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I just gotta' wonder ... When President Reuven Rivlin visits Paris -- does he stay at a hotel on the Rue de Rivoli
There's money (big bucks) to be made being the default go to card for Apple Pay ...What's in your wallet ... Nothing!What's it worth ... Everything!
IMO, the smart phone is where the Apple I was in 1976 ...There are just so many things that can be improved upon -- and others that are yet to be exploited (or even imagined).People are filming videos entirely on an iPhone. Others are using them to control drones ...My granddaughter is very interested in photography and video ... Last year, after playing for 9 years, she outgrew the league's top age group -- she and a teammate (also a videographer) are thinking about...
Yep!Then there's this:
April could be the month that launches the perfect [Apple Pay] storm ... Who will be the first bank that offers a $500 cashback bonus for the first $500 charged using Apple Pay? For those who don't have an iPhone 6 or later, but an iPhone 5, 5C or 5S -- they will need to buy an Apple Watch to take advantage of the $500 bonus ... How will they pay for the for the Apple Watch -- you guessed it ... They will Buy the Apple Watch with the Apple Pay cashback bonus.
Or Google will!poo poo pee doo
Yesus Marta ...The first @Geospatial post I checked mentioned:http://www.mandli.comFirst, the video:This tech is about so much more than street view and location -- it can be used to monitor and evaluate the roads, signs, bridges, rails, buildings infrastructure.Then there's this little beauty:http://www.mandli.com/maverick/Mmm ... I wonder ... My daughter just bought a new Jeep Cherokee ... She's only driven 3,000 miles & itching to take some road trips ...Maybe some...
Or RueVue ... a French double entendre
Yes! That has great potential!Here's a video I made in May of 2013 using Apple Maps 3D Flyover and Google Street view:This video shows the Paris Westin Hotel on the Rue de Rivoli across from the Tuileries Gardens.This illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of both:Google Street View:has better (real) images -- though it is cluttered with people and vehicles.cannot zoom out/in for different perspectivequirky, serial, slow navigation -- limited to the paths available...
[/quote]In earlier pictures of these vans, I noticed that The LIDAR sensors were at an odd attitude -- different from those used by Google and NavTeq to map Street view. It could mean that these cars could map and trilaterate WiFi and Cell towers to determine location -- in addition to mapping street view. Then, an iDevice could use this data to determine its location instead of GPS.@ leavingthebigG suggests that is what Steve was excited about in his post above.In...
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