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Here... Compare Apple 3D Flyover with Google Street View using Disneyland Paris:Apple Maps 3D Zoomed Out -- to 3D Panned and Zoomed In (and everything in between)Google Maps 2D Zoomed Out -- to Street View (and nothing in between)
Oh... I really like that approach!
Great posts!If it is done right, it will give us such freedom and convenience that we'll never look back -- like replacing the hand crank on the automobile with the electric starter. (Yeah, I've cranked a few in my time -- a lot more difficult in a cold environment than removing a glove to use a touch screen).I suspect Apple thinks they can do it -- having spent almost $400 million for the opportunity.And, you can be sure Apple will do it right!
Of course... but do you want to carry around a laptop (including bag, kit, extra batteries) so you can buy a drink at the bar on the beach... or board a train... unlock your car...mobile == convenientdesktop or portable != convenient
Obviously, you've never attended a Hooker's Ball (or any street parade in San Francisco)
Ahh... Mystery solved! I always wondered why Apple supported 11 multitouch points... Now, if I only had something like a large sausage handy...
The 'tape trick' is a non-starter. The tech in question reads beneath the surface of dead skin.It is a new technology which Apple owns exclusively. Likely Apple will manufacture the chips themselves or used trusted suppliers under controlled conditions. Apple could have a 2-year lead.Forget desktops/laptops -- fp readers are used to provide access to the computer.With mobile devices like iPhones and iPads -- fp readers are used to provide access to the device and... And...
I agree about small team size.I worked for IBM in the 1960-1980 era. AIR, they had 400,000 employees, world-wide.I worked on lots of software and hardware projects with team sizes ranging from 1 to hundreds of members.The most successful teams, in my experience, had 5-7 members.The main reason, IMO, was inter-member communication.With smaller teams, each member can:understand the entire project and his rolementally keep track of what others are doingknow where they should...
I agree to some extent.However, it's presence and use could be required by some businesses and enterprises.And, a reliable, easy-to-use fp identification on a phone or tablet provides incidental, ad hoc advantages for certain activities -- shopping/buying, entry to a secure area or automobile, etc.I have often stated that I never leave the house without my iPhone, my wallet, and my keys... That's 2 things too many!
That suggests to me that the fingerprint sensor should be removable/replaceable -- as contained in the back or side of a [relatively] inexpensive case, rather than built into the device, itself.
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