen if Apple created Office???? Microsoft would stop making Office for X. Then guess what would happen? People would not buy Apple becuase it is not compatible with one of the world's most used applications. Sound Silly? Not at all. Remember what Microsoft did when Safari came out? They stop developing and supporting IE 5.2 on Mac. That is probably the reason that Keynote is stuck in version 1.1 after almost 2 years.
I used to use Cleaner for a long while, then it died. Compressor doesn't cut it. Sorensen Squeeze is the best out there supporting many future Codecs that will come out for Tiger and advanced QT codecs (H.264 and its variants). Here is a great article on Squeeze 4. I used Cleaner 6 with Sorenson Video Pro 3.3 codec. The codec is $500 and Cleaner was also around the same. Squeeze is half that with Sorenson V3 which is still is the best video codec for QT until next...
New Posts  All Forums: