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Concise and we'll said!
Yes! And we may be seeing the start of a disruption of what comprises a Personal Computer -- more specifically a Mac....Let me be the first to show the prosumer variant of the Mac Pro...The Mac Muff
^^^ This!
Here's the original IBM Article:http://www-01.ibm.com/software/marketing-solutions/benchmark-hub/dec26.htmlIf my calculations and the numbers and relationships in this article are accurate, then I think that we are experiencing a revolution in the way buying is being done, consider:100.0% == All Online Sales  71.0% == Non-Mobile Online Sales (Desktop, Laptop)   - 40% over 2012  29.0% == Mobile Online Sales (Tablets and Phones)     + 40% over 2012  19.4% == Tablet Online...
Ha! AFAIK, IBM still has semiconductor foundries too... Plus established enterprise marketing and support channels...
Ahh...But would you (or anybody for that matter) feel secure entering a credit card into an Android device and Android browser?
Not personal experience, but awareness like this:http://www.assistiveware.com/voice-my-sonConsider what it must mean to someone who cannot speak to communicate basic things like: order a meal at a restaurant, ask to use the bathroom... or tell you what they feel and think...
^^^ this s your best!FWIW, they call us pansy-pros... Not that there's anything wrong with that!
This is so true...For all those mitching and boaning about the high price of the Mac Pro...Been there, Done that!All this plus 6 NuBus Slots, SCSI and ADB/AppleTalk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_IIfxFWIW, $9,900 in 1990 Dollars is worth $17,654.04 in 2013 Dollarshttp://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/cpicalc.pl?cost1=9900&year1=1990&year2=2013
Your sig made me smile:It reminds me of my late wife, Lucy was from Pittsburgh... A favorite local phrase is "You're ignorant!".Though it was more like "Yer ignorant!"When pronounced with that special Pittsburgh accent and emphasis, it sounds like: "yaRIGGnaRunt!"
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