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That's a good question!The version 2.0 Language Spec almost has to be finalized to meet a fall Open Source release.The way the game is played, I suspect that an announcement of a Swift 2 release dates and a new Swift 3.0 spec is not far behind (though not at this event).Swift 3.0 will, likely, have some new APIs for new hardware & features as well as Cloud Services (IBM, Apple, others), gaming engines, etc.At some point, in the not too distant future, Apple will have...
Hey, Siri ... You're beginning to look a lot like Shrek!
Gene, Gene, Gene ...  You're really falling down on the job -- The New Apple Car will come with a New Apple TV Set!
Why bother/
It won't be too long from now when disgruntled competitors claim:And that means $ Billions to enterprise and much to gruntled AAPL/Apple fans.
Guilty ... Sorry! What iOS?
I toyed around a bit with WebObjects -- but have no knowledge of Apple's EOF and RDBMS.The DBKit sounds interesting.You may be right that Apple is filling a genius void.However, I believe that FoundationDB is more than just another DBMS.It well may provide a system-level solution to various data management challenges of the desktop, cloud, mobile and large data. The link below illustrates Recipes for implementing various data organizations/structures atop the...
Wow! You've given me a lot to think about -- to ruminate and digest. The second video above is near life-like -- nothing like the mobile versions. I bought République Episode 1 to see how it compares. As I am not a gamer it may take me a while to figure out how to respond to all this.You should write articles ... Really!Though, a solution comes to mind -- A new category: Mobile/Console games! A few quality, major, immersive titles that have comparable mobile and...
ApplePlay with ApplePay -- Wave your Apple Watch, iDevice or AppleTV Remote to buy content or in-app purchases.
Thanks for that video and the explanation.I compared the YT video on my iMac 5K (Running ElCap) at 1080P to Real Racing 3 on my iPad Air 2 2048x1536 Retina (Running iOS9).It was hard to judge the YT video because the PS4 portion was quite dark.I concentrated on the obvious like the reflections and images in the side and rear view mirrors. I also concentrated on the background -- the trees, rocks, structures and sky ...To my view the iPad Air 2 was considerably better...
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