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They don't know who they are or where they are -- or both!
WOT -- While waiting, I'm refactoring some Swift code ... The ViewController can download a 2,700-ecord database from a web site and populate an iTunes-like table (multiple, moveable, resizable, sortable columns) in less than ,04 seconds with 7 lines of code ...
Actually, this is rather cathartic ... Having some interesting conversation with peers, a little wine -- I seldom drink anymore (or any less) ... just passing' time ...
Yeah ... Go to one of those numbered-ticket systems that they use in butcher shops ...Now serving: 1,023,412,507Your number will be served in 27,3 days, 12 hours ansd 13 minute ,,,
Yeah ... But I haven't done this in a while (overslept last year).From a programmer/web designer perspective -- what's this crap about taking the whole store web site down just to add a few new SKUs???I did better than that with a JavaScript Shopping Cart site I wrote in 1997 ...Sigh .. it's Apple -- they don't know any better!
C'mon Apple ... I really really need this -- so I can buy more stuff with ApplePay ...
As a long-time Apple customer, I'm really pissed ... As an AAPL shareholder -- not so much!
Mmm ... I'm learning how to say WTF in multiple languages -- col!
Last year, I overslept and woke up at 3:00 AM PST ... Got right in, but 2 week delivery on my 5S! This is much better
Which App store on which device -- Mac or iOS ...How finf iPhone 6
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