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But MS will ... And Apple has at least a year lead time!This move, and the timing, is absolutely brilliant!
Yes!The other biggie is:by becoming an open source and standard language -- it can assume another roll ...The roll of a client-side and server-side scripting language to replace JavaScript.Not only that, these same scripts can be compiled -- providing better performance, secure code -- all while using less bandwidth.It won't be long before we see browsers supporting (first, interpreted then) compiled Swift scripts.This changes everything!I seem to have heard or read that...
When they announced Swift, I posted on AI that they would open source it! So, you will be able to develop apps for: Mac iPhone iPad Apple Watch Apple TV using a common language -- that is fast, safe and powerful! You will be able to develop apps for these popular and profitable devices (to developers as well as Apple) on any platform. The secret to writing apps for any target platform is that the libraries supporting that platform are available -- regardless of the...
What is self-serving about trying to improve any situation when provided with the awareness, the means and the opportunity?
... But, the point is: Tim already had the answer before the question was asked.What kind of response, in your mind, would not be Faux-feminisim?
Hey TS!Now, I am convinced that a new AppleTV will be announced at WWDC,
I've been dealing with/watching Apple since 1978, and they've never done any force-fed diversity, to my knowledge.Rather, they have pioneered in providing equal opportunity and supported the necessary infrastructure to accomplish it!If Apple puts a woman (or a man) on stage -- I believe it is because she/he is the best qualified!Boom!
@melgross ... wish I'd said all of that in the way you said it! You done broke the code!
With all due respect, WWDC has evolved into much, much more than a Developer's Conference.It is Apple's only [predictably scheduled] annual meeting -- other then the shareholder events.The world is watching [and the stock market investors, too]. Apple has an opportunity to set the bar/direction for the tech and fashion industries ... and their supporters/developers.It would be a crime not to exploit the opportunity ...   That's ShowBiz!
I agree!And, as I posted earlier, I believe that this is one of the ways that Tim/Apple (and Steve/Apple too, did) try to change the world -- not just with the products they build, but with the way they build them..That said (Hate that phrase), IMO, apple is really screwing up in the packaging (and assembly, delivery costs) of the Apple watch. There is way too much, unnecessary, heavy, non-biodegradable plastic in the Watch package ... Even worse, my daughter received her...
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