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Ha! Exactly!I remember those large radial engine planes from the 1950s ... When they flew over they'd make your teeth rattle and you could feel the sound in the pit of your stomach.Not quite the firing order, 1-5-3-6-2-4, of my 1940 Chevy (first car).
Maybe the secret to not getting older is to be open to new ideas and experiences while you are able -- being sedentary can be as much a mental state as a physical one.I don't understand this last comment -- bigoted?
Lest we underestimate what Apple is about -- 1 example: THE BRITAIN ICON CHECK LIMITED EDITION BBY2008 45MM MANUAL WINDING $17,500 Item 39829111 COLOUR: BLACK https://us.burberry.com/the-britain-icon-check-limited-edition-bby2008-45mm-manual-winding-p39829111
Thanks for some nice thoughts about me!Though, I don't think that I'm an anomaly.Long story, long:My Dad worked hard all his life -- he and Mom raised 3 kids & all the hassle/expense. After the kids were married, he worked hard, made good money, saved, paid off his mortgage early, and invested.They lived a pretty good life and started to enjoy themselves, travel -- bought expensive clothes, etc. ... Mainly my Dad liked lightweight comfortable shoes and thin high quality...
And there's this:And these:Now, what do you think the IT departments of companies who adopt these Mobile First apps will deploy for Tablets, Phones and Watches?Apple is doomed, dammit, doomed -- the WSJ told me so!
Keep us posted!(Too bad you didn't already have an Apple Watch -- you coulda' made your purchase even easier with ApplePay).
I think you're right on in the last paragraph ... no-one has a grasp of this aspect of the market.Based on many years of observing Apple (I started to type Apple-watching -- here's what I think.The Watch 1.0 contains compromises that Apple typically makes in 1.0 products:make a good enough product to be disruptiveget it out there as soon as practical to manufacture in quantityworry about costs, tech improvements laterAs such, the Watch 1.0 is an anomaly -- it's not the...
LOL!Our cats tip over any glass left anywhere containing water -- and regularly knock flower vases off the tables, counters. mantel ...
I suspect that the Apple Watch will have apps (including Siri) to control the New AppleTV -- and through the New AppleTV, the TV Set, Cable Box (if any), Home Theater components, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: