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Yes, but didn't earlier sailors, navigating with a sextant, need to consider the calendar as well as GMT to determine their location?Moot point, today, with GPS.
Yep! On the Apple Developer forums, it's hard to get some straight answers on the Apple Watch -- likely, to avoid giving competitors information on an unreleased product.But, sometimes you can infer answers from how a related question is answered. My inference is that the Apple Watch must be Near (within 2 meters) of the iPhone -- or too much power will be required for lost/reconnections and retransmissions ...But, I really don't know!
Feb 1 was my grandson's 15th BDay -- He wanted Carrot Cake ...
Yeah ... and our next Druid Cocktail party is Friday at 17:30 HT (Henge Time)
I'm basing the distance on my experience with iBeacons, not the BLE Spec.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBeaconFor example, I can be 10 meters away line-of-site with no problem -- or I suspect that in normal operation, paired with an iPhone, the Apple Watch requires that the iPhone is within a couple of meters.Even on the iPhone, it's kind of different to determine what's going on -- all the BLE activity gets pushed down to the BLE radio, which does it's own thing,...
Was the GMT based on the Inca, Mayan, Druid or Gregorian calendar
My initial reaction was similar to yours -- the Apple Watch needs to have all the radios so it can be independent of the iPhone ... That could happen, say, within 2-4 years.But, even then, would you want to go anywhere (beach, hiking, jogging, etc.) without your iPhone?The Apple Watch is convenience exemplified -- but there are some things that just can be done better, easier, faster on the iPhone.
The BLE signal is nominally accessible within 10 meters excepting interference or intervening barriers (walls, etc.).The Apple Watch does have a WiFi radio and antenna (AIR, G) -- but it's use is undefined. If supported, a household router or AppleTV could provide what you want.
Noticeably absent from the companion app was any Apple Pay Setup for the Apple Watch. I gleaned a bit of information from a podcast where one of the participants had a hands on demo of the Watch from an Apple rep ... He said, that the rep told him that you invoke Apple Pay on the Watch by double-tapping the button below the crown ... seems to make sense, as far as it goes ...
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