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Closed @ $647.35 -- IDK how to convert that to cubic centimeters ...
Scottrade did a generic split email yesterday and a specific AAPL split email today.
iPad ...Never even thought of tapping on it!
I can't right now, I'm using migration assistant on my Yosemite HD. But, that's why they called it a "preview" release.
Yeah, I didn't notice that!Also, AI often renders improperly on iOS 8 -- missing content, intermixed markup, content rendered too smLl ....Likely, this is partially iOS 8 fault and partially AIs fault.One issue with iOS 8 Safari is that automatic minimization of the page top eliminates the tab bar -- you must scroll down a bit in the forum (losing your place) in order to make the tab bar reappear.
Video won't play if viewing this site with iOS 8.
I suspect that a new AppleTV will contain the A8 APU and more RAM and SSD storage, and the ams Metal and 1080P video decoder that were shown in the keynote. This would make the new AppleTV capable of playing console-class games on the AppleTV and/or AirPlayed from iOS 8 devices. I'd bet that the iPad game demos shown were running on A8 hardware.
New Posts  All Forums: