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Things aren't always what they appear to be ...
My algebra and geometry is rusty ... The example below, determines the area of a circle circumscribing a square of side 4 (units).https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100122090503AA39bY1The area of the square is 4 x 4 == 16 unitsSo:25 == Area of circle (above formulae)16 == Area of inscribed square (given)9/25 is unused (wasted) area of circle ... By eye, I SWAGed that ~ 1/2 the pixels would be unused (wasted) -- I was off by a bit ... I'll leave it to you to...
The bottom right image disproves your point ... Despite a much larger (more pixels), and more expensive display, the round screen has a much smaller usable rectangular display area -- ~ 1/2 the pixels of the round display are wasted. 
You need to review your geometry -- you lose too much area in a rectangle circumscribed by a circle.Your other points are reasonable.
Mmm ... Tim Cook visited the Palo Alto Store wearing a custom watch with a red crown ... I wonder if Apple is considering offering BTO options for the watch ... some possibilities there ... Especially BTO hardware and software, e.g. watch faces, options ...
I think that, for the Apple Watch product line, they may be an ATO (assemble-to-order) company -- at least for the initial release, until they get a demand history.Likely. in the next few months they will tweak the case/band combinations to have off-the-shelf (standard stock) SKUs and ATO SKUs.
I understand that ... but, say, you have to chose among several passes, credit cards, suggested answers to a notification, options ... For some things its hard to beat a scrolling list -- and, AFAIK, that's best done in a square format (you'd lose too much display space by imposing a round format).
New tech dictates new form ...How do you scroll a list of say 5-10 Credit cards for Apple Pay ... wheel of fortune?
Since it's all speculation ... what if they had 2 million -- or even 1 million ... and sold out within 6 hours ...
I ordered 5 (separate orders) between 12:16 PM PDT and 12:29 PM PDT. The first and last were: 3/24 - 5/8 ... The 3 others were 4-6 weeks.Here's the last:At 12: 29 PM PDTApple store Order Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Ordered on Apr 10, 2015Thank you for your order.We'll let you know when your items are on their way.Items to be ShippedShipment 1 Delivers: 4/24-5/8 by Standard ShippingApple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band$349.00
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