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Hey, I, too compliment DED when he writes a good article, and criticize him when he rants, elides or misrepresents facts, cites himself, etc.No comment on this particular article.I don't consider myself a troll and think I have far less biases and agenda than DED.I do point out that DED's habit of posting comments to his own articles under the pseudonym @Corrections [blocked] is disingenuous at best -- providing trollish support for his own agenda/articles while,...
Oddly, the tech brings back early childhood memories (and odors) of burning ants on the sidewalk with a magnifying glass.
Digi,doctor says it's gonna' kill me -- but he don't say when ...-- David Bromberg Cocaine BluesWas that a mass spectrometer from:Consolidated Electrodynamics Corporation300 North Sierra Madre BoulevardPasadena, California 91024 *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consolidated_Engineering_Corporation* That was the way the Name and Address appeared on all correspondence, etc. -- it was especially difficult to get those 98 characters on an 80-column punched card (in wide use in...
Yeah ... less than a month 'til the Swimsuit Issue
I've linked this before -- but, it's always worth reminding ourselves.The problem with the "camera you have with you" is that you always have it with you!
Good point about the passion. Woz is/was passionate in his own way. Though I met Jobs several times, I did not know him -- but he impressed me as being more messianic -- he would almost goad you into seeing things his way -- or ignore you completely.Mmm ... I hadn't considered motion. I think I'll ping Mark Spencer and Steve Martin and see what they think about how best to do it. I have Motion, FCPX, the CoreMelt SliceX and TrackX plugins -- also SilhouetteFX for...
Whoa! Relic! Glad to see you back ... The o'l same o'l, same o'l just isn't the same (o'l?) without some of the o'l same o'l people ... Is that a sentence?that that is is that that is not is not is not that it that it isAnyway, it is a very pleasant surprise to see a post from you!If you are referring to a Mac Pro, I am considering it too and I asked @digitalclips (on another thread) to share his experience:
OT -- But funny ... Just Funny!
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