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Well ...About the size: I'm running an iMac 5K ... And the simulator ... and Ai ...Here's a shot supposed to be at the scale of 272x342 @ 335 ppiWhen scaled to that proportion, it is proportional to the wrist and quite readable at 10" even with my old eyes. The smaller field, the Qty number, seems OK as a target, even for my fat fingers -- and it should be used infrequently.Finally, it is fairly easy to reconfigure to make the rows larger and multi-line -- more...
Here's an example of a simple app that could be used to order fast food from a drive-thru chain on the West coast called In-N-Out ...During peak hours they have many, many cars backed up ... the order stations usually cover only the first 4 or five cars in each line ..The first image is a prototype app I wrote in 2008 for the original iPhone.The next 2 images are how the app (written in Swift) looks on the Apple Watch simulator,The way it would work is this:your iPhone...
Some thoughts about the Apple Watch: It has NFC, BLE and WiFi radios ... recognize iBeacons ... make payments ... connect to ? with WiFi ... indoor / outdoor navigation ... Will it make / receive phone calls through the iPhone across the room -- just like the Mac or iPad ... "I've fallen and I can't get up" ... But I'm wearing my Apple Watch ... Just need to get / monitor the basics: pulse, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature ... Radios and batteries,...
A watch first??? To some, maybe ... But I'll go out on a limb and predict that 80% of Apple Watch purchases will not be as an alternative to a watch timepiece!
Comparing an Apple Watch with a regular watch is like comparing an iPhone with a regular phone ...An Apple Watch can do so much more -- quickly and conveniently.I suspect that we'll se a lot of tie-in promotions by carriers, banks/credit card companies and phone retailers.
Your original quote was:I fail to se any question in either of your posts!You appear to be attempting to illustrate your superior experience and erudition by telling a question rather than asking a question! ... Many people find this approach condescending and off-putting!I suspect that was the effect that you desired.
I think it's called a pronequark or some such!
Well reasoned and well said!My current disappointment is iTunes ... It's gone from "It just works" -- to It just sucks!It may be time to Snow Leopard Yosemite and iOS!
Yeah ... Maybe Tim needs to do what Steve did ... Tell 'em they're holding it wrong!
LOL (I knew I could count on you)Jon Stewart once reported that Heidi had gone into real estate:  "if you're interested you should just drive by and dicker ..."  
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