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^^^ Best post!
@mstoneI notice that your location is Republic Of Panama ...Have you moved from Southern Calif -- or just dual citizenshiP?
Based on what I've seen and read -- that is a very reasoned evaluation.
Mmm ...That is quite impressive!I went to Amazon and applied for the $100 off special.In the meantime, any videos I record will be peppered with: "Alexa, is my significant other cheating on me?".
I agree with both of you that a force touch is more intuitive than a long press.It occurs to me that I am equating the two, because the only way I can test the Apple Watch is on the simulator -- where you do a long press of about 1 second with the mouse -- to simulate a force touch on the screen ...Anyway, I'm willing to be convinced.
I agree that Apple has been rather lax (careless ?) in specifying and enforcing Human Interface Guidelines for gestures. Sometimes Apple does this on purpose to see what the developers come up with -- currently a hodge-podge.However, Apple can easily correct this by explicitly defining the gestures -- then requiring that they be implemented in all apps submitted after a certain date.As you've pointed out -- multiple-window iPad displays (and dragon-droppings among them)...
My assertion is that everything that can be done with Force Touch -- can be done by Long Press -- without the cost and reliability implications of additional hardware.Certainly, it is always advantageous to have choices -- but often, the are not worth the additional costs or problems.Without you being more specific, I think I have been very consistent in my assertions.
What about dragging around events on the calendar, credit cards in Passbook, images, shapes, videos and text in various iWork apps ...There are lots of 3rd-party apps that use gestures to drag and drop -- architecture/CADD, Interior design, landscape design, page layout, to-do lists, paper dolls ...Have a look at this top 100 drag and drop apps for iPhone and...
Yeah ...But there are already gestures like long press that are being used within current apps to drag things around. If you want to try it now, go to your home screen and long press one of the icons (as opposed to just tapping it). the app icons wiggle and can be deleted or dragged around within the window, to the task bar or to another window ...Apple just hasn't implemented this on a system level ... But they could for a multi-window iPad pro, as you...
" Long press presents a context menu, from which you select an action to execute"That's just not true -- the iDevice developers can do anything they want when a long press gesture is detected -- say, segue to a different view and play a video ...Here's some code to setup a long press gesture recognizer:Code:override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() let gesture: UILongPressGestureRecognizer = UILongPressGestureRecognizer(target: self,...
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