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I suspect he is right! It would surprise me if Apple does not have OSX running on an iPad [something] with both touch and desktop UIs -- It's called R&D! Same for iOS on Intel [Macs?].Though, he'll never be able to provide a citation!
Err ... VisiCalc ... USCD Pascal ... Corvus Shared Hard Disk ...From my personal experience:Almost every enterprise in Silicon Valley bought Apple ][ computers. floppy drives, printers, etc. so they could run VisiCalc.* VisiCalc was largely used to bypass the long lead time (18-24 months) to get apps implemented by CIS (then Data Processing)The UCSD Pascal programming language was far superior to BASIC for programming custom business applications and generalized apps...
futbol mamas
How do you resolve that:put the RAM on the SoCmore/shorter paths to discrete RAMredesign RAM to something like Optical RAM
Ohhh... That's an interesting idea -- like an inexpensive, quality netbook that can actually be used for something.I suspect that the PPC SDKs would not be needed -- likely, Apple already has current OSX [including all the APIs form iOS] running on ARM.
On another AI thread about Apple's sapphire capabilities, most of the discussion was about using the mono cell sapphire as the cover for iPads & iPhones and possible iWatch.Aside: TC has said that the sapphire was for a new product [category?]. I doubt that the iWatch would require the capacities that Apple appears to be shooting for.A subtopic of the AI thread led to a discussion whether the high volume of sapphire could be intended for another use than display covers...
Well, the creatives would eat it up if their apps ran (FCP, LogicPro, etc.). I strongly suspect that Apple already have ARM-native versions of their Pro apps running.Also, it is probable that companies that cater to these same creatives, like Adobe, DeVinci, etc, -- already are experimenting with ARM implementations.Finally, most of the downside (neither fish nor fowl) issues can be mitigated by:including x86 and ARM chips in the same deviceorusing the cloud servers to...
Would there be technical and/or bargaining advantages by include an A8 in addition to an x86 chip on a Mac device?
Two points:According to comments in the original Anandtech article there are ARM emulators for x86 that yield 40%-60% degradation over native x86. These would be adequate for legacy apps where no source code exists. ARM and/or Emulator performance improvement could make x86 on ARM more practical for current apps.As to fat-binaries, Apple has done a lot of work in Xcode as to application packaging -- for both OSX and iOS. I suspect that at some point, Apple will deliver...
What you say is nice, but I (and I suspect many others) never run any of the apps you describe even on my desktop iMacs ... The one exception is Netflix -- though I see no practical value in running it on half the 27" screen and an HD YT video on the other half.As to "Real world performance and applications >> benchmarks" -- I suspect that your definition of the real world is different than most mobile users.
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