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Hey @Sol..With all due respect ...There is no indication that I can find that:Pay data is stored in the secure location on the NFC chipWatch has NFCwhen you set it up via and iPhone 5, 5C or newer iPhone it will then be able to use PayYou will not require an iPhone to be present for Pay on Watchnor will Touch ID be required, as noted by the 5 and 5C not having Touch ID.[The current posture for developers -- is that Apple Watch does not support Apple Pay.
Thanks for the link and explanation ...The reason I am curious about this is:One: Apple is known for not including unnecessary hardware, like an NFC chip, in a device if it has no use or plan for it -- and NFC is a radio that requires an antenna -- or maybe piggy-back on another antenna like the WiFi antenna (don't know if that's practical, requires separate FCC approval ... )Two: The Apple Watch is purported to support Apple Pay using a handshake...
Some honest questions:What is the requirement/advantage of GPS on a fitness device?If its location tracking, is the use of GPS alone, accurate enough -- or is Wi-Fi assist also required?What current devices provide accurate GPS tracking capability and acceptable mobility and battery performance?Isn't it possible to provide an acceptable alternative to GPS tracking -- given a known GPS starting point, then using a compass, altimeter and accelerometers to determine the...
What, exactly, does "Apple atores Apple Pay in the NFC chip" mean?Do you have a link, or can you elaborate?
Bingo!Secure, Private, Simple, Fast ... Convenient!
For those who've never dealt with IBM, here's a video that exemplifies the IBM corporate culture under T.J. Watson, Sr.:Then this, whenT.J. Left NCR as head of Sales:
And, having been there [IBM], walked the walk and talked the talk -- Tim, likely, understands the significance of all this better than any other competitive CEO!The original saying was "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM"...   ... Long before AAPL and MSFT even existed!
Now, THAT'S how you do rEtail sales!
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