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My subjective opinion is it different than yours -- that does make either wrong?BTW, have you actually used this new Adobe offering with any challenging fur/hair/edge image? The reason I ask is that, according to the article, the software was just released.
From the results, I'd call it mowing rather than cutting individual flowers ...
Mmm ...What entity uses the refine tool and brushes over the fine hairs ... Could that be a human?I'll admit the result is better, but the returned hairs are short multi-hair stubs -- not the finer hairs in the original (even though the original is lower resolution).How does it do when the subject with the hair is on a solid background or green screen?
In the sequence shown in the video:they trace the image edges with some sort of toolthis yields the poor intermediate image with the red background -- missing the hair strands that I highlightedsomehow, that fades to an image with the white background -- with [some, not all,] of the missing hair strands magically returnedAre you suggesting that the tool went from 2 to 3 without any manipulation by a human?If so, why not go to 3 directly -- or 2 with the missing strands...
Have you ever seen a lion that had hair that looked like the end result?I'd be embarrassed to publish anything that looked that unrealistic!
Am I missing something?First: While you posted a video (above), it looks like an image is being edited -- not a video .Second: The result is terrible in the amount of detail that's lost.  Here's an example of isolating hair in a compressed video, not an image using FCPThe capabilities demonstrated are a standard feature of FCP -- no need to buy any extras!
Do you have a link to the video?
Gee, someone's proud that he got early access to an iP6S ... But does it really warrant 3 separate articllettes on 3 separate features -- that add little to what was known on announce day (from those who got hands-on). But, we are promised a follow-on full review (or 3?). Edit: Here's a Groaner:: Boener's a Goner! (All pronounced similarly).  
On the Apple ][ we had Peek and Poke ... No Pop, though ...Look closely at the before and after Lion images shown -- that is a terrible job of edge-detection/background removal ... It looks like Leo was given a brush cut or is having a bad hair day.
Yep!WOT: In any of your woodworking, have you done anything with weathered wood? We just replaced our redwood fence and I kept all the non-pressure-treated boards. Most have weathered to a beautiful silvery-gray with high-low exposed grain, some knots.I have tried resawing some, but can't seem to match the weathered patina with steel-wool vinegar, other home formulas, etc. I'm considering wiping on/off thinned latex paint ...My daughter wants an out door potting bench,...
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