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We already have 3 TVs in the house (one with large screen).The problem is that we have 5 people who all want to watch different things at the same time,We can't split the carrier signal to support another TV -- tried that and the signal degraded to all TVs (lost connections, signal breakup, etc).We all have SteamToMe and can concurrently watch different movies from our iTunes Movie repository over WiFi -- no problem there.Like to be able to do that with live TV too.!
You know, you just gave me an idea ...When the iPad 2 was announced I bought five -- one for each member of our householdAs the iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPad 4 were released I bout 1 each of these.(iPad 2s)The newer iPads get pushed down to the grandkids to replace the iPad 2s.I looked into selling the excess iPad 2s -- but decided to keep them to replace any lost or broken newer models.This next cycle, I'll, likely, buy 1 new iPad and 1 new iPad mini, these will replace...
Yes! Tim's comments, insight and emphasis revealed much, much more than the dry performance numbers did.It appears that Tim is very excited about the IBM arrangement!And the way he turned around the question about iPhone trade-ins cannibalizing new sales ...
Yeah, but the "one-per-home" usage pattern may change ...For example, during the recent World Cup you could watch games live on your iPad as well as on the TV. With some of the streaming apps (and possibly a new AppleTV) that $499 iPad could take on the additional role of a Personal TV. We just might see grandpa fighting the grandkids for control of the iPad.Personal TV could be a nice growth opportunity for iPads -- especially when you consider that the CableCo cable...
Possibly, but these 2010 - 2014Q3 usages were established with an incrementally improved iOS and incrementally improved iPad hardware (exception being the A7 APU on the iPad Air).WWDC2014 changed very much in the iOS side of development -- 4,000 new APIs, inter-app communication, Swift,, Interactive Programming and debugging, Hand-off, Extensions, HomeKit, Metal, Enhanced Security ...I suspect the new iPads will have TouchID and more RAM and flash storage. I suspect that...
I suspect that this year's new iPad will be significantly improved -- and that will start a new cycle -- removing the iPad 2 from the product line.
On the earnings call, Tim just said that the 100 apps that Apple and IBM are writing for enterprise are written in Swift.I did some research into what mobile solutions IBM is currently offering to enterprise -- not much! Mostly browser access to web sites, and a few native apps (mostly iOS, but a few Android).P.S. They announced a reduction in channel inventory in anticipation of new product announcements..
One consideration is that people do not upgrade iPads as frequently as iPhones -- I've read where people upgrade their iPads on a 2-3 year cycle.We have iPad 1s, an iPad 2, an iPad 3, an iPad 4, and an iPad Mini. (several iPads have been broken, repaired, re-broken).I never bought an iPad Air, but I suspect I'll by a new iPad for me and a new iPad Mini for my daughter.The grandkids will get the push downs.
Perhaps, sell into enterprise by taking an established company as a strategic partner?
Yeah, that paltry 39.4% Gross Margin signals that Apple is on its last legs.
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