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The above is a transitional solution.Look at the last point above -- When I go to any web site on my Macs or iDevices, if I have so chosen, the browser fills in the UserID and Password -- i merely tap or click the login button. What's this diff??You go to check out, select the cc service (not the card number) and the browser/icloud generates an ad hoc token token and file it in -- You click Pay!
As I understand it, ApplePay supports debit cards -- it just does it conveniently and securely at lower cost to the customer, merchant and transaction processor.
I don't think you understand.The token references a single credit card/Bank.When you ApplePay, the device generates a token which references the above plus a one-time dynamic security code and time stamp.Even if you did store the token on a web site it would be worthless ...That's the whole point!The token is created, ad hoc, by the act of making that specific payment (some with TouchID, others without).
The AppleWatch is the key:it can be used with iPhones as demoed (iPhone supplies the TouchID and AppleWatch supplies the NFC connection).If no NFC POST is available, the AppleWatch can use BLE/WiFi to communicate with a non-NFC POST.On non-NFC Apple devices (current iPhones, iPads, AppleTVs, Macs, MacBooks) it uses Handoff to communicate with the AppleWatch.Just as iCloud/Keychain can securely generate, store, retrieve and fill in UserIDs and Passwords -- it will be able...
The compelling reasons for customers, merchants and cc providers/banks, alike: It costs less to everyone (offers bigger rewards) it is secure for everyone it is ridiculously easy to use It will happen, soon -- resistance is futile! BTW, that goes for buying things through the AppleTV, too.
Here's the way it's going to roll out (in my mind):You will no longer enter or store your cc info on web sites like Amazon, Apple, Kaiser-Permanenti, Target, Home Depot, Walmart, ATT Uverse, etc.You will use ApplePay to pay for these thingsAll newer Apple hardware will have TouchID and NFC (iMacs, iPads, MacBooks ...)Existing hardware, that lacks TouchID/NFC will use HandOff to communicate with a TouchID device.Just as iCloud/Keychain can securely generate, store,...
I think you nailed it ...'Cept I suggest you refer to them as POSTs (or POST terminals) -- as opposed to POS Terminals ...... Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?
Like others have said BustBye is moot ... Walmart will cave before the holidays ... But the sweet irony is that Amazon's "one-click" shopping will have to support "one-tap" ApplePay. I suspect that just before ApplePay is available for use, Apple will announce, ridiculously inexpensive and simple, iPad POSTS with NFC that will provide ApplePay (and other NFC payments) for the small mom & pop stores / independent merchants ... Everything from a Flea Market, stall at...
Same here ...Now, off to bed!P.S. In your sig -- I think the name in Mickey Campbell.
Is the Apple Store web site still using that old NeXT WebObjects platform??? If so, that 'splains a lot of things -- and Angela has her work cut out for her -- bringing the Apple Online store into the current century (if not the current decade), Mmm ... Maybe IBM can help
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