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As one of 3 founders of Computer Plus, Inc. in Sunnyvale (and San Jose). I must correct you. We were the 5th Computer Store in Silicon Valley and opened December 28, 1978 as an Apple dealer (with no stock to sell). *There were 2 Byte Shops (the first Apple retailer) and 2 ComputerLands. Also there were quite a few Apple retailers that preceded us in Pasadena, San Francisco, greater LA area. There even was a Computers [plural] Plus in La Brea, CA.* Apples were a very...
TarPits R Us ???Sorry ... In the '80s Apple was aggressively approving dealerships -- like gas stations, 4 on every street corner So we stopped paying attention to any but the stores in Silicon Valley.Go, Trojans!
75 isn't bad for 2 stores ... Likely, they had an active service/repair department of 5-15 people. In the early Apple ][ and Apple /// days, savvy stores would burn-in all the equipment for at least 24 hours prior to selling/releasing to customers *. Also, savvy stores would offer training such as: checkout introduction; more advanced tips an techniques; speciality training (apps, networks, hard drives, etc.). In our stores, the sales people were non-commissioned and...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_TerrellThere were [at least] 2 Byte Shops in Silicon Valley. Both were on the El Camino -- 1 in Palo Alto, the Other in Mountain View.The Palo Alto Byte Shop was run by Bob Moody a tall, stocky, hirsute, intimidating visage -- an image of Rasputin comes to mind.That shop was about two blocks up El Camino from where I worked for IBM (at the time). A friend and I would regularly walk past the store at lunch time. The store was...
Well, sorta' related ...This used to be the oldest Apple Dealer in California -- it's where my dad bought his Apple ][ in 1978 (a month before I got mine). I suspect that they might have have assumed the title of the world's oldest Apple dealer:http://di-no.com/2012/FWIW. There are several Apple Stores within a 10-mile radius. Di-No has managed to stay in business despite competition from the nearby Apple Stores and online resellers. They cultivate customers like...
My early years were in St. Louis Park 1939-1951.Nope! No knowledge of this dealer.
I always thought it was "Fall Forward, Spring Back".
That ... that is great advice!Beauty they possess, eh?
There much truth in what you say… But how do we resolve the overarching issue?I'm almost 75 years old what can I do to help protect the future for my country and my grandchildren?
Plantation owner? Why do you say that?I'm a Laker fan and followed Magic's career from the start to today. Except for the HIV thing, he always conducted himself well -- and I wouldn't mind advising my grandkids to pattern themselves after Magic.Second point: wouldn't a successful male be a better role model and advocate than a high school black girl learning technology?
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