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Which carrier?
Mmm ...I woke up (I think it is my iPhone subconscious) -- so I thought I'd see how it is going (I don't plan on ordering until the 26th).Well, in the SF East Bay Area, the Apple store is not up -- and I don't want to awaken my daughter (We have an ATT Family Plan under her account).So how fast/smooth was the order process?
Thanks for the heads-up!I can do this at my leisure as opposed to midnight.
I called 1-800-MY-APPLE, talked to the voice recognition robot -- and was immediately transferred to lady who knew exactly what I was talking about -- she said the Apple Financing option would not be available until Sept 26 -- resolved in less than a minute.
I was planning on ordering on-line ...I suspect that Discover may be just as unclear as Apple is. It seems as if Discover planned their availability date to deliberately avoid earlybird orders.The additional 10% is no big deal if all you are paying for is the monthly charge + whatever.If needed, though, I'll go to an Apple Store to get the iPad Pro ensemble!I'm hoping Apple is equally screwed up on The AppleTV Developer program -- They sent me an email asking if, as an...
The bad news is:  I just got off the phone with Apple. The Apple financing program won't be available until Sept 26.The good newses are:  I can charge my purchases on ApplePay Discover and get an additional 10% discount.I don't have to get up at midnight to play return/reload roulette!
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I agree that the shopping app was not ready for prime time. The low-resolution video stream made it look worse than it was -- the event attendees saw a higher-resolution more-detailed version.But, that shopping demo was only a hint of what a shopping app can (and will be).Consider:You and your friends store their body measurements and sizes on your iPhones and iPadsYou take 3D 360-degree images of yourselvesApple software converts the 3D images into wire meshes that can...
As I understand it, Apple has hardware or firmware to encode H.264 on newer iPhone's -- so it does not surprise me that they're currently using this for 4K. I suspect that they'll implement the H.265 encoding algorithms in hardware or firmware at some future date.As to removing all reference to H.265 -- I think you're right -- that's just part of the negotiation process.
I think you're wrong!AFICT, a 4k video encoded in H.265 is about the same file size and uses about the same bandwidth as the same video at 1080p encoded in H.264.We seem to get by fine with H.264 1080p -- what's the beef with h.265 4k?And a 1080p video encoded in H.265 takes 1/2 the file size and 1/2 the bandwidth of the same video encoded in H.264 -- and is of equal or better quality when payed on a 1080p-capable screen -- and better quality when displayed ann a...
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