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I think you've hit on something ...A few related thoughts ..."Mama -- He's touching me!""It's not what you touched -- its how you touched me"Lady 1:   "Does his mustache tickle when he kisses you?"Lady 2:  "It's not if it tickles -- it's where it tickles!"
A more interesting survey might include: How many owners of iPhone 5 and newer are iOS developers? How many of these will write/modify iOS apps for the Apple Watch? How many of these will buy Apple Watches as soon as they are available? How many?
Yeah, the iPhone 1 and the iPad 1 were real bombs …
All this and the ability to buy donuts too …
At least six times here… To try and determine how Apple Pay works with the Apple Watch!
With Apple Pay, there are currently some services missing that most merchants and some consumers want:coupons and loyalty programscustomer purchase historylocation aware recommendations/suggestions and current dealsSome merchant consortiums, additionally, want to track customers' locations within the stores -- and their buying habits.Because Apple Pay provides anonymity for the customer -- the merchants cannot gather any of the above data ... through Apple Pay....
Now, That's jazz!
... Then the beautiful woman sits down at the bar ...And the lawyer, who is only 5'2" tall, but emboldened by drink walks over and asks her:  What do you say to a little ****?The beautiful woman, turns, smiles and says:  Why hello there Little ****!
Tort reform!
It'd be interesting to get an Asomething chip (or 2) in a box like an AppleTV or HomeServer where heat and battery were not a concern -- and just let'r'fly!
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