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... One has to wonder what the Pilgrims did on Black Friday
Yeah ... I'm thinking the A9 is targeted at the iPad Pro -- More RAM, CPU Cores, Better GPU and I/O interfaces -- making a true post-pc device.The iPhone 7's could use the A8X.
You don't trust the Kuomintang?
OMG ... That looks amazing on my iMac 27" 5K!
^^^ This!
AppleWatch != OK? Then. What's its job? a fashion or technology statement a piece of jewelry a watch a phone a music player a web browser a social/messaging/email/texting device a camera a TV Controller a home hub monitor/controller a ApplePay eWallet purchasing device a health monitoring/recommendation device a GPS/Cell/WiFi/BLE Locator/Tracker It's all of these things (or has the potential to be) ... kinda' ... But it can't do any of these things very...
All 5 members of our household have iPhones that qualify for ApplePay. I suspect each will want an AppleWatch the services it provides and for the convenience of ApplePay.
I agree with most of that!I think the battery replacement could be mitigated by including the battery in [some of] the watchbands. IDK if the AppleWatch 1 is engineered to do that -- but the connections between the band and watch appear to be precision engineered and could easily handle that ...As @Michael Scrip pointed out:It may be, that except for a few things, the S1 chip is mainly used for Presentation Services and User [inter]Action detection while the heavy...
In re Price and upgradeability ... First: you will be able to upgrade your AppleWatch capability -- just upgrade your iPhone! Second:  the AppleWatch for the multitudes costs $350 ... it should be viable for 3-4 years ... So, the monthly cost of the AppleWatch will be between $7-$10 per month ... I suspect that most will be able to justify ~ $10/month with the services provided by the AppleWatch.
Style, price, upgradeability are interesting points ... for us, here ... IMO, the key to a large volume of AppleWatch sales -- is the millennials using ApplePay to buy stuff ... And it is in the interest of quite a few to do whatever it takes to make that happen!
New Posts  All Forums: