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Would there be technical and/or bargaining advantages by include an A8 in addition to an x86 chip on a Mac device?
Two points:According to comments in the original Anandtech article there are ARM emulators for x86 that yield 40%-60% degradation over native x86. These would be adequate for legacy apps where no source code exists. ARM and/or Emulator performance improvement could make x86 on ARM more practical for current apps.As to fat-binaries, Apple has done a lot of work in Xcode as to application packaging -- for both OSX and iOS. I suspect that at some point, Apple will deliver...
What you say is nice, but I (and I suspect many others) never run any of the apps you describe even on my desktop iMacs ... The one exception is Netflix -- though I see no practical value in running it on half the 27" screen and an HD YT video on the other half.As to "Real world performance and applications >> benchmarks" -- I suspect that your definition of the real world is different than most mobile users.
Best post in this thread!For the past few years I have managed to remove Microsoft from all our Macs (7 in the household). This effort has been somewhat undermined by relatives giving [old, mostly worthless, underpowered] bring-me-down PCs to the grandkids ... I do all the IT in the household, and refuse to support the PCs -- It's up to the relatives to provide that.I signed up for a free trial of Office 365 so I can evaluate the new iPad apps. So far they look...
First impression: Word is a pretty good app -- it's responsive, has most needed features and seems to be well implemented. It will be interesting to do a feature by feature comparison with Pages. I suspect that many in enterprise will require Word -- for those who don't and for home use it's hard to the price of Pages! In either case, Apple and the iPad win!
Mmm... Apple removed categories from OSX Numbers to make it feature equivalent on iOS and iCloud -- I wonder why MS did this.Could you find any help or feature list?BTW, you can get a free 1 month trial of Office 365 at the MS web site.BTW2, this is the best implementation of the ribbon menu that I've seen in any MS product.
Does Excel support pivot tables?
I'm the furthest thing from a Ballmer fan ... But, you have to give credit where credit is due -- these apps started on the Ballmer's watch!I don't know though, whether Ballmer would have released it on the iPad before releasing it on the Surface.I suspect that iOS has better APIs and a richer SDK than the Surface does.
The app I'd like to see on the iPad and AppleTV is Popcorn-Time: https://github.com/popcorn-team/popcorn-app/releases/tag/v0.2.7-beta
Don't forget the mind-numbing, wandering-rant, jaw-dropping anti-Microsoft editorial!
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