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C'mon ... TS is as contrarian as the rest of us -- that's what makes the pot spicy, and the conversations worthwhile!
Oye! Oye!
Mmm ... Some quite savvy comments on this thread.I would offer that Apple's way of helping the disadvantaged -- is not to help them to improve doing what they're doing more efficiently -- rather, it is to help them to learn another way where they can improve themselves on their own terms.There is no greater power on earth than the value of one's own self-worth!"Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction." - Antoine de...
Again, I didn't have a lot of direct contact with Steve Jobs ... But I wouldn't describe him as: "always on", "full of himself" or "justified by his accomplishments".Rather, he was extremely focused -- and (sometimes rudely) dismissive with someone not on the same wavelength.I've posted these stories before -- but they illustrate my encounters with Steve Jobs:I was giving a demo of an Apple ][ to about a dozen people in the front pod of our Sunnyvale store ... From the...
Since the real-life exchanges [dialog] between Woz and Jobs was not filmed or otherwise recorded -- of course it had to be fabricated -- or there would be no conversations in the movie.@9secondko: Think back about dialogs you've had an hour, day or week ago -- can you recount them accurately -- or must you fabricate them in order to tell your story?... Now, what was that I was just saying   
Well said!
The web is your friend:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0815070/
Certainly, Steve Jobs was controversial. FWIW, I met Steve Jobs about 5 times in the late 70' and 80s -- I would describe him as, er, headstrong and difficult. Steve would sometimes frequent our Sunnyvale store where my teenage daughter worked at the counter -- so she observed him more than I did. With the sublime acuity of a teenager, she described him: "What an Asshole!"
Likely, BitCode, alone, won't make apps Universal. The UI needs to be tailored to Touch/Press, Mouse KB, Voice, gestures -- depending on the target devices. StoryBoards in Xcode are a beginning -- where multiple UIs can be provided with a single app.For this thread, a MacBook Air with either an x86 or ARM processor -- the UI would be mouse/kb. Given that, the apps could be universal.
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