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Munster has a perfect track record
Yeah, but you, and most here, are all last decade (me, last century). The kids of today, for better or worse, are different -- and they are the customers of the future.I haven't, yet, tried the social components of iBeats -- but I get the impression that it has the potential of more than just following what others are doing. It seems that it could almost be a real-time multiplayer game.
Short story, short: AIR, the year was 2008.  We had just finished merging the iTunes files from all the family's (5 people) computers/users onto a dedicated 2 TeraByte external drive -- thousands of songs and many, many playlists.  Then the first headless iPod shuffle arrived. So many options, what to do ... what to do? There was an option where you could let iTunes randomly choose the songs to install on an iPod Shuffle ... Oh, what the hell -- do it!  What a pleasant...
Now, that's thinking out of the bandbox -- wow, I agree!
LollNicely put ... Forget the fucking headphones -- this is about Internet streaming for the next 10 years.
Craziest thing I've heard so fR!
@TS Jimmy is a creative -- a talent that many here, including me, do not understand -- but they prototype what the public buys ..,
I don't see Dr. Dre taking an active role in Apple management -- any more than AlGore or the head of the Apple db Filemaker nee Nutshell does (can't even remember the name).Randy Ubillos does a pretty good job of overseeing FCPX and iMovie without disrupting Apple's overall plans.For the umpteenth time it's not about headphones, rather it is a strategic move to gain a pre-eminateposition in media streaming ...I may be old, but I'm open minded...
Here's the way I'd do it: Beats streaming subscription is $5.00/.month to all comers .. With each purchase of an iDevice you get 1 year of free iBeats & iCloud Match.
I'm surprised by the fact that you are prejudging this -- you are usually one of the people I expect to offer a fair and reasoned opinion. Not saying that you're not doing this here -- but I hope you will just look at the potential upside/downside and reserve judgement until the facts are known.
New Posts  All Forums: