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I would kill (well maybe just maim) to be able to install/test FoundationDB on my Mac -- using Swift, of course.Sigh ... I learned about FoundationDB when Apple acquired them & all downloads were removed from the FoundationDB site.I've been Playgrounding around with how to approximate the FoundationDB data structure -- an ordered Key/Value Pair.In Xcode you can do this by creating an ordered array that references an unordered dictionary.It appears to be quite flexible!
I'd be willing to bet that Apple has been migrating iCloud function to FoundationDB. This adds flexibility, accessibility, reliability, scalability and performance. In re: flexibility, FoundationDB allows you to define a DB accessed as an hierarchical data structure -- mimicking the folder/file tree of the Finder. This would facilitate a Time Machine implementation in iCloud -- for iDevices and Macs, alike.  
Possibly, this is the reason Apple acquired FoundationDB. FoundationDB provides high-performance, reliability and scalability. It is easy to distribute a FoundationDB across geographically distant servers.Perhaps, Apple could use Amazon AWS or Google servers until they flesh-out the Apple Server network.
Yup! Apple could out-Windows MS -- With full Office now available on the iPad, Apple could offer an iPad interface for the Windows 10 platform ...
I didn't know you could do that!IMO, that's quite a Kludge.Why does that bloat iTunes need to be involved? This should be an option at the OS level on both devices.The UI should be designed for the power user of the computer -- or power user of the computer app, e..g. FCPX, Logic. etc.I'll have find and charge them to review the interface -- but I have several old iPods that showed their file system in the Mac Finder. AIR, I had complete access to inside the iPod file...
I think most of this is doable:expose the iOS file system to an extent -- maybe a shared folder with authorized access to iOS appsenhance the virtual kb with cursor keys, tab key, etc.enable high-speed USB 3 connection to a Mac/PC -- possibly via Lightening cableprovide precise, pressure-sensitive stylus inputprovide hardware to support aboveThen you could connect the iPad to your Mac/PC via WiFi or USB 3 -- and transfer files, backup, etc.With a well-supported stylus and...
Do you know how to stop a stampeding elephant?
That'd be a killer -- do you have a link?
Mmm ... In regard to NFC cc payment offerings, it appears that one is not enough and two is too many!
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