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35-45 minutes.
Closed @ $647.35 -- IDK how to convert that to cubic centimeters ...
Scottrade did a generic split email yesterday and a specific AAPL split email today.
iPad ...Never even thought of tapping on it!
I can't right now, I'm using migration assistant on my Yosemite HD. But, that's why they called it a "preview" release.
Yeah, I didn't notice that!Also, AI often renders improperly on iOS 8 -- missing content, intermixed markup, content rendered too smLl ....Likely, this is partially iOS 8 fault and partially AIs fault.One issue with iOS 8 Safari is that automatic minimization of the page top eliminates the tab bar -- you must scroll down a bit in the forum (losing your place) in order to make the tab bar reappear.
Video won't play if viewing this site with iOS 8.
New Posts  All Forums: