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Exactly!  Something about a "making a silk purse ..."I misspoke ... FCPX doesn't automatically transform and crop -- I did that manually by scaling the video 143.1% to insure that the edges stayed within the frame.Here's the clip without any scaling -- it really shows how stabilization compensated for the jerky camera movement:
Yeah, that's quite a video! All I saw was some FCP7 editing to manually transform [enlarge] and crop the video to get rid of the propellers, etc. IDK if he did any stabilization.When you do stabilization, it automatically transforms and crops, as needed, to minimize shake.
Yes ... and add to that:the video I stabilized was downloaded from the Internet @720p instead of the 1080p available from the camera originalthe downloaded video was multiple clips assembled into a single video -- if each clip were stabilized separately the results would have been betterthe low light exacerbated stabilization problems
Ha! Crazy California!San Francisco is considering a ban on releasing butterflies at weddings and other events.http://rt.com/usa/san-francisco-butterfly-ban-781/Every year when my daughter plants her garden she buys and releases several containers of lady bugs -- a totally natural way to reduce pests like aphids.Sigh, I suppose that'll be banned next.
I haven't bought a GoPro yet.With a gimbal, donut you need weights to counterbalance the unit to reduce stabilization.Also, isn't the current GoPro limited as far as attaching additional lenses?Don't get me wrong, the GoPro seems a great value for the money -- but I can't justify it.
I noticed that too.You could compensate by adding a gimbal -- but that would increase weight, battery and cost.You can mitigate the problem by post processing the video.Here's a short comparison showing a quick and dirty image stabilization with Final Cut Pro X. The areas under the bridge and the arch shows the difference best:You can do a lot finer stabilization by spending a little time with the various settings.FCPX can compensate for low light and punch up the video...
Ahh ... The Crossovers
Something like the device interactions portrayed in the first few seconds of this video:
Ha!Patently Apple has an article today:Apple Reveals New Camera Lens Attachment System for iDeviceshttp://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2014/03/apple-reveals-new-camera-lens-attachment-system-for-idevices.html#moreIn this article they discuss ways to securely attach external lenses to devices like iPhones -- while, at the same time, allowing the lenses to detach themselves to minimize damage [to both the lens and the iPhone] if the device is dropped.Here is how they...
Here's a video demoing 2D indoor mapping using WiFiSLAM * software:* recent acquired by AppleHere's an image of an AR map patent by Apple:http://www.razorianfly.com/2011/08/18/apple-patents-ar-assisted-mapping-for-ios/So, Apple could combine all these new technologies along with existing Apple camera tech -- and produce amazing, 2D, 3D and AR maps with realistic camera images.I suspect that Apple built the A7 and M7 chips with this in mind.
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