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Ha! The only "insiders" I ever dealt with were "lumpers" when we had a booth at the 1979 Computer Faire.
... She shall have music wherever she goes!
Many here, including myself, think that WWDC 2014 is shaping up to be fully whelmed.
I've always been partial to "elevendy-ninedy"
Humboldt? Then, when they get to OSX ninety and nine: Tehachapi Folsom San Quentin Alcatraz
Compelling interest with the 14-25 age group with money to spend ... Now!
After continuous and rigorous observation -- it occurs to me that cats can't do pinch to zoom.
Even if heating all the roads is cost/energy effective -- the vested snow-removal infrastructure is a bigger hurdle.I don't know if you've ever lived where they have lots of snow. The long-established infrastructure would resist heated roads tooth and nail.The long-established infrastructure:I lived in ChicagoLand for 3 years:You couldn't go to a store and buy cold cuts or packaged meat after 4:00 PM -- the stores could not sell meat without a butcher on site -- the...
Technology isn't always the answer. It's interesting to visit Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. They have no electricity -- the running water is a stream/river running through the Pueblo. The winters are very cold and the summers are very hot.They designed their houses out of [mostly] straw and mud with walls and ceilings 6 feet thick. Windows are very small and there are few doorways. The houses are situated to minimize or maximize the rays of the sun depending on the...
Ha! I can remember as far back as 1978 when I saw a Mountain Computer solution for the Apple ][. Their system included software, a microphone peripheral card, a clock peripheral card and an I/O peripheral card that could control a device.1) You trained the software to recognize voice commands.2) You set the software to respond with certain actions when recognizing commands from the microphone or clock3) The software would issue the necessary commands to the I/O card...
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