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My dick is bigger than this and yes, it is to small to be useful
if you are interested in VOIP, try Vonage. they also have a sofware service for your mac as well but extra charge per month versus on demand. look out also for skype. i use iconnecthere.com to use VOIP over my cell phone (Treo600) to make cheap international calls but no mac sw. i don't care for nikotel either...crappy sw layout and design. looks like PC people designed it versus cocoa people
Just curious if anyone know how much quieter, if any, the new G5 90nm Liquid Cooled systems are compared to the G5 DP 2.0 130nm. how many fans? I haven't seen the decibel level comparison. My G5 DP2.0 is still a bit noisy with the fans (much better than the wind tunnel G4s DP). Thanks a lot for anyone who knows or has the new systems.
make it under $99
What about VW? VW and Apple are similar brands with similar demographic. Besides, I have VW and want this!!!!
I agree. It would have to be a hybrid Treo600 with iPod functionality. The treo600 is awesome. This has a potential in future to cut into the ultra portable laptop sales though.
instead of entering +10045 enter countrycode for denmark. if denmark is 44 then enter +44 and then the number. +1 is the US.
ellison is an an utter egomanic asshole.
Leonis, Still find Sorenson 3 Pro with 2-pass VBR produces the highest quality QT video hands down for any QT version incl 6.4-like you said. Compressor aint there yet and MPEG4 has no 2-pass/pre-process and you can notice results. Apple QT people even agree. It will get there but compressor is too early. Apple should acquire Cleaner for install base and then add Real to it or it should add the features in compressor soon. kind of limbo at the moment-neither here nor...
how profund obe one konobi......what a non-thread if i ever saw one.... this is just as hilarious as the people who ask for a dual processor powermac....
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