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Extremely well said!
Love your name ... Maybe someone will pounce on GratefulUnDEDWhat this indicates is that we may soon seen new Apple Products such as:a New 12" iPad Pro / Mac Digitizer Tablet / Personal TVa Mac portable with mondo battery lifea New AppleTV / Home Hub / Game Consolesomething(s) we haven't thought of yet1) and 2) will, likely, be a result of the Apple/IBM partnership ... and be announced 1Q 2015.As I write this, AAPL went over $111 ...
First: iMac Retina -- 2-3 week delivery!Second: Right on about this quarter,Third: 2015CQ1 Apple/IBM Partnership products -- apps, iPad Pro?, New Mac Pro, HomeKit, HealthKit, New AppleTV/Home ServerFourth: 2015CQ2 AppleWatch, ApplePay 2, WWDC, someNewThing.then this ... posted to another thread:
Yes! Apple make things that people want -- and mostly, it delivers!This is no small task -- you first must identify a need, create a thing that satisfies the need -- then educate the people that they [need] want that thing!... then waltz me around again, Willie ...
If you guys want to play chicken and egg ...There would have been no Apple without Woz ... no platform for Jobs to create the mystique of [the first personal computer] the Apple ][, The Lisa, The Mac, NeXT, the return to Apple ... and all that followed!Strong financial backing, and the legitimacy of successful, experienced businessmen like Mike Markkula and Scottie attracted other savvy business talent like Gene Carter, Will Houd and others.Woz's personality and talent...
Nah ... Woz is pretty much 3 years ahead of most of us
Interesting article:http://recode.net/2014/11/11/alibaba-just-sold-more-than-9-billion-in-goods-in-one-day/
Black Friday 2015: The most ubiquitous payment provisioning over all!
It ain't market share ...  It ain't profit share ...  It's mind share ...Couldn't of said it any better than that ...   And that's all you need to know!
New Posts  All Forums: