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"Nevermore"   -The Raven-
Hey!What about inflammable and non-inflammable?I couldn't not care less about flammable versus non-flammable.
You can't buy an iPhone with the Upgrade Program online ...You have to:find an Apple Retail Store with the color/model/size you want in stockreserve one with an appointment (1/2 hour window) in an Apple Retail Store and go to the Apple Retail Store to pick it upyou can buy 1 or 2 of the exact color/model/size per reservationyou can have 2 reservations per AppleID -- up to 2 x (2 different color/model/size )The iPhone Upgrade Program is a fantastic concept -- that is ...
Edit:However, it is interesting that Apple did not need to separate battery and GPU electronics among 2 separate device components. 
Mmm ...Maybe MS has a feature where you can drop the display into place from a height of 2-3 feet ...Honestly, I had better results with hand tools in Beginning Woodshop in the 1950s!For dingleberry comparison ... (Should that be a new Spec?)iPad Pro:SB:
Honest Question: What are those dingleberries protruding from the kb component after the display component is removed?
A more accurate name for this device is Caveats.
Not necessarily ...We have a household of 5 (3 teen-agers) coming and going at all times on different schedules.The key is HomeKit integration!With HK you can say "Hey Siri: I'm Home" to your AppleWatch or iPhone and HK will, say, Unlock the [front, garage] door, turn on lights (if it's) dark out, etc. ...You can remote check the status of any HK Accessory, e.g. Is the garage door closed, are the sprinklers on, etc.In addition HK monitors status and can send you...
We have the Version 1 Hue Bridge and it plugs into our ATT Router. We are quite happy with using the Hue app on our iDevices to set lights in the family room and upstairs bedrooms, etc. We look forward to upgrading to the new HomeKit compatible bridge as it will provide much more capability and flexibility.
New Posts  All Forums: