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I agree. It would have to be a hybrid Treo600 with iPod functionality. The treo600 is awesome. This has a potential in future to cut into the ultra portable laptop sales though.
instead of entering +10045 enter countrycode for denmark. if denmark is 44 then enter +44 and then the number. +1 is the US.
ellison is an an utter egomanic asshole.
Leonis, Still find Sorenson 3 Pro with 2-pass VBR produces the highest quality QT video hands down for any QT version incl 6.4-like you said. Compressor aint there yet and MPEG4 has no 2-pass/pre-process and you can notice results. Apple QT people even agree. It will get there but compressor is too early. Apple should acquire Cleaner for install base and then add Real to it or it should add the features in compressor soon. kind of limbo at the moment-neither here nor...
how profund obe one konobi......what a non-thread if i ever saw one.... this is just as hilarious as the people who ask for a dual processor powermac....
apple does the whole DV lifecycle. however, if there is NO solution for Mac DV people and content creators to deliver to Real, WMV and other popular cross platforms, content creators will have to go PC. they will be force to. either compressor needs to address its shortcomings, or apple decides to acquire cleaner or it faces a segment of creators move to PC. simple as that really. and compressor is still in early stages...no 2-pass VBR, no support for Sorenson 3 Pro...
refresh at beginning of the year....
HD assumming you mean hard drive and not high def. if doing on TiBook than get an external Firewire by Lacie with 7200RPM drive. FW400 for you otherwise FW800 for those capable. Best to use internal drives like SATA by Hitachi (160GB/250GB). Check pricegrabber for cheapest price and LaCie is probably the best bet on FW drives.
use Kung-Log. AWESOME-better than iBlog.
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