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Au contraire, mon frére -- his title: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg suggests authenticity ...Ahh, the Germans -- Their business cards are so big because they itemize their degrees on them, e.g. Herr Doktor Doktor Doktor ...
Ya' know ...Wouldn't it be interesting if a startup business was used to "Showroom" Amazon ...It is fairly trivial to harvest product model numbers, pictures, prices, reviews, suppliers, etc. from any web site ... then relink to another site ... which offers better prices/service and beats Amazon at its own game ...Mmm ... One-click underpricing!
It can be sad, though and a loss of history ...In 1969, we brought our first house in Fox River Grove IL -- northwest of Chicago (a small town with one stop light, log cabins, etc.). One of the first things we needed to buy was a lawn mower. Rather than drive 40 miles round trip to a Sears store, Lucy suggested we check out the local hardware store. The salesman said "Yeah, we have all kinds of lawn mowers" and lead us down into the basement. What a sight -- like being...
Silicon on insulator For silicon on insulator optical devices, see silicon photonics. SIMOX process Silicon on insulator (SOI) technology refers to the use of a layered silicon-insulator-silicon substrate in place of conventional silicon substrates in semiconductor manufacturing, especially microelectronics, to reduce parasitic device capacitance, thereby improving performance.[1] SOI-based devices differ from conventional silicon-built devices in that the silicon...
She said: Is that an iPhone in your pocket -- or is it just happy to see me?
Hey @Relic good to hear from you!Yeah: kids ~= unintended consequences ...He could get one of these new models that will follow him to the nudist beach
Sitting here watching the World Cup ... It occurs to me that there is a soccer ball that can be tracked by an iPhone app showing speed, path of ball, etc. ... Now, at a soccer match you could have several camera drones tracking the ball (or designated players) concurrently, from several distances and camera angles. Mmm ... Thinking of a Hitchcock movie with Tippi Hedron, "The Birds". Maybe the 2014 version will be "The Drones".
New Posts  All Forums: