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Like that video -- kinda' a modern day Wizard Of Oz lead in to fantastic graphics!I have similar feelings about Kanye -- but here is a preso that I really like:
Are you a creative?   I am definitely not!  In one way creativity is like porn -- I can't define it, but I know it when I see it (or hear it in this case).Entertainment, including the music industry, is a $ multi-bilion marketplace -- and I suspect it will continue to grow.Not being creative, I am interested in the thought, decision-making, and decision-influencing processes of those who are creative -- especially (but not limited to) those creatives who bring about...
Apologies in advance ... I've been playing with the Beats app for a while, and I discovered a new sound: It's a transvestite country band called the Chicksie Dix.
The curated streaming app, which is the major attraction, IMO -- has only been available for a couple of months -- so there's not a been a lot of time to form an opinion. I read that the Beats app was initially subscription only and had a mediocre acceptance. Then they changed to a week free trial and downloads went off the chart.
You can see panhandlers, drinking Starbucks and smoking $4/pack cigarettes -- all a matter of priorities ...The worst ever was a panhandler who occupied the same spot every day in front of a Wal-Mart in Tucson. One day I saw him leave his station and walk over and get into his brand new Buick -- nice work if you can get it -- and tax-free!
Some of the most enjoyable meals/refreshments I've experienced in the US and abroad were sitting around a communal table engaging with total strangers -- even when we did not speak a common language.I remember staying at a top Paris hotel on the Rue De Rivoli paying an exorbitant amount for an American breakfast -- later we had a communal lunch at a small cafe * frequented by employees of the Bourse (at 1/4 the price). None of us spoke French and few of them spoke...
Maybe hang an Occupado sign around your neck.Or you could get that Google wearable and have both your Glasshole and Earhole covered.
It depends on what the definition of the word define is
May 1978 -- saw an Apple ][ at ComputerLand Los Altos, CAJun 1978 -- wife convinced me to buy [order] one for my BdaySep 1978 -- got my Apple ][ (I was 39 years old)Dec 1978 -- with 2 others opened Computer Plus, Sunnyvale, CA -- an Apple reseller (with no inventory)Jun 1979 -- Quit my 16 1/2 year career at IBM Palo Alto Systems Center (my boss said to take a few months to think about and kept me on the payroll for 6 months)Like you, one of my early experiences was with a...
Yeah, like the first time you saw the Apple ][ or the Mac -- you just knew you were seeing the future, and had to be a part of it.Change, in the world around us, makes us old farts (DORFs) forever young ... exciting new toys and adventurous new paths to explore!
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