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I got out of the business in 1989, long before WWDC ... But, I agree -- access is everything!
Are you excited about today as I am?
Mmm ...Under Tim Cook's watch, Apple seems to be taking on more awareness/activities (responsibility is the wrong word) for the conditions of society and the world we share,While I may not agree with specific issues, I applaud the effort!I think Tim's Apple is redefining what a corporation is -- and what it's duties/responsibilities are!Thanks to Steve and those who came before for giving Tim a lever and a place to stand!
Ha! The original Mac -- made it easy to type ransom notes ... that font was affectionately called Patty Hearst, hereabouts! 
Nah ... OSX Oxnard! iOS Vacaville!
When that happens to me, I become hornery!
Now, that's a damn good idea ... you could even combine the auction and the raffle!
5 bids now -- up to $8,000.
C'mon guys ... John is one of the really nice Apple execs from the old days (1970s - 1980s). We'd love it when John would come into our Sunnyvale Computer Plus store ... The conversation would go something like this: John: "You probably already know all of this, but ..." My partner and I: "Ummm ..." Then John would spend the next 20 minutes, or so, doing a dump of all the software (and some hardware) Apple was planning for the then unannounced Mac ... CoBOL, ForTran,...
New Posts  All Forums: