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So, I infer that the VM software is handling the Thunderbolt interface ...I wonder what happens with Bootcamp.
That's a good question!Does any of the Mac virtualization software support Thunderbolt on Windows? On Linux?I only use Thunderbolt RAIDS for storage on my Mac.
LOLBest quote of the decade!
I suspect that it will be both!OS X allows:seamless integraten with iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches used internally by IBMseamless integraten with iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches deployed by IBM to enterpriseThe above is especially significant for those involved with the IBM/Apple Mobile First partnership, as most of the software is purportedly developed with Swift.SOT, I expected a new Xcode release for developers this week -- particularly for Swift enhancements ...Sigh...
A dumb terminal can be considered a workstation in some enviroments ... For some use cases, a workstation computer is used (functions) as a dumb terminal.
Rewards for using a payment system .... Hmm ... There is an elephant in the room ... Who gains when consumers use a payment system? merchants get sales they might not have gotten for cash merchants get convenience consumers get convenience consumers get recourse for disputed transactions consumers potentially get 1 month free float on their purchases processors get transaction fees banks get a percent of the sale With Apple Pay everyone benefits from the security and...
I don't know how to respond, we are talking past each other ,,, sorry I brought the topic up!
But, the example I gave was a multi-demensional array of n records -- each record had 4 fields.The difference in XML is that each field of each record would be enclosed within tags like:•quantity>3•/quantity>•name>Item 1•/name>•price>3.23•/price>•special>•/special>• used in place of < open tag symbolthis record contains 11 characters of actual data and 72 characters of superfluous XML tags.repeat n times for an array of n recordsThe point is that the format of the data...
I agree that they are used for different purposes.But, I think ubiquity and universal availability of XML parsers has made programmers lazy. When you write an app, you decide on the format and content of your data pretty early in the design cycle. After that, it changes infrequently -- say, a new version of the app with additional records and fields.But, every time anyone uses the app they are spending an enormous amount of overhead for the luxury of using XML.In my...
Yeah! A hash, used properly, can be a very efficient way to store and manipulate (retrieve, process, scale, distribute) data.The keys should be few, meaningful and unique.The values should be concise and encoded for their primary usage (streaming, query, transactions, etc.).... And, of course a value can always contain additional hashes  
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