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Warning: Do not use a Mac Muff while operating a motor vehicle... In fact, some States are considering laws that outlaw Muff-Driving...
In re current technology being "enough"... I have a question that I wish I had asked, when given the chance: Mike Markkula financed Apple Computer. Mike made millions of $ with Fairchild, then Intel... Then retired... Woz used a 6502 in the Apple I (and later Apple ][) because he couldn't afford the more expensive Intel chips (available at the time). Why didn't Mike, with his money and connections, insist that Apple use the superior Intel chips?
The problem with your argument is that your first assumption / belief is wrong... And all else, based on that assumption, fails..Future capability always exceeds/leads current use!
Where have you been?The links are there... Surf DEC, DataGeneral, Rockwell, PDP... All revolutions that failed.. then there is ... You pick 'em...BTW, for a great read.. read Soul of a New Machine
I suspect that most of the hardware advances for Apple's Ax chips will be on the iPad... Much more opportunity!
As I understand it, the A9s are already being tested…
The problem with your argument is that it has been used before for almost every technology advanced in the last 50 years... And it's always been wrong!
Concise and we'll said!
Yes! And we may be seeing the start of a disruption of what comprises a Personal Computer -- more specifically a Mac....Let me be the first to show the prosumer variant of the Mac Pro...The Mac Muff
^^^ This!
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