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Actually, Apple's NIH attitude was quite prevalent in the early days. As far as I could tell, at the time, a lot of that attitude originated with Jobs -- and was projected by his close followers (all very talented).After Jobs left, in 1985, the NIH attitude dissipated -- along with a lot of other stuff (like design, profit, customers ...).My wife and I left the Industry 1n 1989 and moved from Silicon Valley to Tucson --- so I lost most of my close contacts at...
And location services are a major part of where Apple wants to go!Mama Cass said it best ...Words of love, so soft and tenderWon't win a girl's heart anymoreIf you love her then you must send herSomewhere where she's never been beforeWorn out phrases and longing gazesWon't get you where you want to go, noWords of love, soft and tenderWon't win her ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b6rm5yTx44
When the Watch leaves your wrist, Apple Pay is disabled on the Watch.
  Those tours illustrate very well-designed apps tailored to the specific hardware -- and should provide a fantastic user experience. I can hardly waiy for my family to get their watches, then for WWDC where I suspect, they will expose more APIs -- and allow developers to write native apps. It appears that Siri is fast and powerful on the Watch ... It must also be very battery efficient -- current iDevices must be connected to power for "Hey Siri" to...
  Ordered 5 -- one for each member of the household ... Last one ordered is preparing for shipment and cc charged ... Ordered that SKU because it was the only one still showing April 24 shipping: Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band It's for my granddaughter* -- figure she'll by several bands ... * 'Course, I'll need to fuly check it out, first -- and make sure it runs the Watch apps I've been writing ... Have one more scheduled for...
Yes!AIR, between the Sport and Watch models, there are 8 case material/color/size combinations:al silver gray x2 sizesal space gray x2 sizesss silver x2 sizesss black x2 sizesCombined with the various bands there were ~ 32 separate SKUs.It makes sense to build cases and bands based on projections -- then tweak this with preorder data.And JIT assemble the case/band SKUs.I suspect the Edition Watches are BTO!
  Nokia made a new smart phone, And, 'round the world she'd whisk. Wasn't she a silly girl Her little * ?
Así Es La Vida ... muy peñoso ...When I was a kid my heros were the Lone Ranger and Tonto ... quite unflattering to the Native American! 
Claro senor !
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