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One of the early extensions to Swift could be a CICS interface!When I worked for IBM providing technical market support for CICS, some said that CICS (Customer Information and Control System) was, in reality an acronym for Consistently Ignore Customer Satisfaction Ben Riggins is BALR 13ing in his grave
Likely, one of the early extensions to Swift will be a CICS integration.When I worked at IBM providing maket support for CICS installations ... Some, at the time, said CICS stood for: Consistantly Ignore Customer Satisfaction
Ha! I wonder how many, here, know the origin of that!
Mmm ... iBM has a market cap of $195 Billion -- AAPL has cash totaling $147 Billion ... I remember when Apple went public -- Jobs joked that they would buy IBM and Xerox ... One could say that he made it possible!
Wow! Thanks for that link!I didn't pay much attention to Jobs when he was at NeXT -- too busy trying to survive in a an increasingly commoditized retail computer business in Silicon Valley. Then we sold the business in 1989 and retired to Arizona -- missed that whole Internet thingie.Anyway the linked article expose a side of Jobs that I've never seen before. I suspect he was like most people -- left leaning on some topics and right-leaning on others.
Yes!And other Apple CEOs of note: Mike Scott, Mike Markkula and John Sculley, were, likely, right-leaning -- consistent with many executive leaders from industry (in that era)This is just an assumption -- I don't recall any notable political activities from any of them.Maybe Apple should emulate IBM in its glory days -- no imposition of politics on its employees, and even-handed support (or non-support) of the major parties by the company and its executives.
I agree (including board members)! They come with too much baggage.I think that Apple has always leaned a little to the left -- but, to my knowledge, never tried to impost their views or proselytize anyone.
I am proud to be anAmerican ... In the last 30 years, or so -- the most proud I've been was 9/12/2001 .. Before that was some time during the FDR admin during a parade for the "March of Dimes"
Maybe they should hire the head of Sammy PR instead ...mas o menos!
You've kinda got me spinning ... not your fault though!I wanted to show you some before and after shots proving that it can be done!I haven't worked on any BLE or iBeacon stuff for several months ...In the meantime I've installed Yosemite on my main iMac and iOS 8 on my main iPhone and Main iPad, and am using Xcode 6 Beta 3 and iTunes Beta.All my BLE and iBeacon apps won't run on these versions of iOS, OS X, XCode and iTunes.The SensorTag firmware update that adds...
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