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There's this:http://akbars.net/how-steve-perlmans-revolutionary-wireless-technology-works-and-why-its-a-bigger-deal-than-anyone-realizes.htmlhttp://public.tableausoftware.com/views/mobilebroadbandcorrect/Sheet1#1
Yes… Phoenix is rather a conglomeration of heat islands! Tucson is higher desert and with much less concrete and has a much better climate. The worst season is mid April to mid June --- but, even then, your body acclimates to the dry heat -- and there are air conditioners, swamp coolers and misters everywhere you go. Monsoons in August and December moderate the climate substantially -- quite enjoyable.And, if you've never seen the desert in bloom after a rainy winter –...
Aha… Are you outing yourself as a Sundevil?We used to live in Wildcat country… And there are lots of Mesquite bosques in the area!
There's a tech called pCell (was DIDO) that may offer a solution. I tried to create an AI discussion pn another thread:Check out some of the posts for more info!
You dasen't correct Corrections!I shan't warn you again!
Read my edit!
Mmmm... Aren't US ISPs given a near monopoly in certain areas (cities) in exchange for providing a given level of service -- like a gas, electric or phone utility? If so, aren't these ISPs subject to regulation/taxes -- especial since they use the public airwaves?It appears that there may be ways to incentivize the ISPs.
Is DDOS or DOS against the law?
Can this be addressed statistically – by the various hops along the path to the destination server?
Can you block/refuse access to your servers based on platform and OS version -- or can that be easily spoofed?
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