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In my day, Gruen was a manufacturer of quality watches and clocks ...A popular answer to the question: "What time is it?"It's 9:30 PM .. It's Gruen Time!(I had to be in before curfew
From the MW Dictionary:Examples of CURRENCYA new currency has been introduced in the foreign exchange market.They were paid in U.S. currency.Furs were once traded as currency.The word app has not yet won widespread currency.I'm not sure about the accuracy and currency of their information.
Not too late to get that CurrentC Halloween Costume -- be sure to wear something under it, as it is totally transparent!
Read the 5-star reviews ...My iTunes name is _Kokopelli
Reminds me of an old Rusty Warren joke ...Seems this spinster goes in for a thorough medical exam, and afterwards says to the doctor:"You mean to tell me that I've never used it -- and now it's broken?"
Oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole,    And let the wind low Right up his asshole ... At about 43 seconds in:
Hey ...
and, at the same time -- roast your marshmallows and weenie ...
... charging it ,,, with this little beauty:
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