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It just occurred to me that Ridley Scott shot a "behind the scenes" film before… Only he combined it with the actual film, itself! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0401445/
Look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls......It comes after athleticness...
It could be that they used Premiere for the edits...To bad... with Premiere, the Rough Cut and Final Cuts would be separate and would have taken days longer than with 2014's FCP 10.1 Seriously, I suspect that when you choose an "Editor" (or any creative, for that matter), you expect them to use the tools they prefer to accomplish the creative task at hand.
Yes! And, even with all the creative talent and technology, I bet they were under budget!
Yeah, some questions:What about cases – almost everyone uses a case for their iPhone or iPad?Does the charging surface have to be hard physical surface – or can it be a soft surface like a heating pad?
Notice the wireless interface to the power receptacle… For both the charging device and the iPhone?
Notice the camera?
No, this is really big!Effectively, the director is on site at 15 remote locations simultaneously -- and in the studio at the same time.There are no time delays.There are instantaneous re-shoots when needed.There are no dailies.Source media is instantaneously available in the studio.The Rough Cut and Final Cut Edits are combined into a single, on-going, almost real-time process."That's a cut", "that's an edit", "that's a print", "that's a distribution", "that's a showing"...
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