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I use neither iTunes Radio or Spotify!  I tried one service (forget which) was not impressed!   I have eclectic tastes so my choices are pretty random/oddball. I posted earlier that I used iTunes to randomly select songs from a newly merged family library -- and create a playlist for the first iPod Shuffle. The first Shuffle is headless -- so, I didn't know what songs were on the playlist or what was up next. Wore it to the grandkids soccer game -- a totally enjoyable...
You can AirPlay/Mirror to AppleTV.Sorry to hear about your condition -- that sucks.Aside: For those who think Rap and Hip Hop aren't music -- what is Scat -- or worse Boogie-Woogie?
Good points!I was thinking more along the lines of clothing with BLE and some form of inert display that could signal your mood/reaction ...But, then, you've got to be careful that you're sending the right signals -- likely, mine would be Hornery -- followed by Eh, What?
Nah! 3 kids in the family, hundreds of nearby kids on the blocks and relatives -- we were the first-hand source of most of the noise My early childhood was spent in a suburb of Minneapolis -- none of the houses had fences -- the front, back and side yards were block-long playing fields for the kids. Lots of swamps (no alligators, just bullheads, frogs, crawdads) and other undeveloped areas to play in.
Yes, you are missing something! Beats builds those playlists automatically with human-assisted curation!When you first start the app it asks you a few simple questions (artists, genres, etc) that you answer buy tapping on bubbles -- so it gets to know you.Then as you are presented songs, you listen, heart/unheart or skip them -- building a history of your preferences over time.Nice UI, but nothing remarkable so far!1) Then, you can chose a sentence -- to tell it wha's...
What's even funnier -- who do you think will be supplying those cool hearing aids?
True story:My Dad was a radio pioneer -- and in the 1950s-1960s he would continuously build/tweak/sell his own HiFis (with bass boost & crossover) and Stereos --folded horn speakers for the corners -- and some humongus bass speakers. Dad designed and built both the cabinets and electronics (self taught in both -- even built his own table saw). Every time anyone would visit, Dad would give 'em a tour of what's new!AIR, it was about 1959, and Dad had just finished his...
Here's a thought: You have, say, 1,000 songs in your music library. You, want to build a playlist for when you go to the Gym -- you really don't want to be there, but you have to go. You want to clear your head of the cruft of the day, so you can just get through it. You have several versions of some songs -- upbeat/downbeat, happy/sad -- different artists, etc. Say, you have Peggy Lee's  Oh. Didn't He Ramble (slow and bluesy) and the same song by the Dukes Of...
I disagree!  Beats is a proven brand/company with both style and substance.  You or I may not like the style of Beats earphones -- but they are profitable, growing and have 60% of the marketplace -- that, and the people/company that brought it about, is pretty substantive, IMO!
@Frac -- Where is @Fric?
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