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I suspect that Apple will open source Swift at some point.
Well ... It depends on what the meaning of IS purchase date is ...Say, You order a watch on April 10 -- that's your Order Date.Say, they ship it to you on June 1 -- that's your Purchase Date.Technically, the Purchase Date is when you take ownership of the goods ... According to the terms of sale, this usually occurs while the goods are in transit (for legal, payment, insurance, etc. reasons).Normally, for an Apple store purchase, there is the Order Date, Prepare For...
Again, you may think that's what Apple does ... but I don't believe it!In almost 37 years in dealing with Apple I have not found that to be true ... Apple tries to sell every product a customer is willing to buy in a timely, and profitable fashion.I am so impressed with their performance that I have tied a significant amount of my family's fortune to AAPL stock!
Mmm ... don't know if it will happen -- but how will you feel if your delivery time improves as they get their act together?It's happened to me more than once -- I went to change a backordered item and it had already shipped!P.S. They don't charge your cc until the product is ready to ship -- so, not really fully paid for!
No! AppleCare coverage begins when you receive the Apple product! If you cancel the order, they will refund the AppleCare charge to your cc.If you think about what you'd want Apple to do in any situation -- likely, they already do it ... Or will do it, if you tell them about their situation.I've been dealing with Apple for almost 37 years (June 1978) and have always been satisfied with the way I have been treated. 
Yes! The secret items are brilliant ... and the food is good too!I first experienced In-N-Out in the early 1950s in Pasadena. They are still at the same location ... ~ 2 1/2 parking spots, maybe 2 outdoor tables and a 30' x 30' square building with a drive-thru line on either side.During busy times (lunch) the cars line up for several blocks -- but are courteous enough to leave space to enter nearby businesses ...It's a Pasadena tradition ...And it has the sign -- sadly...
You've got some good points -- I hadn't thought of using colors ...I was fooling around a bit and here's the In-N-Out app with fewer rows displayed -- but larger, bolder type and larger targets for the finger:I have to go now, but I'll play around with colors tomorrow ...What color do you want your fries
Do you have a citation for "hundreds of thousands of people are using them ok and they seem to be happy with them"
Actually, it may not be as bad as I thought ... So far, I can only test Apple Watch scrolling using the iOS Simulator and the mouse instead of a finger.I have short fat fingers. I've been playing with my grandson's iPad Nano 6G (almost 5 years old) which, though much less powerful, approximates an Apple Watch display 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" usable display area/There are 34 songs stored on the iPod -- they are displayed ~4 at-a-time and scrolling the display with my finger is...
Give me a little credit ...Review this document:https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/General/Conceptual/WatchKitProgrammingGuide/Tables.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40014969-CH14-SW1Here's a sample of an app I wrote originally for the iPhone -- and have been playing with on the Apple Watch.It demonstrates how to order take out -- In-N-Out Burger in this example.The way it works is this:you scroll the list by dragging on the screen or rotating the crowntable...
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