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Mmm... I am about the farthest thing form a camera expert there is. I've been doing a lot of surfing/research about cameras in the last several days... My 17-year-old (18 in January) thinks she is interested in photography. She has suggested to her parents and to me that instead of buying her separate Christmas, birthday and graduation gifts -- that we pool the money so she can spend $1,500-$2,000 on a good DSLR camera, lenses, filters, bag, accessories... Her dad...
Yes!Apple Maps:select a building from overhead, say St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYCnearby surrounding buildings are masked outtour St. Patrick's in 3D without any obstructionsFilming video with a "camera" with 3D Depth Senseisolate on the quarterback and a tight endmask out (blur, opacity) other playersreplay the highlight...and the beat goes on
If you think that Apple is going to use PrimeSense technology to control an iPhone or iPad... I believe you are wrong. As others have stated, actual touching of the screen gives more precise and interactive control.I suspect that Apple will use the iPhone and iPad touch screen to control the PrimeSense tech -- 3D depth-sensor in conjunction with the higher-resolution camera on the back of the device.I posted 2 short videos on the other thread (shown below) that shows how...
Have a look at this:Then consider a large view "camera" with a 64-bit APU and an M7 specialized Motion Chip -- that could concurrently display the HD Camera image and/or the 3D Depth-Sensed image....Where each object is uniquely (separately) identified and can be measured and interacted with...Then, consider the possibilities...I'll give you just one: Crowd Sourced Street/Aisle View for outdoor and indoor mapping.Edit:Then there's this:
I think Apple is more interested in what you will be able to do when you're in back of the camera rather than in front of it.
The only thing more horrible than the future is the past!
To uniquely identify individuals in an area… Much more than just those watching TV!
Hey Sol, welcome back… Are you through with school for a while?
Apple iBeacons 101 Before iBeacons You decide to go shopping at Macys You walk up to a store window or aisle that contains a sign with a QR code or web address You use your phone to scan the QR code or enter the web address The sign doesn't know you are doing this, who you are, or that you are even there. The store can use cameras, lasers, sound waves or traffic treads to detect people but they don't identify individuals With Apple iBeacons (Basic Operation --...
The world has moved on from BYO -- you might want to try and catch up...
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