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Well, it'll never pass unless the.Feds put the tax revenue into a lockbox /s
I've always wondered why Apple didn't implement an optional cursor mode for the iPad. The way it could work is something like this:the user selects cursor mode from a tool bar or with a special gesturethe cursor starts in the center of the screenthe user places a finger on the screen offset from the cursor as desiredas the finger is moved, the cursor moves in synctap your finger to select whatever is under the cursorlift and move, then replace your finger * to...
It was the best mouse solution commercially available ... hard to be better than the best. It sold millions!Certainly, tech has progressed since 1984, but that doesn't make it any less right for the needs and tech of the time.
Actually, Apple got the mouse right in 1984 with the release of the Mac.
I like your sig -- and I agree!
Who says there always has to be an S cycle? Tick, tick, tick ...Boom!
Glass half-full perspective ...Back then, there was an install base of 0 iPhones -- every one was a new sale or a switcher from another brand.Today, over 1 Billion iOS devices have been sold. Given Apple's high satisfaction ratings, each of these is a potential for upgrade when newer versions are announced.Further, if Apple follows its historic trends, it is already developing products that will drop dead obsolete/replace these iOS devices when the tech that meets...
I can remember, not too long ago, when the critics thought that selling 10 million iPhones in a year was way, way, way overly optimistic ...
Mmm ...Reminds me of the reported doubts that Tom Watson, Sr. had in the 1940s when he was reluctant to have IBM enter the computer business ...IBM had a very large install base of Punched Card Unit Record Accounting Machines ...Watson is alleged to have said that he thought there was a market for, maybe, 5 computers, world-wide ...My point is that Apple is a driver of technology development -- rather than an observer or fast-follower. And, they have have demonstrated...
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