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Apple's volume gives advantages in manufacturing costs and negotiating power. They should be able to contract custom SoCs at minimum cost and license/cross-license IP at minimal costs.If Apple needs to pay premiums for additional manufacturing -- those are good problems to have.
I can't find a BOM breakdown of the current low-end MacBook Air -- especially the 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 chipIntel says the recommended customer price is $315:http://ark.intel.com/products/75028/I suspect that Apple's cost is $150-$200 ???The A7 in the iPad Air cost $18.Let's assume that Apple could make an A8 for a cost of $35-$50.All else equal, the BOM savings on a ARM-only (no Intel) MacBookAir would be $100-$150 less that the current BOM of $600 ???If so, this...
Think about your last statement -- why are iOS platform users buying OSX devices? Could be that they want/need more capability than they can get from their current iOS platform/devices?You do realize that Mac OSX and iDevice OSX (iOS) are 80%-90% the same under the hood. Basically, iOS removes unneeded components, substitutes a touch UI, adds stronger sandboxing and hides complexity from the user. Mac OSX could easily be presented to the user in a similar fashion to...
Why do you need Intel? On OSX, You can run MS Office, iWorks, iLife, Apple Pro apps, iOS apps and cloud apps.
Why iOS?Why not 64-bit ARM-optimized OS X with native OSX and native iOS apps running concurrently?
Why does it need an Intel chip?Couldn't it run on an ARM A8 or somesuch?
Or, an inexpensive laptop running OSX optimized for 64-bit ARM -- a keyboard, touchpad, standard I/O ports and non-touch screen ...Less expensive (no Intel tax) than a MacBook Air – more powerful than an iPad.Run native iOS apps concurrently with native OS X apps.Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.Target a price range of $600-$800 -- I'm really starting to get jazzed about this!
That makes sense ...I keep falling into the trap: thinking that OSX needs to run on Intel so the user can optionally run Windows.The problem with the Mini was speed (typing and switching) -- Mail and 18 Safari tabs. I have more running on the iPad (suspended).Edit: The more I think about this the more I like it. A kb with a good touchpad and the ability to run multiple iPad apps receiving background updates, while running OSX apps.
I agree with everything you say.FWIW, the SUV device I was discussing would not have a dual UI. It would be an unique, non-touch UI -- more similar to the desktop.
Mmm... A while back,on researching Intel, I discovered that Intel takes the CISC instructions of the x86 and through a proprietary process, real-tine converts them to RISC instructions which are executed.http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5806589/why-does-intel-hide-internal-risc-core-in-their-processors
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