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Yeah ... my bad -- sorry!
You guys are both right on!IMO, this is the most significant announcement(s) that Apple has ever made -- and it didn't include any hardware. *In both OS X and iOS Apple has set the bar for the next 10 years. All this and a new programming language with ability to do interactive programming and running of an app.Then there's the iCloud ... And the new apps ... And .... And ...I suspect within a few weeks Apple will make some separate hardware announcements to exploit...
Ha! The only "insiders" I ever dealt with were "lumpers" when we had a booth at the 1979 Computer Faire.
... She shall have music wherever she goes!
Many here, including myself, think that WWDC 2014 is shaping up to be fully whelmed.
I've always been partial to "elevendy-ninedy"
Humboldt? Then, when they get to OSX ninety and nine: Tehachapi Folsom San Quentin Alcatraz
Compelling interest with the 14-25 age group with money to spend ... Now!
After continuous and rigorous observation -- it occurs to me that cats can't do pinch to zoom.
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