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I have been a customer, reseller, co-developer, supplier, developer, observer and shareholder of Apple spanning almost 36 years – I think I understand how Apple works.
I am looking at this from the perspective of an AAPL shareholder rather than as a potential customer (though I will likely buy one).I don't need this, but it offers Apple the potential to earn a good profit in a sector of the marketplace in which they don't currently participate.It would eliminate, or at least reduce, the $1,000 Apple price umbrella for non-tablet mobile.It could potentially dominate the non-tablet mobile OS market setting a bar that could not be met by...
Good points! I think they will have to offer an SD card slot, and USB 2/3.A little OT, but Apple is going to need to do something about the Lightening Connector -- If they don't, Europe is going to force MiniUSB on us. What I'd like to see is make Lightening both USB 2 and USB 3 compatible, then offer free licensing of the patent.PS - it was a pisser to edit your post -- what's with all the embeds?
I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall that Christie was the Apple employee that got OS X running on intel. Anyone?
Thanks for the above -- pretty impressive!I wonder if Apple would do a special Ax chip for an ARM-only OSX laptop -- more CPU and GPU Cores, Higher Clocking, More RAM, etc. With the larger device size, power, heat and battery are less restrictive.As I mentioned elsewhere, I've been using a Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz 4GB Mini running OSX 9.2 -- and it is pure agony compared to an iPad 4 doing more.
Mmm ... Nothing so annoying as facts!It's been about 4 years since I Jailbroke an iDevice -- an AppleTV. It was amazing how similar the iOS was to OSX -- and it ran really well on the ARM chip.Time forward to today ... We have custom ARM (and supporting) silicon and highly-tuned iOS and OSX migrating towards each other.I guess my point is that Apple could tune OSX to exploit their custom A8 or A9 silicon, while removing any x86 overhead. Doing this, I suspect that Apple...
It's a diminutive of "Bingo".Cue the "It's not a real computer" and "It's using a toy processor" comments.[/quote]Oh, it'll be a real computer -- It'll run FCP, Logic, Office, iWorks, iLife, GarageBand, iMovie, Photoshop, etc. Likely much better than the Core 2 Duo I am running this on!Just not legacy Windows app/crap or an emasculated Chrome OS.This will hit a real sweet spot, IMO!
Bingette This could be one of the most savvy moves Apple has ever made -- NetBooks done right (the Apple way) -- superior hardware, superior OS, superior apps (OSX and iOS) -- all in an inexpensive and usable package!
Interesting questions ...I suspect they will allow app installs outside of MAS.The OS name depends on whether Apple wants to differentiate or consolidate -- I suspect the latter, to appeal to developers and users.
Apple has traditionally lowered prices (usually with a new model) and/or offered increased capability at the same price.Periodically, this is necessary to remain competitive and avoid a price umbrella.If Apple can make a quality, profitable [in Apple's terms] product at competitive costs -- more power to them.If somebody is going to disrupt Apple's higher price points -- it better be Apple!
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