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I liked the Captain ... but Mr Greenjeans was my favorite ...WOT:I was acting as executor on my parent's estate -- for 50+ years, they had lived in Pasadena about 3 blocks away from where the Rose Parade ends and the Floats were parked for several days.On New Year's day, my parents always had a full house, entertaining ... People would come to the house in the morning and watch the start of the parade [about 5 miles away] on TV -- later, when the Parade progressed,...
Yeah, but Carlin knows all the words to ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay ...Apologies to Buffalo Bob!
Cordwainer Smith
... Only the lonely ...
@digi ...GoogleGuy is a troll -- and when you quote him in a post, he succeeds -- in spite of those of us have him blocked!
Yeah ... a MonoBlog ...GG's been on my block list for years.
I thought they changed the name from Bump to Hump ... Guess I was just dreaming!
Peer-to-peer AirPlay discovery and playback.With iOS 8, you can wirelessly connect iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to Apple TV without first connecting to the organization’s network. Which means you can present or share your work even if you’re offline or the organization has a complex network.Bottom of pagehttp://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/enterprise/
Several things:It was Taylor Swift -- she gave a bad performance on live TV the performance problems were reported in a very early beta inplemendation of Swift -- not unusual or unexpectedthe Swift performance tests were made with minimal compiler optimizations -- contained a lot of debugging overheadthe internal Swift sort was rewritten with performance in mindhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/24101718/swift-performance-sorting-arrays
Yes!And don't forget about the humble AppleTV. It is an excellent presentation vehicle for enterprise (as well as consumers) anytime the need exceeds the one-on-one presentation capability of the iPad. I suspect that a new AppleTV with A8X is coming and that the Apple/IBM partnership will have asset to the APIs.
New Posts  All Forums: