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Beats has the talent, experience, connections and chops -- not too easy to attain or buy!Iovine has 40 plus years of experience in the record industry at all levels -- and is currently CEO of a record company. It's not about DJs and I've read that the licenses are transferable.
We'll reasoned, we'll said!
Isn't Sony content people -- don't they still own Columbia Records & Movies?
Yeah, but will it adjust my furnace or detect smoke?
It may be like herding cats … But there's got to be some way for a company like Apple to include the perspective of creatives in their decision-making process.No one has all the answers -- not many understand or know all the questions!
I posted the following, earlier -- you were busy ...I'd add that shopping is often a social activity.
No reason that I know! I see the concept being applied to Music, Videos, browsing, books, shopping ...
You can't link to a 9-to-5 article from an AI forum -- they intentionally screwup the URL.
It's hard to explain … Like the experience of riding a bicycle or ice-skating for the first time.
You can get a seven day free trial and see for yourself.The last link that I posted suggested that Apple may not charge for the service just incorporate it into iTunes radio.
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