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Was ist das? Das ist Scheise!
They're all in a Karaoke party in that white building at Flint!
You have to be drunk to go to work ...Where can I get an application?
A donde esta la tienda Apple?
Store not up tet
If you don't use TouchID for 24 hours (or is it 48) or reboot, TouchID is deactivated unti you logon using your password/pin.
That's no different than CostCo (and others) who accept AMEX and Visa buo not Discover ...
November 2014.
God info!Here's a lin to the site:http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/They say: 220,000 stores and counting.Here's an interesting tidbit:So, the AppleWatch is the key to using ApplePay on last years iPhones ...
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