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What are the choices in changing the status quo?
I generally agree with that ... Yet, we have disadvantaged people/locals in this world and their situation is growing worse in spite of the governments/politicians efforts.Apple is a very visible, very profitable company with a good corporate conscience. What if Apple decided that it is to Apple's and the larger world community's benefit to address some of these issues.As others have posted, the black community in the US is disproportionally disadvantaged -- jobs,...
OK! Maybe approach this from another angle ... Maybe Apple should include a non-white person on their BOD. But, if it is just for appearances, I think it would be a mistake. It should be someone who can reach out and influence other corporations, the disadvantaged and the general public -- and benefit Apple and the world community at large. My first choice would be Ervin Johnson. Who'd be your choice?
Maybe your difficulty is in learning object-oriented languages vs procedural languages.I too, have difficulty with Objective-CMy first exposure to programming was at the age of 18 (1957) -- a self-study course -- Machine Language on the IBM 305 RAMAC. My first formal programming class was in 1958 SOAP Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program on the IBM 650 Drum Machine.Over the years I took classes in most programming languages offered by IBM, Burroughs, GE-Honeywell, RCA, NCR,...
I chose the word token * with care, considered the ramifications -- then decided to go with it.* done for the sake of appearances or as a symbolic gestureTo me, action mostly trumps appearances.I do agree that "creating jobs in Detroit" is not as important as education, and other deficiencies. However, it is a beginning, and more readily attainable than addressing the socio-poitical issues which comes with attendant involvement of governments and politicians.When I worked...
Putting aside the aroma of a reputed Jessie Jackson shakedown, I mostly agree with both of you.But, I prefer direct affirmative action -- rather than getting the governments/politicians involved ...For example, couldn't these companies better address the problems of the middle class and poor by creating jobs in depressed areas -- Detroit, for example.NY, AZ, TX and others give tax incentives to entice job creation in their states -- Companies that take advantage of these...
The next iDevices should also have more RAM to allow apps to exploit the 64-bit APU.
Now that's jazz!
Ahh.. Hires graphics.... no, that was Tog!
LOL ... Have you no shame?
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