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I suspect they will -- and for Android, too!
Yes, but the HTML 5 solution uses a lot of bandwidth -- sending down the wire:verbose CSSverbose Javascriptverbose XML or JSON (usually as web services)verbose HTMLimageslinkscookiesmultiple connectionsParaphrasing US Senator, rtd Fritx Hollings:"Day's a whole lotta' bandwidth consuming' goin' on out dare"Now, off to have some raclettes
I suspect your enterprise experience is a lot more current than mine -- when I left IBM in 1980 there was no web.I retired in 1989, and didn't touch a computer again until 1997 ... To get myself current, I taught myself JavaScript -- and implemented a web site with a shopping cart entirely in JavaScript.Later Perl, then ColdFusion which was built atop Java.I haven't done any for pay development since my wife Lucy died, suddenly, unexpectedly in 2001.So, I'm a dilettante...
Since some others are doing it, here's my OT post for this thread:
That was my first thought, too ...But I did some research -- with NFC:the maximum range is too small to be practical encryption is N/Ait takes 16 times longer to connect (setup)it uses the same amount of power as BLEit uses more power than BLE when the target is turned offIn [presumed] normal operation, the iWatch would receive a notification, then establish a connection with (wake up) the iPhone in your purse or pocket.This would only work with NFC, if the iWatch and...
I always thought OSX was pronounced: Oh-Sex ... great conversation starter: "What do you think about OSX ..."Thanks Apple
Someone said ... "Java: Write once -- debug everywhere!"And, if web-driven apps are the answer -- what was the question
Yep! I'm thinking that the first 2014 iDevice that Apple will release -- will be a new AppleTV with ac, likely an A7X APU, with more RAM more Flash storage ...Apple has said that iOS 8 will run on the A7 chips -- that means new APIs including Metal -- Console-quality games anyone?Since the AppleTV is headless, Apple has implemented it with a specialized version of iOS -- that need not be tied to the formal release of iOS for the iPhone, iPad ...
I've read somewhere that NFC could be used too speed up recognizing and connecting to BLE and WiFi devices. If true, then it could certainly improve the shopping and checkout experiences involving iBeacons and WiFi.
Question for anyone who got the public beta ... Did/can you get XCode6 beta 4 too? I ask, because the Xcode beta includes the Swift Language and interactive Swift Playgrounds.
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