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Actually, the Apple ][ had an Assembler, Integer BASIC, Graphics routines, etc. built into the ROM of the machine -- so it was a self-contained computer that could be used to program itself.Yes, Lisa's were used to develop software for the original Macs -- especially since there were no Macs in existence while the Mac was being developed.After the original Macs were released, the Lisa continued to be used because it had more robust software and hardware.However, the...
No! Not even close!IMO, Apple pooped the birdie with all these public betas -- it diminished support for the real betas.
It can make a real difference helping you visualize an area:Or it can totally misrepresent an area:Interesting that the Sidney Harbor Bridge shows the cables that support the roadway -- Golden Gate and Brooklyn Bridges. not so much.
C'mon ... TS is as contrarian as the rest of us -- that's what makes the pot spicy, and the conversations worthwhile!
Oye! Oye!
Mmm ... Some quite savvy comments on this thread.I would offer that Apple's way of helping the disadvantaged -- is not to help them to improve doing what they're doing more efficiently -- rather, it is to help them to learn another way where they can improve themselves on their own terms.There is no greater power on earth than the value of one's own self-worth!"Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction." - Antoine de...
Again, I didn't have a lot of direct contact with Steve Jobs ... But I wouldn't describe him as: "always on", "full of himself" or "justified by his accomplishments".Rather, he was extremely focused -- and (sometimes rudely) dismissive with someone not on the same wavelength.I've posted these stories before -- but they illustrate my encounters with Steve Jobs:I was giving a demo of an Apple ][ to about a dozen people in the front pod of our Sunnyvale store ... From the...
Since the real-life exchanges [dialog] between Woz and Jobs was not filmed or otherwise recorded -- of course it had to be fabricated -- or there would be no conversations in the movie.@9secondko: Think back about dialogs you've had an hour, day or week ago -- can you recount them accurately -- or must you fabricate them in order to tell your story?... Now, what was that I was just saying   
Well said!
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