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Wouldn't that be just another delaying tactic? As I understand it WiFi networks are subject to similar capacity, interference and saturation problems as cell radios.We live in the suburbs and here's the WiFi bands I detect on my Mac:As you can see, there are at least * 20 WiFi routers within range -- creating interference and degrading each others performance. Note that many have switched to the 5 GHz band to avoid interference on the 2.5 GHz band.* The number differs...
Sweet Jesus, is nothing sacred:
I wonder how much time that will buy Verizon .... How long before they saturate the AWS spectrum in dense usage areas?And, the capability is only available on some recent (2013 & later) LTE phones.
Isn't that performance rather than deployment?From what I've read that US leads in LTE deployment. In concentrated areas like NYC, Chicago, SF and Dallas that have large deployment, they have poor performance because the infrastructure can't handle the load. Apparently, the CEO of Verizon recently said that Verizon is at capacity in these areas -- and cannot add additional bandwidth.This at 14:20 to...
You would know if you had seen it: You pick 'em:http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=desert+in+bloom&qpvt=desert+in+bloom&FORM=IGRE
Here's something from a promotional video. It shows someone at an event, streaming video to 26 simultaneous viewers -- presumably from an LTE cell phone in the wild: Here's the full video -- the above is at about 1:50 in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6NEnLvhFCk&index=5&list=PLbOnG9yNO5uOTCXbiaItkLzT3g6N3MAEC
There's this:http://akbars.net/how-steve-perlmans-revolutionary-wireless-technology-works-and-why-its-a-bigger-deal-than-anyone-realizes.htmlhttp://public.tableausoftware.com/views/mobilebroadbandcorrect/Sheet1#1
Yes… Phoenix is rather a conglomeration of heat islands! Tucson is higher desert and with much less concrete and has a much better climate. The worst season is mid April to mid June --- but, even then, your body acclimates to the dry heat -- and there are air conditioners, swamp coolers and misters everywhere you go. Monsoons in August and December moderate the climate substantially -- quite enjoyable.And, if you've never seen the desert in bloom after a rainy winter –...
Aha… Are you outing yourself as a Sundevil?We used to live in Wildcat country… And there are lots of Mesquite bosques in the area!
There's a tech called pCell (was DIDO) that may offer a solution. I tried to create an AI discussion pn another thread:Check out some of the posts for more info!
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