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Nah!Physical cards are [or soon will be] history -- for savvy consumers.Nobody goes out and about without their phone. iPhone 6 owners won't need to carry credit cards ... owners of other phones will.And paying with ApplePay will be [monetarily] rewarding as well as convent!
This will come to pass in some form or the other ...SPS Pay (Simple Private Secure) with ApplePayreceive itemized digital receipt (secure encrypted WiFi or email)receipt contains UPCs * for line items when available (Merchant SKUs * if not)digital receipts will be automatically input into merchant-supplied rewards (earned/scheduled) appsdigital receipts will be automatically input into bank-supplied rewards (earned/scheduled) appsdigital receipts will be automatically...
Mmm ...From what I've read, it isn't private, though!Google, the merchant, the processor and the bank (and any hackers) have full access to your credit card data -- that's why it is limited to small purchases.
Don't you just love it when AAPL pays for your toys Edit: WOOT! One of those toys, my continue iMac 27 5K is on the truck for delivery -- a day eary!
Have you seen this?http://www.swiftstub.com/281087420/Apple should do a similar site which includes the Cocoa and UIKit APIs
Circa 1980, Apple pretty much dominated the personal computer market -- which would evolve into what is commonly called the consumer computer market, today.Then, the IBM/PC appeared on the scene and was broadly accepted by enterprise -- a no-brainer, really ... as the saying goes: "Nobody gets fired for buying IBM".This became the meme for the next 2 decades -- the PC (all brands) dominated the enterprise and MS dominated the Software. By most accounts, attaining...
Back in my IBM days*, a derogatory joke was:"If you dance with an 800 lb gorilla -- you stop when the gorilla gets tired"I wonder what happens when an 800 lb gorilla dances with a 12,000 pound elephant ...* for years IBM had 97% of the maimframe computer market.
I was quite pleased to see an AI article about "IBM's first enterprise apps for iPad to launch next month as iPad reaches 90 percent tablet share...".I think the IBM partnership has great potential for both Apple and IBM -- and was minimalized (or overlooked) in most reports of the Apple earnings call.Those are Apple/IBM only tentpoles (we used to call them flagships) in 6 major industries!50+ additional major tentpoles/flagships being developed as we speak ... Health...
Just did a quick check -- a loaded 6+ is available for ship in 4-6 weeks ... 6 weeks is Dec 1 -- the middle of Black Friday period!
I wonder if that's referring to a loosening of the belt???
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