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Sigh ... Maybe they should have had ABC do the live streaming ...
Annoying Asian interpreter -- Talking over Phil???
Hiccough in Live Stream -- Both Mac and iOS Dev Centers down
AAPL up 2.32%
I'm thinking the key to all this is sapphire -- and not just for TouchID, Camera Lens or screen covers. Sapphire has excellent electrical properties that allow much denser placement of transistors and much lesser use of power == smaller more efficient SOCs, RAM ... Sapphire is perfectly clear, but with impurities can be almost any color == fashion items -- including: watches, bracelets, pendants, rings, jewelry ... What if Apple, in addition to designing the new A8,...
All the US indexes are down, but AAPL is up 1.13% -- hope they don't disappoint!
I agree!This presentation is a turning point for Apple -- it well could be historic! ... In more ways than one!I was just trying to address the OPs question on why ABC is involved.
Today's event isn't about the AppleTV, the Mac, the iPod, the iPad ... just the iPhone ...Except, they don't need Flint Center; a specially constructed, ad hoc, temporary building; fashionista attendees; streaming video coverage; etc. for an iPhone event ... there's more!Paraphrasing Mies Van Der Rohe: "Much, much less is much, much more."
You'll know it's big when the iOS Dev Center goes down ... You'll know it's really, really big if the Mac Dev Center goes down too ... Now, who's up for a little playtime?
Mmm ... Who own's ABC?Mmm ... Who's CEO sits on Apple's board?Mmm ... Who's the largest shareholder in the above company?
New Posts  All Forums: