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Ha, 'goose farts' -- yeah I feel it!  I have some Kottke and I searched YT but couldn't find my fave by him ... so, Beat's do your magic:and segueing to my second fave Kottke:Then, of course, seque to this:I got ninety-elevendy YT widows/tabs open across 2 displayed -- can't find anything
Well said! But why are you posting this on my personal playlist
I agree, wholeheartedly!I posted this earlier but it's worth another watch. It's loaded -- Beats states exactly what they are doing (or attempting to do).
A little Dallas Rag -- sounds great ... 'kept ragtime needs to be played slowly!Then he played Doc's Guitar -- almost as fast as Doc.I'm a little jealous -- when we lived in Silicon Valley, it seemed that there were always plenty of live guitar performances. We saw Doc and Merle Watson, a couple of times, Bromberg's band 3 times, Jerry Jeff up at Mondavi Mountain Winery, Smothers Brothers, Kingston Trio ... even caught Segovia once at Flint Center ... Pissin' in the wind,...
Wow, you have some 'spensive tastes -- My nephew has a Taylor. I only played it once -- fantastic sound and action!You now, have me on a guitar kick! Have you ever heard Hawaiian Slack Key guitar? We first heard it live at the Mauna Kea Beach hotel in hawaii in the mid-1980s. The performers were the Kahumoku Brothers -- George and Moses (Mooky). George played a pretty straight 12-string (mainly accompaniment, with a few solos. Mooky played slack-key, syncopated in...
It occurs to me that [some of] you guys are curating a playlist for me and the moment -- I'm all over the place! There's a lot of stuff/covers on YT -- since AI no longer presents audio URLs
I certainly enjoyed that more than the calls form AlGore
Here ya' go:I have the tab for that around here somewhere -- but my hands aren't big enough:\
Gee! I wish I had described it as succinctly and as elegantly as you just did! I bet Jimmy does, too ...
... "Every night she kept me from the cold " ...But, sigh! Have you seen the movie Heaven's Gate?In my answer to Sol, I describe my version of what you posted above. I don't know that Beats (or any algorithm or curation) could jump around and then settle down anticipating your choice of the moment. But, it just might be good enough.What Beats, potentially, brings is the ability to select a version/artist of a song based on the moment. I used Streisand vs Player Piano...
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