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Well, the link doesn't work ...But, at least, it's rolling downhill ... Or is it uphill
Yes ... and they keep stalking me ...
Mmm ... where have I heard that before ..."From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"Sounds like the ultimate curation ...
Me: "Alexa, Come sit on my lap"Alexa: "Not tonight, I have a headache"
I'll call mine Tara ... As in Tara rah boom de aye
They could do something with a folded horn configuration in a corner of the room.
Alexa please record and upload everything you hear to the Amazon web site until you hear the words 'cease and decist' in my voice.
OT: What bothers me ... With an iPad (I'm using an iPad 4) go to: daringfireball.net -- count the seconds Then Recode.net -- count the seconds Then appleinsider.com -- count the seconds Then Just reload this page -- count the seconds
I haven't found anything that beats Discover for cashback rewards -- though some merchants still don't accept Discover." so I expect this to arrive by iOS 9 OS 1 "
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