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Yeah, that paltry 39.4% Gross Margin signals that Apple is on its last legs.
Thanks! I'll give that a try, later.I just noticed that the AI forums do a very poor job when dictating using Siri dictation.It is very slow compared to dictating into the mail app.It's almost as if AI is pursing he input as you get Kate.
I want to drag a Safari window to somewhere else ...If I click in the search area in the title bar, I get the favorite popup.If I click any blank space in the title bar it works as expectedIf i click slightly below the title bar it's into the tab bar and it assumes that I want to put this into a tab in the underlying window -- and does so if I let go (mouse up).This is frustrating because:Often the title bar is crowded and presents a small area on the side of the search...
I also don't like a couple of other things in Yosemite: the Finder icon is Fugly Safari with lots of tabs open -- the active tab is difficult to see as it is only slightly highlighted (lighter) Safari with lots of tabs open -- scrolling the page up distroys any highlighted tab because of transparency of the tab bar If you drag a Safary window from the wrong spot, it adds it as a tab to the underlying Safari window
Aw, Shit! You can get list view on any category with the control to the far right at the top (the wording changes depending on what you are displaying). Of course they picked the most bandwidth-intensive display (album covers) as the default.\I get the feeling that they are just changing things in iTunes, for the sake of change.Ten years ago you could search the iTunes store for "Elvis" and get hundreds of hits at 1 tenth of the bandwidth that is used to day to get hits...
I didn't know about the free download of the xCode betas to anyone ... Great!Is it just me, or is iTunes getting worse with each release? I can't seem to figure out how to display categories in list view -- much faster to scroll through than cover view ...Arrgh!
I don't know if Apple plans to do this, but as soon as the Swift language solidifies a bit (including more sample code) -- it would be fantastic if they would release XCode6 as a [free] public beta. This would allow anyone with a Mac running Mavericks or Yosemite to experiment with Swift and Playgrounds ...
IDK, hardware is not my area of expertise.I do know that Apple acquired Anobit --- as I posted earlier (emphasis mine):http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/11/why-apple-bought-anobit/IDK their meaning of enterprise -- the original links in the article have been taken down.I do know that there are industry segments that could take advantage of large, fast storage on an iPad -- medical imaging and video production / post production are two examples.Video production and post...
Or, a combination including impost might yield compost
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