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Ahh.. Hires graphics.... no, that was Tog!
LOL ... Have you no shame?
Well reasoned, and well said!
Selling is harvesting -- Marketing is sowing!
My first exposure to Steve Jobs: Early 1979: I was doing a demo in our Sunnyvale store, to about 30 people, about what you could do with an Apple ][. Steve was in the crowd behind me and called out "that's all wrong!". Steve came up and gave the best demo of what the Apple ][ could do for you… I was selling, successfully… But Steve was marketing… Really successfully!
With due respect, what you are missing is the motivation/investment/risk to determine what people need, want and will buy -- in spite of what these people think they need, want and will buy!
Content trumps grammar... As it should!
Something about thee and me…
Greenland? Greenland?… That's where you mass your armies to win at Risk!isk!
Come on, go for the obvious: practice, practice, practice!If nothing else, I know old jokes!Question of the day: Is a Selfie a form of of masturbation?
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