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Ohhh... I completely overlooked 4K
I think HDMI passthrough (cable box bypass) is the key.If Apple can include this, along with ac WiFi -- they could stream separate, concurrent live TV to multiple Personal TVs (iPads, iPhones) within the home (or enterprise/institution).We currently do exactly that using n WiFi from a Mac running ServeToMe streaming [the same or] different videos to iPads/iPhones -- the most we've tried is 5 concurrent sessions. We have about 3,000 videos in our Home Library.BTW, this...
Is that true? According to what I've read most of the businesses use iOS (86%-92%) for AirPlay==>AppleTV presos.
I'm speculating here, but I think Apple has played this just right -- let the others show their catch up offerings, then blow them away with a new/replacement AppleTV.Timing means a lot!
@nht, your posts, here, are usually reasoned -- Why are you taking this tack?It is one thing to assert something, as you have done above -- and quite another to state something as fact (with no tolerance for discussion or ability to prove or disprove). IMO, this is the height of ego and rudeness -- and has no place in a forum such as this, as it is not conducive to discussion or enlightenment.I usually ignore posts such as the OP's because I consider them a form of...
Here are the features I miss most that used to be in OSX. iWork: Pages: Bezier Shapes Numbers: Categories The first made Pages a superior creation tool for montages and collages -- better than some $300 standalone apps. The second allowed creation of complex spreadsheets with the equivalent of Excel pivot tables. To be fair, the new MS offerings for iOS have support for neither.
Yep! It's also fairly easy to predict that Apple has various versions of operating systems that they make running on various versions of hardware that they make.What is more difficult to predict is what will be on this year's, next year's or the year after's SOC! It's much more than just increasing the density of transistors. For example they could include RAM and the radios within the package.Without inside knowledge, it's kind of silly to try to predict what will be...
I suspect he is right! It would surprise me if Apple does not have OSX running on an iPad [something] with both touch and desktop UIs -- It's called R&D! Same for iOS on Intel [Macs?].Though, he'll never be able to provide a citation!
Err ... VisiCalc ... USCD Pascal ... Corvus Shared Hard Disk ...From my personal experience:Almost every enterprise in Silicon Valley bought Apple ][ computers. floppy drives, printers, etc. so they could run VisiCalc.* VisiCalc was largely used to bypass the long lead time (18-24 months) to get apps implemented by CIS (then Data Processing)The UCSD Pascal programming language was far superior to BASIC for programming custom business applications and generalized apps...
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