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Maybe Apple should start selling Android and Tizen apps through the iTunes Store.
,I agree ... It is a usability issue. When taking pictures or videos -- the small size, wrist-stability, and potential for optical zoom, make it much more practical than shoving a big, honking camera in someone's face ...Selfies might be a little awkward, though ...
Google cannot let that happen ...Sammy can readily make it happenrun android apps on tizenmarketing dollars to developersmarketing dollars to carriers
The Sammy watch is of interest to many here, because it is potentially a competitor to an Apple product ...On several occasions, Tim has stated that Apple is quite interested in "wearables".As an Apple customer and aapl shareholder, I, for one, care very much about activity in this space ...Including things like this:
Actually, because of the form factor, a watch could have a better camera optics than a smart phone -- enclosed in the length of the watch body versus the thickness of a smart phone.
SOT: Lately, it seems that AI is slow to cover breaking stories such as this. Some stories are not even covered at all -- for example the recent Google Tango project. Tango is a smart phone and SDK with interior 3D mapping/navigation capability -- it could be a major breakthrough ... Yet no mention by AI. Edit: as I write this, ARS has more than a four hour lead, with 30 posts, before this AI article hit the...
Here' san interesting read...http://www.gq.com/blogs/the-feed/2014/02/16-things-facebook-couldve-bought-for-16-billion-instead-of-whatsapp.html
Apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford
Not to worry...
Even better, Apple should implement USB 3 using the Lightning connector (and blow away the Euro miniUSB controversy).
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