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Bingo!Secure, Private, Simple, Fast ... Convenient!
For those who've never dealt with IBM, here's a video that exemplifies the IBM corporate culture under T.J. Watson, Sr.:Then this, whenT.J. Left NCR as head of Sales:
And, having been there [IBM], walked the walk and talked the talk -- Tim, likely, understands the significance of all this better than any other competitive CEO!The original saying was "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM"...   ... Long before AAPL and MSFT even existed!
Now, THAT'S how you do rEtail sales!
You are right with your first answer!These solutions will be sold to someone in the enterprise with a pay grade much higher than IT or the CIO/CTO.
Nah!Instead, Sitting at a blackjack table in Vegas, with an 8 deck shoe ...An Apple Watch on my wrist and an iPhone in my pocket ... counting cards ...
"Give me a place to stand ..."-Archimedes-
First video looks great!Second video reminds me of a Apple ][ app using 280×192 high-resolution graphics that Bruce Henderson was writing in 1979 ... What's that all about?
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