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If you watch the video with the woman making a payment using a credit card and then using ApplePay on an iPhone 6 -- it's kind of interesting. The woman had to dig in her purse to get out of her wallet and get the credit card out of the wallet. What they didn't show -- the woman would've had to dig in her purse to get out of the iPhone 6 to pay with ApplePay ... Not quite so convenient.With the AppleWatch, paying is totally convenient -- no digging or fumbling around ......
I'd go one step further -- I'd carry an iPad Mini if it had the same capabilities (TouchID/AutoPay, GPS, telephony, camera, fitness, etc.) over any phone. I make and receive few phone calls -- and am too old to worry about looking dorky using an iPad as a phone or camera.Then, when the AppleWatch arrives, I'll use it for the phone calls and ApplePay.
Another thing ... At the end of the keynote, Tim said he used his AppleWatch to control his AppleTV. Likely, using WiFi, but possibly IR or BLE ... Something like a WiiMote ... My AppleTV can't do that!
Interesting about the NFC terminal ... I didn't realize it was portable. In the US, I've read they cost about $1,200 per terminal.Your understanding of the AppleWatch for ApplePay jibes with mine -- Once TouchID enabled, I can buy things with my iWatch -- until they pry it from my cold, dead, hands (or I take it off),
Hey, AI ... I (and I hope others will do the same) am not even going to click on any articles that detail Samsung hit pieces on Apple ... There are so many of them, and I have better, more important things to do ... like cutting my toenails!
Here's a big question that came up on another AI thread. Say, you are at a bar, coffee shop, casino or fine restaurant. You want to pay your bill using ApplePay. Does the merchant bring a portable NFC terminal to you? If so, where, when, how much for these NFC Terminals? Given that the likely answer is no -- how does the customer/merchant/cc provider take advantage of the security and convenience of ApplePay when they are not within bump range of the NFC POST? One...
Very well researched and written article ... DED at his best!
Touché.While walking and talking with a French acquaintance in Paris, I was impressed that he walked with his hands behind his back, his body slightly bent forwards with his head down as if in considered, deep thought ...I complimented him on his reasoned conversation -- and how impressed I was with the way looked while walking ...His response: "Deep thought ... Come on, these are the sidewalks of Paris". 💩
Ha!Deux café au lait, s'll vous plaît!I must say that the French really know how to enjoy coffee, the moment and the company of the person(s) they are with.
As they say in French ... Asi es la vida!and ... remembering Beaujolais de Texas made it all worthwhile I'm going to rag on my daughter -- she drinks diet Beaujolais de Texas for tha caffeine hit!
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