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I just realized that Bank Of America, at least, allows their debit cards as well as their credit cards to be enrolled in Apple Pay. This affords the same convenience, security and privacy of Apple Pay when you pay with a debit card ... The merchant sees nothing but an anonymous one-time token. Apple Pay with credit or debit -- you pick 'em. Compare that with CurrentC (if/when it arrives) -- where you're essentially giving open access to your bank account -- to...
As to giving CurrentC merchants access to health information -- which will be shared with God knows who ...If you like your testicles ... you can be assuredthat they are secure ... Period!
Well played, Apple!
Cutty Sark.
Depends on what kind of seed you're referring to ...Ha! Nice catch! Forgot I used that name -- I haven't written an iTunes review in years.Kokopelli is my idol!
FWIW, there are 1,166 ratings for the CurrentC App ... 9 are rated 2 stars or above 1,157 are rated 1 star -- the minimum My rating/review is shown as highlighted:
"Waldenpond" ... Is that a new verb?
In other news ... In a joint press announcement, Walmart, BestBuy, CVS, RiteAid and other members of the CurrentC mobile payment consortium: Due to the overwhelming requests to use Apple Pay ... we have decided to close our doors to all customers until CurrentC is available, some time in 2015. While this may have a minor impact on earnings through the holiday season -- we are looking forward to a robust Cinco De Mayo in 2015 ... or, maybe Halloween 2015 ...
Oye, Oye!
New Posts  All Forums: