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You are right with your first answer!These solutions will be sold to someone in the enterprise with a pay grade much higher than IT or the CIO/CTO.
Nah!Instead, Sitting at a blackjack table in Vegas, with an 8 deck shoe ...An Apple Watch on my wrist and an iPhone in my pocket ... counting cards ...
"Give me a place to stand ..."-Archimedes-
First video looks great!Second video reminds me of a Apple ][ app using 280×192 high-resolution graphics that Bruce Henderson was writing in 1979 ... What's that all about?
Mmm ... I tried looking up the BOM costs for a new iPhone or iPad, so I could extrapolate the cost of TouchID ... No Luck. But let's explore the idea of a dedicated TouchID component that could be included in any device from an iPhone, to a Mac, to a Display (or TV) -- and even to dumb devices such as a Mouse, Trackpad, TV Remote ... or even a inexpensive [free?] TouchID device like a plastic credit card. Of course, TouchID setup would require a computer,...
I'm retired, but I used to travel a lot on business ...The convenience of TouchID for a [business] traveler is a no-brainer -- all my stuff is safe and secure -- but immediately accessible at my fingertips!In addition, I can board a plane, visit with mon ami Jaques Daniels at the bar, pay for dinner, open the door to my hotel room, buy a gift for the wife and kids ...
Remember when Apple introduced the smart cover for the iPad 2 ... I said at the time, that I'd buy an iPad 2 just so I could use the smart cover ... I did!TouchID, for all its benefits, boils down to this:"Reliable, safe, secure, private, fast, easy" are givens ...It's all about convenience ...People are buying iPhones to get the convenience that TouchID unlocks!
Tho ... There may be breakthroughs on the near horizon ...http://www.micron.com/products/hybrid-memory-cubeAlso, at some point, it may be beneficial to use SRAM instead of DRAM -- size vs power ...
New Posts  All Forums: