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And there's this:And these:Now, what do you think the IT departments of companies who adopt these Mobile First apps will deploy for Tablets, Phones and Watches?Apple is doomed, dammit, doomed -- the WSJ told me so!
Keep us posted!(Too bad you didn't already have an Apple Watch -- you coulda' made your purchase even easier with ApplePay).
I think you're right on in the last paragraph ... no-one has a grasp of this aspect of the market.Based on many years of observing Apple (I started to type Apple-watching -- here's what I think.The Watch 1.0 contains compromises that Apple typically makes in 1.0 products:make a good enough product to be disruptiveget it out there as soon as practical to manufacture in quantityworry about costs, tech improvements laterAs such, the Watch 1.0 is an anomaly -- it's not the...
LOL!Our cats tip over any glass left anywhere containing water -- and regularly knock flower vases off the tables, counters. mantel ...
I suspect that the Apple Watch will have apps (including Siri) to control the New AppleTV -- and through the New AppleTV, the TV Set, Cable Box (if any), Home Theater components, etc.
GG is on my block list so I don't see his posts unless someone quotes him.As to his comments highlighted above:So, the person who wears a luxury watch doesn't want a computer on his wrist???Just what tech will they add to provide payments, notifications and fitness?It seems to me that those few features require Storage, RAM, CPU, Communications, Battery -- isn't that what a we call a computer these days?And, just who are they going to get notifications from? ...
No complaints -- but that may be bacuse of the extra chargers.
Yeah, you did mention AC -- but we recently replaced our AC & Furnace & their were some installation issues ... so my mind didn't interpret AC as AppleCare I have had my watches drop from the table while being charged (with a dangling cord). Depending on the band, the watch is clumsy to put on or take off -- easy to drop. Also, there was a recent article where someone dropped a Watch from about 3 feet and it broke the silicon crystal (hit just right).
Here's another factor to consider in ASP -- AppleCare for the Watch:Sport: $49Watch: $69Edition: ???We have AppleCare on all our Apple gear -- especially important for mobile -- the kids walk around looking at the iPhone or iPad.Anyway, there is some percentage on Watch purchases that include AppleCare. I have no idea what that percentage is, but I suspect it is rather higher than lower.When we had our Apple Stores, we (and Apple) really liked AppleCare sales. It was...
New Posts  All Forums: