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Now, if you're in range of 3 iBeacons, you can trilaterate your location within several feet... on your iPhone!
But you'll look strange, trying to take a picture or a movie with a MacBook or an iMac.
We'll, it's obvious...None of those has a proper OS.
Sure... How about a link to a reliable/verifiable source of sell-through to end users!Without that, my SWAG opinion is as good/bad as anyone else's!Here' some links that give some insight into how to evaluate the "numbers" that seem to tell whatever story that suits the agenda of the...
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Mmm… Chromebook nowhere to go but nowhere!
Good points all....I guess the answer is "it depends".Here's an interesting read – it compares upgraded older Mac Pros against the new Mac Pro and running various benchmarks. The last comparison is an Xcode job.http://www.macworld.com/article/2084814/breathing-new-life-into-old-mac-pros.html
According to what I've read. the new Mac Pro can be configured for at least $1,000 less than a DIY equivalent. For example:CPU - 2.7GHz 12-core with 30MB of L3 cache64 GB of 1866 DDR ECC RAM256GB PCIe-based flash storageDual AMD FirePro D300 GPUs with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM each4 USB 3, 6 Thunderbolt 2, @ Gigabit Ether Net, HDMI 1.4 I/OPrices out at $7,799.00Apple controls the IDE/SDK for iOS app development. It is possible that Apple could maximize the "CPU Cores" of the New...
@FlaneurThanks for this! It is a very enjoyable read. I lived in Pasadena from 1950 - 1963. My parents lived there until 2003. I just checked, and their house was less than 3 miles from Caltech.I suspect that @Relic is closer to my age and we may have shared some of the same interests in the same places of Pasadena and the area in general. It would have been fun to participate in that thread and maybe draw @Relic into a little bit of nostalgics.
Do I understand you correctly... You have only one New Mac Pro?
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