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@melgross ... wish I'd said all of that in the way you said it! You done broke the code!
With all due respect, WWDC has evolved into much, much more than a Developer's Conference.It is Apple's only [predictably scheduled] annual meeting -- other then the shareholder events.The world is watching [and the stock market investors, too]. Apple has an opportunity to set the bar/direction for the tech and fashion industries ... and their supporters/developers.It would be a crime not to exploit the opportunity ...   That's ShowBiz!
I agree!And, as I posted earlier, I believe that this is one of the ways that Tim/Apple (and Steve/Apple too, did) try to change the world -- not just with the products they build, but with the way they build them..That said (Hate that phrase), IMO, apple is really screwing up in the packaging (and assembly, delivery costs) of the Apple watch. There is way too much, unnecessary, heavy, non-biodegradable plastic in the Watch package ... Even worse, my daughter received her...
LOLNo Profiles for us -- We had Corvus HDs and Omninet instead of Profiles and AppleTalk ... Sold 7 Corvus networks to Apple Cupertino and 1 to the IBM plant in San Jose ... and 1 to EMI-Thorne in your [then] neck of the woods!
Agree on both Street View and Search!Enjoy, best to SWMBO!
Ya' know, I am as much of a Smart Ass as anyone on these forums ...Is it really necessary to add a downer, to a positive article?I suppose that you would prefer that the children in some dreadful third-world sweatshop be put out of work?
HandIn instead of HandOff /s
Don't underestimate Phil's abilities ... (when he first became visible, I had the same impression as you).Phil is the executive heading one of the most (if not the most ) successful marketing and sales organizations in the world. Apparently, Phil is qualified enough to satisfy some pretty tough masters ... Steve and Tim!
More than a quibble -- and, I agree.When we set up our business, it was totally based on the profit motive ... Here were our corporate objectives:provide a fair return to our investors (3 partners)provide the best quality products and service to our customershave fun1) makes it possible ... 2) makes it happen ... 3) makes it worthwhile!Edit:Though, I believe that these activities are/need to be more than "feel good" PR activities ... I believe that Tim is out to change...
Mmm ... I wonder if Phil or Tim will be on stage -- what are their technical developer bona fides?WWDC is much more than a Developer event -- It is an Apple State Of The Union!
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