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I think the reason that the swift is pictures as flying downward is because it hunts insects from above.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swift
"It generates very fast code," said Tom, Swiftly.
There are some additional possible uses of sapphire by Apple:faster, more-efficient DRAM using sapphirefaster, smaller, cooler, lower-powered APUs using sapphireBelow, is a post I made to another thread -- to put it in context, this is the subject of the article:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/177264/micron-ddr4-ram-rumored-to-improve-battery-life-speed-in-apples-future-iphones-ipads-macs
 An AppleTV is not required for every TV in the house.If there are Multiple AppleTVs, they could each act as a HomeKit controller or act as a relay to the accessories.. Some do, and some don't. Regardless, there are many other accessories that don't have bridges. In addition, bridged accessories can be accessed directly (bypassing the bridge) or through the bridge.In Apple's HomeKit preso they say that all the HomeKit accessories can be controlled by an iPhone (or other...
He thinks that grape nuts is a venereal disease.
Yeah, in our household of 5 we all synch/backup our iPhones to a common iTunes library and a common iPhoto Library. So any photos or movies in the cloud are also in the iPhoto library.You can verify this:start iPhotoselect "Shared iCloud" in the navigation columnselect and open a stream (double click on it)select any photo or movieright click --> Show in Librarywithout touching the library display (it won't scroll to the selection): Menu-->File-->Reveal in...
Some of this can be done by 3rd-party developers using iBeacons, TouchID, Extensions. Handoff and HomeKit. *A WiFiSLAM API (when implemented) could be used to map buildings and determine inside locations.Then, there's this thing called "Apple Connectivity" (not really defined) that will allow an iDevice to control accessories (devices) from a remote location.* HomeKit may be a misnomer -- as it's specs are robust enough that it could easily be adapted to enterprise...
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