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This?http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/11/why-apple-bought-anobit/I read somewhere, that the Anobit tech allows inexpensive NAND flash to perform faster and more reliably for a small added cost.
Could the Lightning port now support USB 3 and 2?
Does that mean that he's going to join the Polish Army ... or the Cub Scouts?
We first went to Apple Bandley 1 in June 1978 -- as we drove up 2 guys left by a side door and went the building next door ...They each were carrying an IBM Disk Pack (cartridge) -- I mentioned to my wife that these were what we used on the maimframes at the IBM Palo Alto Systems Center (where I worked for IBM, at the time).So, I assume, that even back then they were running on an IBM 1130 Mini (1130 OS?) or an IBM/360 (360 DOS) -- and, likely, wrote their own apps with...
A very insightful and savvy post!Tim is educated as an engineer and in management. He has corporate experience working for IBM, IE, Compaq and Apple.Steve built Apple2 into a finely-tuned engine running on all cylinders -- his best creation is Apple2, itself -- the people and vision that make it work.Tim has the opportunity to use Apple2 as raw material for an even greater vision -- the responsible and successful organization of the future.I believe he is up to the job...
You do realize that the BOD is not involved in the day-to-day management of the company. As chairman of Intuit, Campbell could not directly cause Intuit to implement Mac software. Rather, he could recommend to the board and to the CEO that they consider implementing Mac software.Before making such a recommendation, Campbell would have studied the issue to assure that it was a viable opportunity for Intuit -- more likely, he would have recommended to the CEO that they...
That would be great -- and consistent with Apple philosophy -- sell that, at which you excel and leverage that which you don't. Schools, chains, SMBs ...Somewhere in the middle here is a home server -- I don't want to stream everything from the cloud. It'd likely be hardware from Apple along with logistical/cloud support from IBM -- Backup, Archiving, Staging (percolate up trickle down) ... FTFiTunes.
What you, I, most here, Wall Street, etc. would like, is for IBM and Apple to divulge [more detail about, and examples of] their plans before they do whatever they are going to do.Not going to happen!Rather, I suspect them to announce a fait accompli around the time iOS 8, Yosemite, Xcode and Swift become available -- or maybe when the public beta of Yosemite, Xcode and Swift become available.Likely, Apple/IBM are opening the kimono, under NDA, to a few flagship...
Does Macy's tell Gimbals?
Good questions!Considering the way CloudKit was presented at WWDC, it appears that it could provide:hosting on Apple's servers -- AKA iCloudhosting on AWS -- AKA iCloudhosting on MS -- AKA iCloudhosting on IBM -- AKA iCloud Enterprisehosting on ??? -- AKA iCloud Private/Local
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