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There much truth in what you say… But how do we resolve the overarching issue?I'm almost 75 years old what can I do to help protect the future for my country and my grandchildren?
Plantation owner? Why do you say that?I'm a Laker fan and followed Magic's career from the start to today. Except for the HIV thing, he always conducted himself well -- and I wouldn't mind advising my grandkids to pattern themselves after Magic.Second point: wouldn't a successful male be a better role model and advocate than a high school black girl learning technology?
Mmm... Let me ponder this for a while, there are some of your suggestions I cannot do but I do want to do something!
Isn't that setting the bar too low?Rather than a black member of the white good old boys club, wouldn't you rather have a role model and advocate for the black youth?
In that case we are in agreement – that is exactly the point I was trying to make!I find that I try to be very careful when discussing race or religion -- especially on a forum like this.I am so careful when choosing my words that I failed to type them correctly.Edit:Siri: type a reply to what's-his-name… You know what I want to say!
Yours are mostly good points.I believe that most Americans want to resolve this, but are so involved in our everyday lives that we hire the governments/politicians to do this for us. This has not worked -- at least not fast enough. We don't need any more Cabrini-Greens.What would you do?I am white upper-middle class -- what would you have me do?
Not saying that at all! I never heard any story about Sammy Davis being the only non-white that Hughes allowed to stay in his hotels. I don't believe Hughes really cared about ending segregation -- rather he was more interested in maximizing his investments. I think that Hughes running the hotels and casinos with a legal profit motive * disrupted the whole Nevada establishment. The disruption facilitated desegregation.* Most people thought the mob made profits from...
Change came, but it didn't happen over night. The politics of Las Vegas and Nevada changed. In re: "Hughes Sammy Davis and no other non-whites stay in his hotels" I never heard anything like that -- I think you are misinformed. We left Las Vegas in 1968 for Chicago -- and that, in its own way, was more segregated.
I, mostly, agree. Especially with your last paragraph/However, much as I despise Jessie's methods, I do have to admit that he brought forth an interesting discussion -- on an issue that needs to be addressed by those in power in the private sector. Hopefully, Silicon Valley (and other) executives are all abuzz with discussions.If we don't resolve this, there will be nothing to leave our children.Après Moi [nous], le déluge!
Ohh... My bad! Corrected everywhere I could: Ervin Johnson!
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