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Not too late to get that CurrentC Halloween Costume -- be sure to wear something under it, as it is totally transparent!
Read the 5-star reviews ...My iTunes name is _Kokopelli
Reminds me of an old Rusty Warren joke ...Seems this spinster goes in for a thorough medical exam, and afterwards says to the doctor:"You mean to tell me that I've never used it -- and now it's broken?"
Oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole,    And let the wind low Right up his asshole ... At about 43 seconds in:
Hey ...
and, at the same time -- roast your marshmallows and weenie ...
... charging it ,,, with this little beauty:
I just realized that Bank Of America, at least, allows their debit cards as well as their credit cards to be enrolled in Apple Pay. This affords the same convenience, security and privacy of Apple Pay when you pay with a debit card ... The merchant sees nothing but an anonymous one-time token. Apple Pay with credit or debit -- you pick 'em. Compare that with CurrentC (if/when it arrives) -- where you're essentially giving open access to your bank account -- to...
As to giving CurrentC merchants access to health information -- which will be shared with God knows who ...If you like your testicles ... you can be assuredthat they are secure ... Period!
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