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WTF ...16GB should have been 256GB standard!
Been done before:Tony Orlando:Oh, my darling,Knock Tap three timesOn the ceiling if you want me.Mmm-hmm, twice on the pipeIf the answer is no.Oh my sweetness,Means you'll meet meIn the hallway.Ohh, ohh, twice on the pipeMeans you ain't gonna show.http://www.songlyrics.com/orlando-tony/knock-three-times-lyrics/#HEoLuFfViJERuYwc.99Edit:"Get your hands out of your pockets ... Uh, Oh --- your sending someone a secret message ..."
Ha! Here's a tutorial on how to write a Tip Calculator app using Swift ...http://www.raywenderlich.com/74904/swift-tutorial-part-2-simple-ios-appI suspect that the Watch SDK will support Swift because it is a fast, efficient and powerful language!
Yeah ... Some of those things -- with some amount of ease ...You should watch this video:http://recode.net/2014/09/10/can-your-watch-do-this-full-demo-of-the-apple-watch-video/Finally, I would re-emphasise that the Watch lets you securely buy things with ridiculous ease!And that makes it advantageous for you to have an Watch. Not just advantageous to you -- but to merchants who sell things, and cc providers who make money when you buy things using their services.For...
As to the why ...It helps you to:Buy thingsControl things, like the AppleTV, lights, thermostatDo thingsCommunicateThe Watch is always handy (oh, the pun) interface to the iPhone hardware and services -- that do the heavy lifting on your behalf.Apple has only scratched the surface to how we will dialog between the Watch and the outside world via its iPhone accessory.For example, the iPhone could alert you through Bluetooth earpiece or the Taptic touch that it wants you...
In usage, the Watch uses the iPhone as an accessory that provides storage, services and communication.
I assume, that Pay will display the bill merchandise total, a suggested tip % and amount and the grand total. The tip % and amount would display in a picker control (that you could scroll up and down to select a different %).A picker, as part of a data display, was shown in the Watch demo.If the Watch SDK were available, a developer could writs an Swift app to do that in minutes.Also, something not shown in the Pay demo -- was the implied ability of the customer to...
Yes!PayWatchSwiftiOS 8 for its new opennessWell played, Apple!
Ha!Probably not!In 1979, a Silicon Valley user group for Apple ][ computers was started and met in our Sunnyvale store. The used the colored Apple logo, tho ...
Link, if you have one, please!
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