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I've heard similar opinions/experiences to yours.Just out of curiosity:What version of Xcode were you using when programming with Swift?When did you return to Obj-C?
See:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24042774/can-i-mix-swift-with-c-like-the-objective-c-mm-filesThere are several Obj-C/C++ wrapper examples ... Does this help the situation?Also, as to Marketing Fluff -- I don't consider Chris Lattner a marketeer -- Not only did he create Swift, but he was responsible for Apple's implementation of LLVM ... He has come credentials.
I am not a professional programmer -- but have some web development experience (JavaScript, Perl, PHP, ColdFusion) and have some Java, Obj-C and now Swift programming under my belt.From my perspective, it seems you might be better off using Swift and Java as opposed to Obj-C and Java. It won't give you a cross-platform code base, but it could make you more productive. because:Swift Syntax is more like Java Syntax than Obj-C syntaxSwift Syntax is more concise (less cruft)...
So, how do you currently develop cross-platform apps?
If it's anything like our court (little further East Bay than you) ...The trash and recyclables had just been picked up, and the containers were still on the street, blocking the curbs and gutters ...It was only the Street Sweeper making his weekly pass doing wheelies at top speed down the center of the street ...
Great video ... Thx!Nokia bought Navteq in 2007 for $8.1 Billion -- from what I understand, it has only lost money ...http://www.cnet.com/news/nokia-buys-navteq/#!Hmmm ...
Weird ...We owned a Computer store at Fremont and Mary in Sunnyvale, CA.It was less than a mile from Apple HQ (then at Stevens Creek and De Anza in Cupertino).When Apple 3D mapped the Cupertino area, I naturally checked to see what the store location looked like in 3D.It looked pretty good -- I was able to get quite a low angle and zoom on the front of the store -- though, I couldn't read any signs.I tried, just now, and it looks really sucky -- the building fronts are all...
AI Generated Duplicate
Or consumer VideoTape format:BetaMax - Better Video and Sound qualityVHS - Two-hour Capacity... Good enough wins
Yes!I posted the following (edited) at the end of a too-long, dying (dead ?) thread -- it adds some support to your prediction:
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