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Here's what I paid, last year for a new iP 6 128GB (locked to ATT) + AppleCare$499 ATT Subsidized price 2 years  $99 AppleCare$598Here's what An Apple-Financed phone costs for a new iP 6S 128GB Unlocked + AppleCare +    $0 Upfront costs$539 12 months @ $44.91$539So, I would get the same iPhone, unlocked, no upfront costs, pay $59 less over 12 months, and get a new iPhone after 12 months (trade in iP 6S).Edit:A simple exercise in time/value of money -- take that $539 that...
It occurs to me, that very subtly, the rules have changed.Until the iPhone 6S, each year I would buy 2 new iPhones, e.g. last year I bought a mid 6 outright for my daughter and a loaded 6 Plus for myself (need for development). Then, we would hand down the replaced phones to my grandkids.We have 5 iPhones on our ATT Shared plan -- so there are always a couple of lines that are available for a new 2-year contract.This year, my youngest grandson told me he wanted an iPhone...
Someone, on another thread, pointed out that AT&T can cancel your grandfathered unlimited data plan anytime they want to.I too would like to see a similar plan for the iPads.I do think this is a big deal for US customers ...But it could be an even bigger deal for customers in the EU and developing countries that never had subsidies.Essentially,, it positions the latest high-end iPhone as an inexpensive, consumable, necessity.... The kids will no-longer be willing to...
From what I've seen -- Areola may be closer to the real color  
Nice!Except don't use yellow text on a white background.
Thx for that!I now have an ATT - financed order and an Apple Upgrade (less money, more flexible, includes AppleCare+) for the same phone -- both available 9/25.
Well ... I was weak! Friday, my youngest grandson said he wanted to buy (and pay for) a Gold iPhone 6S G4GB -- he always gets the oldest hand-me-down. I convinced him to wait until the 26th -- to get the Apple Upgrade financing and possibly qualify for the Discover ApplePay additional 10% discount ... He agreed to give up bragging rights as first kid on the block, so we were good. Well, I ordered through the Mac Apple Store and chose ATT financing -- got a 9/25...
Which carrier?
Mmm ...I woke up (I think it is my iPhone subconscious) -- so I thought I'd see how it is going (I don't plan on ordering until the 26th).Well, in the SF East Bay Area, the Apple store is not up -- and I don't want to awaken my daughter (We have an ATT Family Plan under her account).So how fast/smooth was the order process?
Thanks for the heads-up!I can do this at my leisure as opposed to midnight.
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