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I suspect that most of the hardware advances for Apple's Ax chips will be on the iPad... Much more opportunity!
As I understand it, the A9s are already being tested…
The problem with your argument is that it has been used before for almost every technology advanced in the last 50 years... And it's always been wrong!
Concise and we'll said!
Yes! And we may be seeing the start of a disruption of what comprises a Personal Computer -- more specifically a Mac....Let me be the first to show the prosumer variant of the Mac Pro...The Mac Muff
^^^ This!
Here's the original IBM Article:http://www-01.ibm.com/software/marketing-solutions/benchmark-hub/dec26.htmlIf my calculations and the numbers and relationships in this article are accurate, then I think that we are experiencing a revolution in the way buying is being done, consider:100.0% == All Online Sales  71.0% == Non-Mobile Online Sales (Desktop, Laptop)   - 40% over 2012  29.0% == Mobile Online Sales (Tablets and Phones)     + 40% over 2012  19.4% == Tablet Online...
Ha! AFAIK, IBM still has semiconductor foundries too... Plus established enterprise marketing and support channels...
Ahh...But would you (or anybody for that matter) feel secure entering a credit card into an Android device and Android browser?
Not personal experience, but awareness like this:http://www.assistiveware.com/voice-my-sonConsider what it must mean to someone who cannot speak to communicate basic things like: order a meal at a restaurant, ask to use the bathroom... or tell you what they feel and think...
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