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Mmm ...If there is a dearth of 4k content -- how much available content actually uses or requires the high fps and color and audio of HDMI 2.0https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI
IMO, we're seeing a clever marketing match being played out: Apple introduced the New Apple TV ... Amazon countered with the New Fire TV ... Likely, Google will counter with a New ChromeCast TV (or somesuch) ... Once all the features, capabilities, costs are known for these competing products -- I suspect that the biggest [so-called] disadvantage to the New Apple TV will be that it doesn't support 4k Viideo Streaming ...  Even though there is not much 4k content...
I bet it was:The Last Frontier Hotel -- the first casino on the strip.It was still there -- though abandoned after the mob moved into town.
I bet it was:
Fast forward to 1964. I got married and moved to Las Vegas with IBM. We rented a furnished apartment with a gasp Color TV -- the first in our circle of friends. It had only 2 color broadcast channels (4 & 5) on connectection from Los Angeles. Nobody went to Vegas to watch TV.
Hopefully, to bring some sort of perspective to TV screens/sizes and content ... We got the first TV in our neighborhood in 1949 -- The parents said it was for my 10th birthday, but it was really for the entire family. AIR, it cost about $500, a lot of money in those days. It had a 7 inch screen and a pushbutton for each channel (channels 1- 13). There were only 2 channels broadcasting in Minneapolis and the were on channel 4 and channel 5. AIR, they would fire...
I thought I had read somewhere that the A8 (or A8X) had h.265 decoding in hardware -- I surfed, but can't find a link.I think the A9 in iPhone 6S can encode h.265 with 4K video from the camera -- and the new iMovie running on the iPhone 6S can manipulate/edit 4k video.If this is all true, then it would be very attractive, socially, to send short iPhone videos to your New AppleTV via WiFi or the cloud.
As I understand it, it would be a simple Software/Firmware update.In re 4K content:  As I understand it, Apple could do this:Where 4k source is available -- encode it using h.265 instead of h.264Add h.265 decoding to the New AppleTVEncoding h.265 is time-consuming and difficult on a desktop or server -- but it only needs to be done once.Decoding h.265 is somewhat more difficult than h.264 but could be done on an A8 and added to the New AppleTV with a...
No, cost of the phone and AppleCare appears on the Apple Online Store bill.The ATT monthly bill charges an activation fee (AIR, $15) each time you activate a phone -- new phone, older phone to replace a broken phone, etc.You may get away with no activation fee if you replace (switch SIMs) with an older phone with slower data ...It's a real mess and difficult to understand -- Like the US Tax code.
I didn't include the cost of the plan because, at least with our shared family plan, the monthly rate is the same. In our case, that's about $40 per iPhone, per month. That includes unlimited voice and messaging and 10 GB of shared data..
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