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Yes, but Wally-World and CVS are the 2 big holdouts.
And then there were two ...
I'm away from my computer so I can't check. But, I think you're not able to use long press on the watch .Long press on the phone performs poorly.
Here's a Apple Watch app that illustrates one use of force touch ...Consider, you're in the line at a DriveThu -- In-N-Out shown here. You:scroll the list of menu items to show those you wanttap the description to increment the quantity shown on the lefttap the quantity to decrement itrinse and repeat, a running total is shown at the topThen, when done, you force-touch to bring up the second screen to:place the orderclear all itemsresumeThis works amazingly well on the...
Study: Apple's lead in enterprise mobility threatened as tablet share plummets Mmm ... It might be more meaningful to show the actual study -- rather than cherry-pick data to support a subjective claim.
LOL! Someone understands.
or, in an Ordered Key / Value Store ...
Wish I'd said that!
Where does Eric The Schmidt fit into all this?
Willie said it best ... Here ya' go:
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