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I'll play…That means Safeway Supermarket is the "home of the big red ess".Or, maybe:
I haven't seen anyone mention this... Beginning with the iPhone 1, I always bought the largest storage option. We all have 64 GB iPad 2 or newer (2 adults and 3 kids). Last time I bought new iPhones (4, 4S and 5) for the grandkids I bought the smallest storage options -- considering that we all have the largest iPads to contain all their apps. The grandkids are only allowed to run anything that accesses the web if they are running over WiFi. Minimal storage on the...
How about Zolatone or plaid
Like Harry Solomon on 3rd rock from the sun -- my favorite color is clear.
  There are come very creative things that can be done using different colors of "gold".  Also, a case could contain other natural substances such as wood, jade, turquoise, etc.I once saw a trumpet that was made using multiple colors of gold -- it was beautiful!
Mmm... maybe the color of ground rhinoceros horn would be popular in certain area of the world
    Windows Everywhere! Via TUAW: http://www.tuaw.com/2013/08/17/no-comment-samsung-london-store-signage-thinks-different/ Couldn't happen to a more deserving couple of campaniles
You have to log on with your Developer ID to report a bug on a beta iOS or OSX version.
bust-out boxeswire-wrap toolsS100 BusTarballschadless tapeNevada CoBOLFlippy DisksKentucky Fried ComputersThe Trash-80...I sold an Altair once!
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