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I suspect that most here know you well enough to understand what you mean.We have Logitech kbs for our iPads -- they're OK, but no substitute for a real kb and mouse/trackpad.However, Cocoa Touch could be enhanced to take advantage of a real kb and mouse/trackpad when attached -- instead of the UI-neverland that exists currently ... Maybe we'll see some of this with the iPad Pro, next month.
Yea & Nay ...Apple in the Enterprise!I remember a conversation I had with Guy Kawasaki after Steve returned to Apple -- basically he was asking what Apple could do to sell more computers -- basically I was answering make it easier for business to buy Apple products as part of a solution!At the time we were selling hundreds of Corvus LANs and HDDs into businesses along with Macs ...Including the likes of:IBMEMI-ThorneDaimler BenzCoherentFairchild SchlumbergerPiper JafferyOh...
Just to add some spice to the pot -- FoundationDB.FoundationDB is Fast, Safe, Flexible.It is based on an Ordered Key/Value pair * -- basically a primitive iOS or OS X Dictionary -- except that the keys are stored/maintained in lexicographical order. This allows very fast manipulation of slices of the DB. For example, retrieve/count/update/list all the cities in any level of:United States | California | Contra Costa County | PopulationWith FoundationDB, this is done...
I don't understand all I know about this ...But, I think Apple's (Chris Lattner's) Swift Language and LLVM may play a major roll in some of the platform independence you describe.As I understand it, the LLVM has a JIT compiler similar to Java. Additionally, LLVM has several Intermediate Formats (IFs) that provide machine independence, optimized code and deferred compilation.And Swift has a natural affinity with these LLVM IFs.Apple appears to be wrapping/reimplementing...
You and I have been around tech long enough to realize that if you don't constantly ask: "What if, What if" -- you'll soon be asking "What just happened?".
Ahh ...Didn't now that!
Almost ...
What do you do when WiFi is not available or the Cloud is down?
What if something better than Adobe CC becomes available?What if it allows you, and other similar companies, to do a better job -- significantly faster, easier at less cost.Will you adapt?If not, will you suffer from your competitors who have adapted?
ARM vs x86, iOS vs OSX, Windows vs 'Nix, GUIs vs Tactile Solutions, Legacy Development vs New Approaches, Legacy Apps vs Ad Hoc solutions ... We may be looking at this from too much of a short-term perspective that fails take into account the rapid, and rapidly-accelerating advancements in all the above technology! IMO, the whole tech industry is ripe for disruption that will take years instead of decades!
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