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Not, necessarily true ...You can write a bot/crawler that ignores the meta tags.There are lots ways to access a web site without using HTML or a browser.
Bandwidth, Bandwidth, Bandwidth ...Harken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear -- the late 1990s -- where you were lucky if you had a 96K baud modem connection to the Internet. My home in in the foothills around Tucson had 48K baud service (when it worked) -- yes, 4800 characters per second!In those days you designed a web page so that it:would load in 20 seconds on a 24Kb modemprovided only the most important content -- say, an overview or summaryhad links to...
Yes ... The attitude of some of the rotating scanners/cameras appears to be at 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees like Hoogle and Navteq, 
  Apple Maps still needs work: This is Ronda, Spain ... It is buitl on a plateau 400 feet above the surrounding area ... Apple Maps shows bridges, buildings, roads and swimming pools sliding, Daliesque, off the edges. Apple really should fix this and do a 3D Flyover -- a most impressive sight!
AI Coitus Interruptus
I can build that watch for $82.25 * ...'Course, I'm losing my eyesight -- so I'd never know if I did a good job (or if it even works).* Using #2 ponderosa pine
Yeah ... that's very sad.I don't know the answer to that except regular contact with someone trustworthy who can explain their options and choices.
Even earlier than that -- in the 1960s, my paternal grandmother had a hearing aid about the size of a transistor radio with earbud cords to each ear. She tucked that "radio" into her bustier.There is a lot to be said for simplicity, and inexpensive!There are also limitations -- no sensors, no remote monitoring ...
There is a tremendous business opportunity for anyone * who will recognize i!. under which mail carriers * check in on elderly clients, provide [access to] consultation, and [facilitate a means to] share information with family members. * any responsible organization that has regular, frequent (continuous?) access to the elderly ... cable and phone carriers immediately come to mind. In some countries the Post Office, govt. programs, etc.And including the Apple Watch...
They were using the SSS Numbering system (Samsung Sales / Shipments) -- Few and Many.
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