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Yes!AIR, between the Sport and Watch models, there are 8 case material/color/size combinations:al silver gray x2 sizesal space gray x2 sizesss silver x2 sizesss black x2 sizesCombined with the various bands there were ~ 32 separate SKUs.It makes sense to build cases and bands based on projections -- then tweak this with preorder data.And JIT assemble the case/band SKUs.I suspect the Edition Watches are BTO!
  Nokia made a new smart phone, And, 'round the world she'd whisk. Wasn't she a silly girl Her little * ?
Así Es La Vida ... muy peñoso ...When I was a kid my heros were the Lone Ranger and Tonto ... quite unflattering to the Native American! 
Claro senor !
Mas o menos ...The LinX tech may be different, but it produces similar results:
Yeah, there's a good article about this and FCPX at patentlyapple.com:http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2015/04/apple-to-bring-z-depth-mapping-to-final-cut-pro-x.htmlTo illustrate the possibilities, they show an Adobe video on z-depth processing:What's most interesting to me is the compositing of layers towarrds the end ...It appears that they are reconstructing a layer (the parachutist?) even though it contains missing parts occluded by a shape nearer to the...
Not, necessarily true ... You can build something, say, to an A8X spec -- and get 30% yield (70% rejects).But, you can retest the rejects at, say, a lesser A8 spec -- and get an additional 50% yield ...So, the premier devices like the next iPhone have a low yield, but secondary devices like AppleTV, iPad Mini. etc. are much higher yields ...This is the way bleeding-edge semiconductor manufacturing works -- and those who can, plan for and take advantage of retesting at a...
Be careful not to drop that piece of cheese on the chess board Again, with apologies ti Tony Orlando ...Tap three times on the left wrist -- for a good move;Twice on the right [tap, tap] means it's a no-go!
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