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Exactly!Three teenagers (and their friends) in the house ... Seems as if every free minute is spent looking at their iPhones, iPads or Mac Books. Sometimes they'll form groups and watch a movie or whatever!There's an opportunity out there somewhere ...
Traditional Content and UI/UX are certainly major issues!What is different now, is the potential to offer services over and above those expected (HomeKit, HomeServer, etc.).I wonder if Apple were to offer alternatives to YouTube (MeTube?), FaceBook, etc. where for for a reasonable fee you'd have a user-controlled, stalker-free, ad-free, gated (by the user) access to personal content.It would need to be drop-dead easy to use and packaged to appeal to the 15-24...
I'd put FingerWorks in there ...And FoundationDB -- which may begin to strut its stuff RSN!
There's this old automotive joke from the 1940s-1950s.Guy walks into an auto dealer and tells the salesman that he wants to buy a new car to impress his girlfriend:Salesman:   "Why not buy a Kaiser and surpriser her?"Customer:   Ehhh ...Salesman:   "Why not buy a Frazer and amaze her?"Customer:   Nah ... I think I'll buy a Tucker!Gotta' go now, it's Gruen Time!
... The content is thee and me ...
Here ya' go:Whoosh!
Mmm ...What what -- is that anything like:or:You Pick'em ... Say What What!
LOL!AppleTV -- the first and only MilQual STB ... only $19,999.00 at your local BestBuy.
We have ATT Uverse Wireless for the TV with rental boxes in the family room and 2 upstairs bedrooms. It attempts to do what you described earlier -- but doesn't work reliably and is expensive.I like the idea of a personalized UI -- especially if some are watching and/or playing games, recording, enforceable ratings ... I would like to see each person have default access to his personal UI -- and a 1-tap (Siri) access to a family or home shared UI.
All that and include GameKit, HomeKit, [cloud] BackupKit ...
New Posts  All Forums: