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Putting aside the aroma of a reputed Jessie Jackson shakedown, I mostly agree with both of you.But, I prefer direct affirmative action -- rather than getting the governments/politicians involved ...For example, couldn't these companies better address the problems of the middle class and poor by creating jobs in depressed areas -- Detroit, for example.NY, AZ, TX and others give tax incentives to entice job creation in their states -- Companies that take advantage of these...
The next iDevices should also have more RAM to allow apps to exploit the 64-bit APU.
Now that's jazz!
Ahh.. Hires graphics.... no, that was Tog!
LOL ... Have you no shame?
Well reasoned, and well said!
Selling is harvesting -- Marketing is sowing!
My first exposure to Steve Jobs: Early 1979: I was doing a demo in our Sunnyvale store, to about 30 people, about what you could do with an Apple ][. Steve was in the crowd behind me and called out "that's all wrong!". Steve came up and gave the best demo of what the Apple ][ could do for you… I was selling, successfully… But Steve was marketing… Really successfully!
With due respect, what you are missing is the motivation/investment/risk to determine what people need, want and will buy -- in spite of what these people think they need, want and will buy!
Content trumps grammar... As it should!
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