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Sammy is in a really big box of hurt ....It can't really compete against the other Android OEMs on price and make any money ...It can't differentiate itself by slopping non-Android features atop Google's base OS ...It doesn't seem to realize that consumers want [useful/useable] capabilities, not features ...It doesn't do quality ...It needs to provide it's own OS, platform, ecosystem, developers ...It can't afford to abandon Android (and to a lesser extent MS) ...I don't...
You're wrong about AppleWatch and ApplePay -- and you overlooked AppleTV [and AppleIBM] ...
Says it much better than I can: Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was good friend of mine I never understood a single word he said But I helped him drink his wine He always had some mighty fine wine, sing it Joy to the world, all the boys and girls now Joy to the fishiest in the deep blue sea And joy to you and me And if I were the king of the world I tell you what I would do I'd throw away the cars and the bars in the world And I'd make sweet love to you, sing it now Joy to...
I would agree with an alternate, guest user support not multi-user * support -- iOS devices are designed as single-user devices.* multi-user support is possible because iOS == OS X == iOS ... But the hardware speed, storage, etc. is not robust enough to support multiple users ...Do you want your kids to use up all the storage with their photos, mail, documents? Do you want your work to crawl because your significant other started a long-running background task?
Something(s) to consider... Versus the current iPad so-called 12" plus iPad Pro might: have considerably more RAM than 2GB have considerably more Storage than 128 GB have considerably more power -- CPU and GPU cores clocked at a higher rate have higher resolution display (more PPI) have USB 3.1 and/or Thunderbolt have considerably larger battery have a digitizer option have different jobs to be done be targeted at different audiences cost considerably more If true,...
I read somewhere that Apple might be considering using the MIPS CPU architecture -- which IP, coincidentally, is owned by Imagination:http://www.imgtec.com/mips/This could be quite easily done with Apple's [porting to multiple CPU] experience and XCode development tools ... And Swift could handle it with a modification to it's compiler SIL Optimizer step:http://arstechnica.com/apple/2014/10/os-x-10-10/22/I suspect that this is already being tested in the labs!
Why?If people are still buying those devices at Apple's target profit -- why should Apple stop selling them?There are emerging markets where much of the population cannot afford the latest Apple devices ... but they can afford an older Apple device which offers superior results and satisfaction than the competition's newer devices.A creative company finds ways to satisfy customer needs and desires!
Extremely well said!
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