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Oh dear... I have been considering abandoning AI forums because it appears that they are turning into a DED blog.I followed him for years on his roughly drafted blog...But I eventually left the site because of his biased reporting and demeaning anyone who disagreed with him.DED is pro-Apple to an unsupportable degree... and anti everything MS, Google, Sammy, et al.When DED sticks to the facts he often creates a reasoned, well-presented article (even if it tends to be...
Settings--->General--->Accessibility Shortcut--->Invert colorsWorks rather nicely!On iOS6 you could do white on black through a similar setup.
Have you filed bug reports on these?
Yeah...But I believe that Apple is implementing this in stages:better, more-flexible. smaller raster imagesmore flexible static vector images -- pre-scaled for the device at install time (only 1 copy)live vector images -- infinitely recallable by usageThe .png image is smaller than the .jpg image. Also, because it includes an alpha channel it can more easily be manipulated and combined with effects.When the technology exists to support it, we will likely have a...
The Mavericks Dock has no background, but traditional icons. It appears that the new OS Maps an iBooks icons could be done with vectors, though.
Do you have iOS 7 installed on any of your iDevices and are you using it on a daily basis?The reason I ask is that my first impression on seeing it was similar to yours.But after using it, I like the UI -- is is much more intuitive, more forgiving and more powerful -- in one stroke,For example, take the "slide to unlock" control:In iOS 6 and earlier, you have to position a thumb or finger on the control and slide it to the right, while pretty much dragging the finger on...
Likely, it was a raster image... Disadvantage to store, scale, manipulate and display.
I disagree! People bitch and moan about the new and less comfortable -- but most will spend a few moments, assess the advantages vs disadvantages -- then move on to iOS 7.2 out of 3 grandkids are testing (for me) iOS 7 on their iP4 and iP5 (the 17-year-old granddaughter is just to busy to sacrifice her iP4 for the install). And, 3 out of 3 have iOS 7 on their iPads. They like it -- asked for it, actually.I suspect that Apple will" make you a [functional] offer you can't...
So, it gives Apple the flexibility to use NFC at a later date -- knowing Apple has the IP rights to to it... a form of insurance, if you will.
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