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^^^ Very well reasoned and said!
Steve Jobs was the Chef Ramsey of his day
Here's an interesting option:A savvy web site could run server-side Swift (compiled or interpreted) to generate dynamic web pages instead of PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, ColdFusion ...When these web pages are sent to browsers on Macs and iDevices -- the browsers could use client-side Swift (compiled or interpreted) to present the pages instead of JavaScript.On other platforms, the client-side would present pages as they do now ...Apple could really piss off...
It's coming sooner rather than later:
All those Apple/IBM iOS apps are being written/maintained/supported on Macs running OS X ... I suspect that there will be a comparable flesh out of Macs in IT departments who will write their own apps to interface the Apple/IBM offerings.And, I just gotta' keep emphasizing this -- the lingua franca is Swift which currently runs on iOS and OS X ...But, Swift is robust and scalable -- it can easily easily be used to serve up web pages, or feed database/Big Data to...
I agree with most of that!I misspoke -- i meant creative professionals -- artists, photographers, video/sound editors, designers ... these are more individuals than institunal employees.For example:http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=87177andhttp://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=105625Take a few moments and listen to these ... they were done on a Mac Laptop using Garage Band ...The first was Mystified singing over herself -- much the way Natalie...
The last iPad I bought was the iPad 4 -- didn't have the need for an iPad Air last year, and planned to wait for the iPad Pro early next year.We all (5 in family) have iPad 2s or later (and some iPad 1s as backup). Last week my youngest grandson's iPad 2 acted up -- and I can't turn of FindMyPhone to reset it ...The older grandson wants a Mac laptop in addition to his iMac and iPad 2 ...Then I saw an add for a new Logitech iDevice KB ... I bought 3 of them, Ordered an...
Exactly!And Tim has a background at IBM and Compaq
A while back, I suggested using a lens/mirror concept for light -- similar to what a folded horn does for sound ... for a super-flat camera in an iPhone.I did some surfing and there had been research in that area -- but most of it was over 10 years ago.
Let me jump in, again ...The big disruption I see is ApplePay ...But the key to put a $0-$50 [subsidized?] device in the hands of billions of users worldwide. By definition, the device must include: ApplePay, phone, web, mail ... which requires UI, radios, TouchID.
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