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Are you trolling?
Very helpful -- Thx.Yes, I can see that.Yes! That's what I'm asking about ... essentially an equivalent to C++ (as you've described it) -- but with all the advantages (at that level) of a modern language ... fast, safe, readable, maintainable, etc.But, I think you would.First, AFAICT, Playgrounds (REPL) are a function of llvm and can be used in tests, custom debugging constructs, from the command line, etc.Second, there you sit with the platform-independent Swift...
Yeah ... Wasn't she something ... I still remember that picture of her sitting on the edge of that chair at the [kitchen?] table ... vividly!But I watched every Jimmy Conners match I could -- waiting, breathlessly, for the crowd shots.
Whoa!This could Mean many things form a revolutionary Product started by Steve ... To Apple becoming an MVNO or carrier/cableco ... to the Bank of Apple --- / CC Services / saving / banking / financing / buying / selling / -- all available through the iTunes store.
It's my understanding that Windows has (or soon will have) a clang/llvm implementation. So it stands to reason that this implementation will have access to the Windows file system, OS APIs, etc. -- and any programming language running using clang/llvm will be able to issue the equivalent of lprint, print, println() ... whatever.Sure, C++ implementations already have this in place -- and any new clang compiler would need to implement it -- be it for C, C#, C++, BASIC,...
But, doesn't C++ need to know the underlying file system so it can read/write to Windows, OS X, Linux?So, how is a C++ app written to access the Windows file system executable on OS X and 'Nix?BTW,I do underst the MVC design pattern.
... Old Rusty Warren Joke:  "The only time I say 'no' is when they ask me if I've had enough."Now, about that Swift clang/llvm thing ... Oops, sorry ...
E -- Hot Air Balloon rides
AIR, Europeans use the:  yyyy.mm.dd  format -- but maybe that's only the French being, well ... French I'd like to see something in Cyrillic or base 12!
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