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Bingo!Each device has an unique ID -- like a UUID.
I think the tech already exists -- though it's [currently] targeted at enterprise.http://www.forbes.com/sites/panosmourdoukoutas/2014/02/20/the-smart-way-to-invest-in-the-smart-home/http://www.echelon.com/company/I had a conversation with Mike Markkula where he described what his new company [Echelon} was about. Basically, he said that they had an inexpensive module that connected to the power lines [in the home] at every outlet or switch. Each device has an unique...
Done well, this could be interesting ... But, the only thing Sammy does well is copying
If you are there and feel the vibe of the room -- what's to prevent you from creating another playlist as the mood changes? One of Beats advantages Is that it's dynamic, and on demand!
Sorry, I understand -- will try to be brief. But you are making simple, broad assertions about a complex topic.Beats acquired the Mog Streaming Service in July 2012. Another part of MOG was sold separately to someone else, and MOG still exists as an independent company:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beats_MusicSoon after, Beats started to develop a new music serviceThis is what Beats offers -- with the MOG streaming service (acquired for ~$16 Million) being only the...
I have to disagree! A lot of creatives will be drawn to using Photoshop with a direct on-the-display stylus interaction,Can't do that on either an Apple Laptop or an Apple Tablet.I also expect to see CAD and Drafting apps developed to take advantage of this capability!
Here ya' go:
I agree about the tablet. I totally agree about about the presenter -- his verbosity was only exceeded by his insincerity!
Not so sure ...For example, when Apple screwed up the initial release of FCPX -- it caused quite a few film editors to migrate from FCP to Adobe Premiere (runs on both OSX and Windows).Many editors will take a MacBookAir or a MacBookPro on-site so they can ingest, log and begin editing. With the Surface Pro 3, you can do this, now, on-site with a kb and Adobe Premiere.The Adobe preso was for Photoshop which was updated to work without a KB. The Adobe rep alluded to other...
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