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There is one very, very huge difference between how MCX and ApplePay handle debit cards.MCX:  The merchant, and any hacker, has direct access to your bank, DL and Health info -- and can process as many transactions as it desires.ApplePay:  The debit card is processed in the same way as a credit card -- a one time token for the transaction -- no one but the bank sees your cc info (or transaction info) ... DL and Health info are not used ... a dishonest merchant or...
Nice looking system!Let us know, if:You are writing or have plans to program in SwiftWhat you think of SwiftAre programming for the new iPad Large (just wink)
I, too, would like to see some of the stuff the Apple/IBM partnership develops.I suspect their apps will open development doors for IT developers and others.Swift is supposed to be the lingua franca for the Apple/IBM offerings -- I suspect that will result in rapid enhancement to the Swift language, itself -- as well as t the underlying iOS and OS X frameworks ...Ya' know that all the latest hardware/software tech has gotta' be accessible!
Well, the link doesn't work ...But, at least, it's rolling downhill ... Or is it uphill
Yes ... and they keep stalking me ...
Mmm ... where have I heard that before ..."From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"Sounds like the ultimate curation ...
Me: "Alexa, Come sit on my lap"Alexa: "Not tonight, I have a headache"
I'll call mine Tara ... As in Tara rah boom de aye
They could do something with a folded horn configuration in a corner of the room.
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