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  This: I bought one of these to replace my aging Mac II. Used it to write a few shopping carts, implement a lot of web sites, ported ColdFusionMX from Linux to OSX -- quite a capable little box in its day ... Been cleaning out the garage & noticed this: I wonder ...
Mmm ... Both my daughter and I have brokerage/checking/savings accounts at Scottrade. No notification from them yet and nothing on their web site. I look forward to ApplePay for Scottrade!
"Nevermore"   -The Raven-
Hey!What about inflammable and non-inflammable?I couldn't not care less about flammable versus non-flammable.
You can't buy an iPhone with the Upgrade Program online ...You have to:find an Apple Retail Store with the color/model/size you want in stockreserve one with an appointment (1/2 hour window) in an Apple Retail Store and go to the Apple Retail Store to pick it upyou can buy 1 or 2 of the exact color/model/size per reservationyou can have 2 reservations per AppleID -- up to 2 x (2 different color/model/size )The iPhone Upgrade Program is a fantastic concept -- that is ...
Edit:However, it is interesting that Apple did not need to separate battery and GPU electronics among 2 separate device components. 
Mmm ...Maybe MS has a feature where you can drop the display into place from a height of 2-3 feet ...Honestly, I had better results with hand tools in Beginning Woodshop in the 1950s!For dingleberry comparison ... (Should that be a new Spec?)iPad Pro:SB:
Honest Question: What are those dingleberries protruding from the kb component after the display component is removed?
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