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Yeah ...Like interpersonal relationships:  Appearance is the initial attraction -- but content of character closes the deal and sustains the relationship!
They nailed "provenance" tho ...
Nailed it!
Air movement/Cooling for 2,500 excited people in a small, enclosed area on a typical 80-90 degree day.
Is that a pCell in your pocket -- or are you just glad to see me?
From a programmer's perspective, how does C# compare to Obj-C? To Swift?Don't you think MS will use Swift when they write apps for Macs and iDevices?What if Swift proves to be a superior programming language/IDE to C#?What if IBM/Apple make significant inroads into the MS domination of enterprise IT?What if all the above prove that Swift offers significant productivity and maintainability advantages over C#?What if MS realizes that it needs Swift to protect it's declining...
There's this TV ad for an adjustable mattresses that shows an attractive young couple in their jammies, struggling with something that looks like a giant wishbone ... the voiceover says "your mattress is a platform of thwarted desire ..."
Are you trolling?
Very helpful -- Thx.Yes, I can see that.Yes! That's what I'm asking about ... essentially an equivalent to C++ (as you've described it) -- but with all the advantages (at that level) of a modern language ... fast, safe, readable, maintainable, etc.But, I think you would.First, AFAICT, Playgrounds (REPL) are a function of llvm and can be used in tests, custom debugging constructs, from the command line, etc.Second, there you sit with the platform-independent Swift...
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