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Here ya' go:Whoosh!
Mmm ...What what -- is that anything like:or:You Pick'em ... Say What What!
LOL!AppleTV -- the first and only MilQual STB ... only $19,999.00 at your local BestBuy.
We have ATT Uverse Wireless for the TV with rental boxes in the family room and 2 upstairs bedrooms. It attempts to do what you described earlier -- but doesn't work reliably and is expensive.I like the idea of a personalized UI -- especially if some are watching and/or playing games, recording, enforceable ratings ... I would like to see each person have default access to his personal UI -- and a 1-tap (Siri) access to a family or home shared UI.
All that and include GameKit, HomeKit, [cloud] BackupKit ...
Yeah ... Just kidding! Though, there may be possibilities for joint ventures.I suspect that the Pad Pro is designed for enterprise -- and being pushed by IBM. AppleTV also makes sense in board rooms, meeting rooms, class rooms, operating rooms ...Big Data, NoSQL, Cloud Services are also areas of interest.I suspect that IBM heavily influenced Swift 2 enhancements and 'Nix open sourcing.
It's so obvious ... The secret is in front of your face ... SirI ... Bill Graham Auditorium ... SepteMber 9 Apple is going to acquire IBM ... It's easy, once you understand how these things work!
FDYeah ... But even if Apple does something illegal -- it doesn't matter because SF doesn't enforce Federal laws!
Mmm ... Bill Graham conducted Woz's Us festivals in the 1980s -- and boy could they spend money! ... Two more things ... Boom, Boom!
It is interesting that Apple isn't releasing an iOS 9 update. I'd bet that there things in the next beta release of iOS 9 that Apple doesn't want anyone to see yet. Things like AppleTV SDK, New APIs for unannounced iDevice hardware/features, etc.
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