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That's a good idea!The app running on the iPhone knows that the display has the potential to be scrolled (minimum row size and count of rows in a list) -- it just doesn't know in advance how long the list will be as each row could be a different size. But, they could give an indication that's close enough by displaying an approximate scroll bar.Incidently, you don't have to use the digital crown to scroll -- you can use flicks, just like on the iPhone ...In fact,...
Yeah ...Reminds me of the day (long ago) when one of those machines appeared that reads a $1 bill and gives you a dollars worth of change ...One idiot wondered out loud what would happen if you inserted a $5 bill instead pf a $1 bill ...We dared him to try ...  He did ...  The machine took it ...  And the idiot for $4.
How old is Randy?There is a thing called burnout where after years of creativity, you find yourself just going through the motions ...I don't believe that Apple has made the decision not to create for the professional market and they are leaving that to companies like Adobe.As to Randy, creativity and technology ...If you look at the way FCP has [painfully] morphed into FCPX you can see that today's hardware has made it possible for the software, FCPX in particular, to...
It is possible that Apple would over-spec and under clock the CPU to allow the S1 package to last for more than 1 generation of watch.I think we'll learn a lot when we get some teardown info.
Yeah ...Someone will Jailbreak the Apple Watch and then install Apache ...An Apple Watch as a Web Server ... Told you the iPhone is an accessory to the Apple Watch
Your condolences for FCPX are misplaced.In just the last 14 months we've had:New Mac ProiMac 5K2 feature releases an one bug fix release of FCPX, Motion and CompressorFocus -- A major movie edited entirely in...
They already have:https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/in-action/focus/
Sorry ... I was unclear ... I understood what you meant, and was attempting to support both your posts.Your history, too, goes back to the Jobs I era ... where the running joke among Apple mid-level management was:
Yeah. Big loss, IMO. I wish they would retain Randy as a consultant or somesuch ... A whole lotta` talent and vision!
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