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What everybody is missing -- is that Apple highest-profit SKUs are iPhone and iPad cases ... By changing the sizes of the iDevice, Apple forces you to buy a new iDevice case (last year's just won't do)
It is a bit OT, but it is interesting to look at the history of in-car infotainment systems:Aside: In the late 1930s, my Dad owned a one-man radio shop that repaired radios -- the popular in-home entertainment of that era. After WWII, my Dad went to work for the local Pontiac dealership -- modifying, interfacing and installing radios into cars.The designer stereos available in today’s cars—be they luxury sedans or cheap sporty coupes—have 80 years of development behind...
They have been doing that for years -- it's called Muzak * or elevator music. It is standard broadcast AM or FM radio with a the ability to recognize a special signal to sleep/wake the presentation of the audio (eliminating the commercials).* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzak_HoldingsTV broadcasts have similar signals that bookend commercial time slots -- so the affiliates can substitute their own local commercials at maximum volume Over the years various radio and TV...
Wouldn't a sapphire screen mitigate the screen damage issues?
I wonder if Apple is planning on using custom technology to supplement existing baseband tech (like Qualcom's. In one of his presentations of the pCell technology, Steve Perlman said they had installed the pCell chips into (on the back of??) iPhones in addition to the standard LTE chips. That way when a user entered into a metropolis supported by pCells, they would get the advantages of pCell. Conversely, when they left the pCell area, the cell communication would be...
Yes, he does ... Now, tell him to shake the dew off his lily!
Maps are easy -- license Here from Nokia -- including street view.
Somehow, I don't see the appeal to the customer, when Sammy says: "Here's a phone that's good enough for you , running an OS that's good enough for you". Rather off putting, really!
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