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What piqued my interest is that the new product and service announced yesterday: Pay and Watch -- have abandoned the i prefix used for iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad ... I suspect that this signifies a new era where Apple intends to make their products as ubiquitous as Kleenex, or Xerox ...
Yes, and the iPhone makes a very nice communication and storage accessory for the watch.
You can quickly and securely buy fried eggs with an Apple Watch -- it will revolutionize the way people shop and gift.
TL,DR; Going to comment first, then read posts bottom to top ... Love the watches ... Wonder how much additional bands cost -- I suspect a watch oner will buy multiple bands -- a goldmine for Apple ... Think the rotating physical crown is a weak point -- suspect that by release they will accomplish this without physical movement (looks it was designed for that). Fantastic that the watches work with ApplePay! The iPhones make nice accessories for the Apple watches
Sigh ... Maybe they should have had ABC do the live streaming ...
Annoying Asian interpreter -- Talking over Phil???
Hiccough in Live Stream -- Both Mac and iOS Dev Centers down
AAPL up 2.32%
I'm thinking the key to all this is sapphire -- and not just for TouchID, Camera Lens or screen covers. Sapphire has excellent electrical properties that allow much denser placement of transistors and much lesser use of power == smaller more efficient SOCs, RAM ... Sapphire is perfectly clear, but with impurities can be almost any color == fashion items -- including: watches, bracelets, pendants, rings, jewelry ... What if Apple, in addition to designing the new A8,...
All the US indexes are down, but AAPL is up 1.13% -- hope they don't disappoint!
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