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This is true.For example, the A8 and A8X have the capability to play 4K video -- which gobbles storage at 1 GB/sec ... The key is to be able to efficently stream, cache, buffer and play the video ... All of the video need not be on the iDevice to be played.But, it is [somewhat] important to make a distinction between the app code, and the data that the app code uses ... You can write a rather simple app that plays video from the web that only takes a few K of storage on...
The IOT has at least one more vector -- the scary one ...Today, we can get chips embedded in our pets -- that ID them for lost and found, shots ...In not too many years, governments will try to do the same with humans -- lotsa' so-called benefits will be attractive ... tempting ... All we need do is sacrifice our individuality and control of our lives in exchange for goodies and convenience.Sadly, much of this is already in place! If you carry a smart phone (which hasn't...
The manifest persiflage evinced in your rejoinder demonstrates desultory discomfiture with the repartee ...poo poo pee doo
How 'bout this one?
Yeah ...Where's the old (I forget his name) troll -- who bad-mouthed Apple at every opportunity -- then justified his comments by posting images of the 9 (or so) different iDevices he owned, but was criticizing?
Tort reform ...Tho, AIR, in The Merchant of Venice it was common/expected for the litigants to buy the judges ...
"I am concerned that I don't have a plaintiff," Judge Gonzales Rogers said. "That's a problem."Yee-sus Marta!Via Gruber:
Yee-sus Marta!
In the province of the paranoid, privacy is principal! ...  ... poo poo pee doo!
What if one is thick-headed?
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