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A couple of things:FIRSTThe scope of HomeKit is much broader than controlling a few devices -- the AE doesn't have the storage to do this. HomeKit involves:multiple homesmultiple roomsmultiple devicesmultiple states for some devices (on/off color, brightness, etc)multiple zonesmultiple triggers to cause actions based on time, sensor input (temperature, humidity ...) etc.A typical room might contain 5-20 devices (we have 5 Hue bulbs in the Family room, 1 in each of the...
I didn't know what was controlling the Airport Extreme ... Thanks for the info.Certainly the CPU is programmable and could do the job. But the 32 MB of flash storage indicates to me that it can store minimal device schedules, device monitoring apps, and device logs.While the Current AppleTV is $100 less -- it has 8GB flash storage, 1GB RAM and a single-core A5 APU, Bluetooth and IR (in addition to WiFi).This gives the AppleTV advantages:it can connect to IR devices.it...
AI generated extraneous post
Not so much the processing power ... Rather the programmability, additional I/O and ability to store/edit/display device schedules. These are built in to the $99 AppleTV. The $199 AirPort Extreme would require additional hardware (and cost) to accomplish the same results.
Ahh ... IDK, the AppleTV seems to have more capability for the price:Ax CPU/GPURAMFlash StorageWiFiBTLEIRTV ConnectivityProgrammabilityI suspect that a new 2014 model AppleTV will have an A7 or A8 class APU, and it will support Metal, H.264 encoding, 11ac WiFI -- and support console class games and other apps. Among these apps could be a controller for HomeKit devices.In anticipation of a programmable AppleTV, I've been experimenting with the new Swift programming language...
I agree! It is interesting to note that AI preceded CNBC's outing by more than 3 years by publishing an article with excerpts and quotes from the valleywag article and others.
@pazuzu To answer the question in your sig: "Where's the new Apple TV?" Here's what I think: The new AppleTV will use the A8X chip with More RAM, Better CPU/GPU and better WiFi -- more storage. I think they need this new A8X because they need more RAM to play console quality games which can better exploit Metal and the GPU. Better WiFi will allow faster downloads, AirPlay and crossloads from a Mac or Home Server. The trick is when to release it? I suspect that it...
FWIW, I just updated the apps from the Appstore Purchased screen. But I didn't have any prior versions of the apps on this particular Yosemite HDD -- so they were all fresh install as opposed to update/replacements.Also, you'll be warned that you have to update your libraries (non-reversible) so I recommend you start with a small dummy library opened.
@dc FCPX 10.1.2 shows as a valid app and opens fine on OS X 10.10 (14A261i)
Fixed that for you!
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