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Here ya' go:
It would be interesting if they decide to build it in Detroit.
FM was not SQL so it was quite foreign to me. I'm not sure whether FM is SQL now or not but personally, I wouldn't recommend any database that is not SQL compliant since that is the standard.Yeah ...It's been a few years, but FM kinda' isn't SQL ...   at the same time FM kinda' is SQL.AFAICT:you can execute SQL queries on FM dbs.FM can connect to all the major external dbs and execute SQL QueriesFM hides much of the complexity of the db structure by using high-level...
So. we'll have an iCloud solution available to all comers ... Robust-featured, User-friendly Pages Word Processor Numbers Spreadsheet / Graph generator Keynote Presentation maker FileMaker SQL DB Mmm ... What's missing from the above? I suspect that many would say that Numbers is the weakest link compared to MS Excel! Honestly, they are correct -- Excel has many pro features that Numbers lack. One of these features is the ability to program Excel spreadsheets...
I agree!
I used FM when it was called Nutshell!I remember a demo by the author of Nutshell to the head of IT at John Deere on an original Mac. After interactively defining the tables, he drew the interconnecting lines defining the relationships ... Then created the tables, populated them and accessed them for reports using user-friendly templates (that obscured the underlying SQL).Boom!We were blown away -- and I got a pre-release version.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FileMakerI...
Gene ... Gene ... Gene ... If first you don't succeed ... F.u.c.k it!
Gene ... Gene ... Gene ... I never saw an Apple Television,   I never hope to see one; But, I can tell you, anyhow.   I'd rather see than be one! apologies to Gelett Burgess
I suspect a new AppleTV is closer to summer than fall ... Tied into a major push of HomeKit accessories -- with the AppleTV as the monitor/controller hub ... and a few, initial, blockbuster games!
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