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Not only that nMac Pro but a nFerrari to haul it around
I don't do much shopping anymore... I just enabled iTunes Store TouchID on my 5S... Did some transactions using TouchID... Slickest purchasing experience I've ever had -- bar none!
There is some opportunity out there, though...Especially if you are sitting on $150 billion in cash earning 2% interest.Or, they could leverage that cash and finance low-interest loans and still come out ahead...It certainly could be marketed to sellers -- especially small sellers:no merchant account (minimum balance)reduced transaction feesreduced discount ratesreduced accounting chargesimproved recourse in case of claims (both the customer and seller)more secure...
There are more charges/fees to the seller than just those fees you mention:http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/credit-card-fees-for-merchant-accounts-1275.phpThat's just the charges... You also need to pay your accountant to submit the charges, reconcile with the bank's statements... And, if you have a merchant account, you must maintain a minimum balance (Last time I did it, the minimum balance was $25,000 for a small business).Dare's a whole lotta' chargin'...
Another thing Apple could offer sellers is what they do for themselves for iTunes services -- reduce transaction fees paid to the CC Processor. If you pay for small purchase with a credit card, the seller is charged a transaction fee. When you pay for a small purchase through iTunes, iTunes (the seller) will often hold the transaction for later processing. The theory being that if you are in the iTunes store, and make a small purchase, it is likely that you will make...
According to recent Apple patents, your iPhone would replace user-specific CC information (now given to the seller) with an anonymous token (with a shared secret known to your iPhone and the CC Company's Server) good for that transaction only.Hacking any part of the exchange of data would not divulge any CC or user data and the token, having already been used would have no value.
Or both... sometimes the value of an agreement is more PR and Marketing rather than actual revenue.
LOL So that's where he got the $500 million
Ha!I remember an Apple event that introduced the iPod Hi-Fi and a leather iPod case... That's it! SJ took about 45 minutes...And.. No "one more thing".Wha? Total non-event... Why did you call this meeting?...Piss-poor marketing!
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