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I didn't say that it was a good goal, or that I necessarily agree with it!However, look at Apple's Mail app in landscape mode on the iPad or an iPad mini. Here, you can do most of the Navigation you need to do with a single hand -- yet additional, out of reach, information is available to improve the user experience.If you wanted to redesign the app for one-handed use you could allow the user to double tap a message summary on the left and bring the full message into the...
I disagree!"The bigger the screen the lazier you get (as a developer)." Bullshit! Just the opposite is true!If one-hand access is your goal, you can accomplish that regardless of screen size.Are you an iOS OSX developer?Have you ever written an iPhone app?By your logic, the iOS developer would be much more creative and have a better app on a 1.5" x 1.5" screen.
What makes sense to me: Take a standard iPad Air WiFi ($499-699) and: attach it to the dash with a [suction cup or somesuch] case/holder attach it to the iPhone via AirPlay attach the iPhone to the car systems (QNX) via available standerd interface This way the QNX could supply all the car controls/info through the iPhone. The iPad/iPhone could supply maps, navigation, traffic, weather, etc. Backseat iPads could be standalone or AirPlay-connected to the iPhone for...
You can turn Bluetooth off.But, if you are concerned about tracking, you should also turn off your:WiFiGPS radioCell radioI can't remember where I read the article (arstechnica???), but, for example: every time your phone detects a nearby WiFi tower (used to assist GPS) -- the tower also detects your phone's unique WiFi ID. Same principle for the cell towers.So the WiFi system and the cell system can detect where you are and track where you've been (and when).If I can...
Here ya' go:Aside: We've been watching Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classics -- similar to Upstairs, Downstairs on Masterpiece theater -- only a lot funnier!One of the lead actresses is Elizabeth McGovern. I had remembered her appearing in a controversial movie some time ago ... A little surfing on IMDB, and I came up with the movie Ragtime. She played a character that was supposed to have posed for the statue of Diana, above that was commissioned by Architect Stanford...
What wrong signal is Apple sending to developers?With the Storyboard and AutoLayout features of XCode. it is quite easy to exploit various screen sizes in iOS.Even though some apps may not "need a bigger screen", likely, they could benefit their presentation with more whitespace.
This is a big affirmation of Apple iBeacon tech!
It's a nit -- but the process is called trilateration not triangulation:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TrilaterationAs I understand it, a simple explanation of the way WiFiSLAM works is that it creates an unique fingerprint of WiFi (and other electronic noise) at given locations -- the noise fingerprint identifies the location, not the geolocation of the cell towers.
My dear, late Mama told me that the world is made up of 2 kinds of people -- needle-butts and bubble butts ...You and I (and most guys) are needle-butts!
My granddaughter does that with no problems -- I think it's a matter of padding (in the jeans)
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