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I also have 6 Estimote beacons, shown below. I assume that most BLE beacons on, or coming to, the market have similar specs.Also, interesting is that Apple is installing iBeacons in its retail stores. No info on which brand of BLE beacons, though...It is possible that Apple is making its own beacon devices.http://estimote.com/api/
I use Siri, successfully, all the time while sitting in my chair, the TV blaring, the grandkids fuss in'...It is amazing how well the noise-cancelling mics/software work on the later iDevices.
I suspect that:Apple already has OSX Mavericks running on iPads.Apple already has iOS 7 running on Macs (both ARM and Intel).everything implemented for either OS is implemented for the other.An example of iOS running on Macs is the iOS Simulator.
Three things piqued my interest:A rather innocuous, dumb, passive device like a dock can use an intelligent device (iPhone, iPad, iMac, AppleTV, Camera, etc.) as a peripheral.The dock device doesn't necessarily need to be large or plugged into a power source.The dock device doesn't necessarily need to be physically connected to the peripheral.Below, is Apple's drawing of the dock -- large and ugly, IMO.Below that, is a picture of a StickNFind BLE beacon that can be used as...
LOL... Here's a legitimate case where Android will have more users (dupes) than iOS.
You're overthinking this!Scenario:You walk into your friendly, local butcher (candy, ice cream coffee) shop. There is a line. There is a sign next to a roll of tickets saying: "Take a number". You take ticket #2014590407Eventually, your number gets called and you buy whatever and pay with a credit card. The CC terminal is down, so they run your card through a manual terminal with a carbonless 3-part (customer, store, bank) receipt. You sign the receipt and they staple...
Wrong forum... Wrong post... Here goes... If you like your Mortician, you can keep him..Period (end of report)!
Ehhh... No! UUIDs do not necessarily identify you -- they can just differentiate you. Say, Target has acquired and assigned UUID of 1234 to all its in-store iBeacons. Target's shopping app on your iDevice listens only for iBeacons with a UUID of 1234.At the same time Target management could say: "Hey, when someone visits our store, we'd like to track him (with his permission). " One way to do this is for Target to acquire another UUID, say...
Actually, BLE beacons (not iBeacons) using CoreBluetooth (upon which Apple iBeacons protocol is built) can deliver deliver content.If you have 2 iOs 6 devices you can download the "BTLE Central Peripheral Transfer" app at:https://developer.apple.com/LIBRARY/IOS/samplecode/BTLE_Transfer/Introduction/Intro.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/DTS40012927-Intro-DontLinkElementID_2BLE is not the best vehicle for "close-location messaging system". WiFi offers better performance and less...
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