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I just started watching the entire event videos ...I have seen some short excerpt videos that are deceiving.I think that the tech has much more potential than just using 3D CAD to build things.Consider the Mars Rover application -- 3D spatial mapping and subsequent on-earth exploration of the mapped surfaces. They aren't building anything with this use of the tech. Though, I'm not sure how they do the mapping.Apple has patents on similar capabilities.Consider a similar...
When the product you are demonstrating uses, nay depends on CGI -- how do you propose making videos of the product without using CGI?Actually, in the video (posted earlier) which demonstrates building the quadcopter, they showed both:the CGI as seen through the headset worn by the designerthe CGI shown from the side as captured by a special video cameraYou could see the CGI component being applied, hanging in space between the designer and the product being assembled. No...
It appears that HoloLens may be closer to being a delivered technology than most here realize. Likely, the press event was meant to drive interest for the Build event. Let's look at the timeline: Code: 1/21/2015 4/29/2015 ??/??/?? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HoloLens HoloLens HoloLens Press Event ...
^^^ This!
I think you, and DED are wrong about potential and future of HaloLens.The following video shows some of this:Aside from the presenter's endearing, yet distracting voice changes -- and the clumsy efforts to promote Windows 10, there was some real meat in the preso.At about 15:00 in, they discuss, then demo their Holo Studio app.If you pay attention to the non-HoloLens camera view, you can see the various parts offset from the assembly, in Lorraine's line of sight through...
Really?Convenience of Apple Pay, concise notifications/communication by raising your wrist (while the iPhone stays in your pocket, purse, or pack) -- not to mention HealthKit integration.Really?Where do you go, today, that a watch with GPS would allow you not to carry a phone -- joggers hikers get mugged, have accidents too!
Guy?Surely, you don't mean Guy Kawasaki -- AIR, his top job at Apple was Evangelist.
The Xbox Driving Video reminded me of this from last century:
What about SoI or SoS?A while back I did some surfing and there were companies doing research in this area ... AIR, it included APUs and stacked DRAM chips.Basically, much smaller traces requiring much less power while providing much better heat dissipation.
While I agree that Apple has no offering the TV arena -- I don't think they should ...However, that does not mean that Apple has no skin in the game for hi-resolution displays. I am reading/writing this on a loaded iMac 5K computer that has a base price similar to Dell's 5K display. Based on experience, I suspect this computer returns a profit margin consistent with similar Apple products.
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