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LOLSay hello to the aptly yclept Betty-Jean
Mmmm.... We'll get some interesting crowd-sourced submissions.... Those outdoor toilets in Paris... or BrothelView... Seriously, I think this has great potential -- both indoors and outdoors. No reason, that Apple couldn't offer payment (iTunes Credit) for user submissions. Another possibility: Guided real estate tours of a property... Any public building or travel destination would pay to have these views.... Much, much more!
Mmmm... As I sit here with my iPad 4, I realize that if Apple extended the screen to cover the whole front of the device it would be approximately 12 inches diagonal. Now couple the iPad 4 form-factor with an A8 64-bit CPU/GPU lots of RAM and lots of SSD... Mmm...
The world's first oldest profession is…Carpentry:Eve made Adam's banana stand!… Been waiting over 50 years to use that one!
Better yet, you don't have to turn it on!
This site does a pretty good job explaining the kit technology:http://estimote.com
Well said!I am no particular fan of AT&T, but in the free-market economy -- they have the ability to take risk and realize the reward!
Just to close the loop on this. I got a promo code and played with the app on my iPad 4. and my iPhone 5S.The App is easy to use, and performed as advertised. It did take, what seemed to be a long time, to save the pictures.It has the unexpected capability to perform time-lapse photography – where you take a picture every n seconds or minutes.All that said, the need for this burst mode capability on the iPhone 5S, it appears unnecessary for many uses -- You can just as...
This is the content providers subsidizing data usage -- much in the same way that the carriers subsidize phone purchases. If this is successful (and I think it will be) -- I think that there are several upsides: the user has access to more content the user choses the content he consumes (and when and where) content providers can better target, plan, budget and manage delivery costs carriers can better target, plan, budget and manage network costs carriers' expansion of...
New Posts  All Forums: