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Weird article! First they classify me as a member of the greatest generation (I'm 76) -- that was my parents generation. They don't give the average debt for baby boomers.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation#List_of_generations 
Goodbye Colombus! 
I suspect that there are quite a few people here, that don't carry an unpaid balance on their cards.It may be a generational difference, though -- many millennials seem to act as they're self-entitled to instant gratification.
Savvy people do -- you get 1 month of free float on your purchases, plus rewards.
Mmm ... Apple gives our household of 5 what we want ...   So, does AAPL ...
You're right! I was confused because Target accepts ApplePay in their online app.
Ming-Chi Kuo is so out of touch (or insensitive) that he doesn't know when to clap to the Radetzky March ...
Yes, but Wally-World and CVS are the 2 big holdouts.
And then there were two ...
I'm away from my computer so I can't check. But, I think you're not able to use long press on the watch .Long press on the phone performs poorly.
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