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Not as conveniently, reliably or as enabling!Think of it as a master key to "you". The access to your world is through your iPhone -- and the iPhone can identify you to the world -- to whatever level you desire.It's both authentication an enablement! "Hey world [credit card terminal, ATM, toll gate, turnstile, cash register, etc.] this is Dick Applebaum -- and you can trust any information he chooses to give you!"
LOL♫ Hell Tutor Vectors...
It's not the feature. itself -- it's what the feature enables (with the proper infrastructure). Simply stated it allows you to:have secure access to all your stuff (wherever it exists).have entry into secured areas (home, office, school, etc.)to securely buy/pay for thingsto avail yourself of services (tollroads, trains, etc.)I envision Apple's implementation to be something like iTunes in the cloud... Where your iPhone can securely identify you to any portal (credit...
That's old AuthenTec technology!From what I've read the new AuthenTec technology is radically different. It was shopped around (for development) -- then Apple bought the company, gaining exclusivity.For all you fingerprint whorls out there... The new technology doesn't use fingerprints as we know them, today.
I suspect that you are totally wrong.You can put it on the floor, in a cart, on a back bar or on the desk along with a Pegasus RAID or 2.I also can envision this form factor being used to house a home server / backup intermediary to iCloud.
John Draper AKA Cap'n Crunch was the original Phone Phreak..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_DraperSo I am told: In the early days of Apple (and a little before), the 2 Steves and Draper were using 'blue boxes" to migrate through the AT&T phone exchanges and place "free" calls all over the world. In those days, the switching in the exchanges was done with audible tones. Draper discovered that the whistle from a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal had a pitch that allowed him...
Yeah, then there's the drop of the next FCPX, 4K Thunderbolt 2 Displays, and some other related goodies, too...My iMac 27" has a 250 GB SSD and a 2TB HDD. I put Mavericks on the SSD, and kept ML on the HDD. I back up to a Promise Pegasus 12. I include the entire SSD and HDD in the backup -- so backup spanning OS versions is not an issue for me.I also have Mavericks installed on the other Pegasus as a throw-away install -- each Mavericks upgrade goes here first. This is...
I think the "computer" he was mainly referring to is the iPad -- especially the iPad Mini. Though, it would apply to some use cases of MacBooks.The thing is, when you are out and about, you may prefer to carry only one device -- and that device would need "proper" phone capabilities...Now, if the "proper" phone function could be provided by a wearable wristband (or some such) -- that would elegantly resolve the issue.
This is exactly my situation -- and I suspect it is the same for may adults. I find myself carrying both an iPad and an iPhone, when one would do,i think Apple could accomplish this by making the carriers "an offer they can't refuse".My phone services should should be tied to me -- not to my devices!
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