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Not necessarily the death... It seems that every 10 years or so, 3D gets revived for a short burst of life... What may be different with this patent is that it looks like the app could run on an iPhone or an iPad -- and the app could, in fact, generate 3D from 2D clips.Put 3D capability in the hands of hundreds of millions of consumers who own iDevices with "the camera you always have with you"... Who can say?Can you cite any usage figures for Avid, Premiere, etc?I...
You had me going for a minute there… You've got to stop dangling your little s…
It occurs to me that the software could easily generate a second offset clip from a single 2D clip and combine the two in editing, as a 3D compound clip.
AI generated duplicate!
If Apple can do this, and maintain its profit margins – then It should do it! WOT: IMHO, Apple should reintroduce Rosetta under Mavericks -- and allow older Intel Macs and apps to run on Mavericks.
Apple doesn't buy solutions – Apple buys methods with which to develop Apple solutions!
http://thenextweb.com/apple/2013/03/26/what-exactly-wifislam-is-and-why-apple-acquired-it/#!r9Ck3http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/03/25/apples-20m-purchase-of-wifislam-snubs-googles-android-for-indoor-map-techYeah... $20 million!
Mmmm... My uncle worked for them in the days when they were Minneapolis – Honeywell...When I work for IBM in the 60s, Honeywell was a manufacturer of maimframe computers.
I believe that all the data can be kept on site (locally) and that you can receive push notifications from the web, iOS geofencing, etc.
My point was that Apple can do this, better, today, for half the price:$99 AppleTV$25 Thermostat beacon
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