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Here's another read -- difficult, but informative:http://www.compoundsemiconductor.net/csc/features-details.php?cat=news&id=19736047From my reading, I've also learned that sapphire would also be useful in camera lenses, because is conducts all the UV-visible light spectrum and can be used to focus ...This could mean improved iPhone camera optics (zoom, autofocus, etc.)
More sapphire semiconductor uses (emphasis mine):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapphire#Star_sapphire
I've been doing some surfing ...It turns out that sapphire may be a faster, lower-power alternative to silicon in the manufacture of semiconductors:http://www.mt-berlin.com/frames_cryst/descriptions/sapphire_epi.htmhttp://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1998/07/980714072357.htm
There was this techie girl who had two "4"s tattooed on her behind … When she bent over -- "page not found".
The capability of "projecting a signal out like infrared light in a flash and then measuring the effect of that signal" that you suggest -- I wonder if that could also be used to measure distance which could be used for autofocus and other non-photography capabilities: measuring; distance calculation; gesture recognition, etc.After reading somewhere about a smart phone app that has features to assist the blind and people with poor eyesight -- I did some experimenting and...
LOL ... a self-deprecating bitter, hateful douche bag -- how'd you get your hands on my mirror
2 of the 3 owners, Jim and myself, came from IBM ... so quality and service were part of our DNA.We decided on these simple objectives for our company:provide a fair return [profit] to our investorsprovide the best products and services to our customershave funYou can't believe how easy that makes everyday decision making!
The memory chips (and some others) working loose was the problem I described in my post. I never heard of "dropping it 6 inches" * as a solution. Rather, the burn-in would heat the chips and cause them to loosen. You then pushed down on each chip [with power on if you were good at it] and reseat the chip in its socket (usually with an audible click). Rinse and repeat over 24 hours and the chip contacts and socket contactss would acclimate themselves to each other --...
New Posts  All Forums: