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Maybe they could do something with the PowerPC chip
Here'a an interesting parse/translation of Satya Nadella’s recent message to the troops -- by Jean-Louis Gassée:http://www.mondaynote.com/2014/07/13/microsofts-new-ceo-needs-an-editor/via Gruber
Now, you've done it ... I'll be up all night reading hex dumps.
This is going to sell a lot of, iPhones, iPads and AppleTVs, said Tim, expansively
Actually, li'l brother Paraphrasing Father Flannigan: He ain't big, he's my brother!
To paraphrase Paul Harvey: We can't all stand around in a circle pissing in each other's pocket -- and get relief, thereby.
The line just got a lot longer ...
Boo, hiss
One of the early extensions to Swift could be a CICS interface!When I worked for IBM providing technical market support for CICS, some said that CICS (Customer Information and Control System) was, in reality an acronym for Consistently Ignore Customer Satisfaction Ben Riggins is BALR 13ing in his grave
Likely, one of the early extensions to Swift will be a CICS integration.When I worked at IBM providing maket support for CICS installations ... Some, at the time, said CICS stood for: Consistantly Ignore Customer Satisfaction
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