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LOLNo Profiles for us -- We had Corvus HDs and Omninet instead of Profiles and AppleTalk ... Sold 7 Corvus networks to Apple Cupertino and 1 to the IBM plant in San Jose ... and 1 to EMI-Thorne in your [then] neck of the woods!
Agree on both Street View and Search!Enjoy, best to SWMBO!
Ya' know, I am as much of a Smart Ass as anyone on these forums ...Is it really necessary to add a downer, to a positive article?I suppose that you would prefer that the children in some dreadful third-world sweatshop be put out of work?
HandIn instead of HandOff /s
Don't underestimate Phil's abilities ... (when he first became visible, I had the same impression as you).Phil is the executive heading one of the most (if not the most ) successful marketing and sales organizations in the world. Apparently, Phil is qualified enough to satisfy some pretty tough masters ... Steve and Tim!
More than a quibble -- and, I agree.When we set up our business, it was totally based on the profit motive ... Here were our corporate objectives:provide a fair return to our investors (3 partners)provide the best quality products and service to our customershave fun1) makes it possible ... 2) makes it happen ... 3) makes it worthwhile!Edit:Though, I believe that these activities are/need to be more than "feel good" PR activities ... I believe that Tim is out to change...
Mmm ... I wonder if Phil or Tim will be on stage -- what are their technical developer bona fides?WWDC is much more than a Developer event -- It is an Apple State Of The Union!
Oye, Oye ...Apple doesn't do tokens -- never have ... Stupid, and too obvious!
Sorry, my bad ... Burn out after 11 years in Silicon Valley -- Sold the Computer stores, and played (did not touch a computer) for 7 years ...
Apple Developer sites are down -- Apple Store is still up ... I expect Apple could change this (FoundationDB) -- but, maybe they just like the buzz ...
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