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Consider the scale: Apple / iTunes -- maybe 10,000 (with iP6 devices) ApplePay users out of 500 million. Banks -- maybe 3-5 Merchants, say 2,000 of 220,000 vendor locations equipped for EMV. Do you know anyone who can maanage that deployment -- in 2 weeks ... I don't! ... Other than the Grand old Duke of York.
[[SPOILER]]Link?In any case, I would expect that Apple, banks and merchants are working balls-out to get ready for the initial availability/deployment of ApplePay ...Logistically, this is a very involved (testing and debugging) rollout ... Mid-October is doable, but quite ambitious, IMO!
Oh, The grand old Duke of York, He had ten thousand men; He marched them up to the top of the hill, And he marched them down again. And when they were up, they were up, And when they were down, they were down, And when they were only half-way up They were neither up nor down. They were all fucked up!
Realistically, the iP6s will first arrive on the 19th.It will take at least an hour to activate the phones.Then, each iP6 will need to be updated from the IOS 8.0 GM that is on the shipping iP6s.That's at least a 1+ hour download (from overwhelmed web sites).Then the actual install -- and possible re-activation ... Another hour ...Then, updates to apps for iP6 ...I suspect that much of the above will [need to] be repeated when ApplePay is released ...Then, everyone...
No ... See the Apple site or the keynote!
Oops ... Forgot Metal and all that that signifies ...
Yes!But I just posted because I like your name: @dorkus maximus
Mmm ... ApplePay released October 2014.Mmm ... Apple expected to sell 40 million iPhone 6 devices, in 2014.Some large amount (millions?) of ApplePay-capable iPhone 6s will be in US customers hands by November 28 -- Black Friday.I think it's going to be an ApplePay Christmas in the US.
I have been dealing with Apple for 36 years (July 1978). They have always tried to make the best products and put their customer's first.Apple, like many US companies is driven by the profit motive -- return a fair profit to Apple's [owners and] investors. Without profit, there are no Apple Products, Apple Employees, Apple Customers -- in fact, there is no Apple.Apple has always been prudent where costs and hardware are concerned -- my 1978 Apple ][ came with 4K RAM,...
Hey Relic ...Good response. I am glad you are standing up for Wizard! I don't always agree with Wizard, but respect his technical knowledge/experience -- and his willingness to share them (offer assistance to others).From @Mac-sochist, above:I am not knowledgeable of the state-of-the-art on RAM technology ... Though, what @Mac-sochist is describing is Dynamic RAM or DRAM -- and yes, it must be refreshed continuously. Another kind of RAM is Static RAM, or SRAM. This...
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