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It is improved somewhat in iOS 7.What is odd is that web pages in forums on AI. On an iPad in landscape when:viewing the AI home pageviewing an AI Articleviewing comments after "Jump to comments"viewing comments after "View All"Pan/Zoom works as expected for 1-3... It doesn't work at all for 4???
This is the kind of post that proves the worth of "discussion forums" on the web.It is succinct and well reasoned.Your point: "Apple has turned the greatest strength of Wintel and even open source against themselves" -- has made me stop and think about Wintel and Open Source deficiencies -- from another perspective.I never thought about them that way, but the seeds of their destruction are built-in to their offerings!No way can Intel or Microsoft abandon compatibility...
No! 2X is a System function!
Hear! Hear! Well said on all points!
Because the design requirements are different -- an application must be rethought to exploit the difference in screen size, device capabilities, etc. between a phone and a tablet.Resizing a phone app to display the same info on a larger screen doesn't cut it!
Oh dear... I have been considering abandoning AI forums because it appears that they are turning into a DED blog.I followed him for years on his roughly drafted blog...But I eventually left the site because of his biased reporting and demeaning anyone who disagreed with him.DED is pro-Apple to an unsupportable degree... and anti everything MS, Google, Sammy, et al.When DED sticks to the facts he often creates a reasoned, well-presented article (even if it tends to be...
Settings--->General--->Accessibility Shortcut--->Invert colorsWorks rather nicely!On iOS6 you could do white on black through a similar setup.
Have you filed bug reports on these?
Yeah...But I believe that Apple is implementing this in stages:better, more-flexible. smaller raster imagesmore flexible static vector images -- pre-scaled for the device at install time (only 1 copy)live vector images -- infinitely recallable by usageThe .png image is smaller than the .jpg image. Also, because it includes an alpha channel it can more easily be manipulated and combined with effects.When the technology exists to support it, we will likely have a...
The Mavericks Dock has no background, but traditional icons. It appears that the new OS Maps an iBooks icons could be done with vectors, though.
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