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@FlaneurThanks for this! It is a very enjoyable read. I lived in Pasadena from 1950 - 1963. My parents lived there until 2003. I just checked, and their house was less than 3 miles from Caltech.I suspect that @Relic is closer to my age and we may have shared some of the same interests in the same places of Pasadena and the area in general. It would have been fun to participate in that thread and maybe draw @Relic into a little bit of nostalgics.
Do I understand you correctly... You have only one New Mac Pro?
Ohhh... I missed that post by Relic. Very sorry to read that! Relic and I locked horns on a few occasions, but I really enjoyed her well-reasoned posts -- she gave as good as she got!I also missed her post about " her first adventures at CalTech." Do you have a link -- I grew up in Pasadena a couple of miles from CalTech, and my business partner's father was a graduate.I hope Relic recovers and contributes for many more years.Ha! It occurs to me that Relic had more...
and this:http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/news/1317-fcpx-and-the-mac-pro-a-real-broadcast-job-real-editing-and-real-deadlines
And the prize for the most expensive Mac ever [for retail sale] goes to:Apple Laserwriter II.jpgApple Laserwriter IIIntroduced March 1, 1985Discontinued February 1, 1988Cost $6,995 -- 2013 dollars $15,151.65Processor Motorola 68000Frequency 12 MHzMinimum 1.5 MBMaximum 1.5 MBSlot 1ROM 512 kBPorts Serial, LocalTalkType LaserColor 1DPI 300Speed 8 Pages Per MinuteLanguage PostScript, Diablo 630Power 760 WattsWeight 77 lbDimensions (H × W × D) 11.5 × 18.5 × 16.2...
An old saying -- going back to the halcyon days at General Motors, might apply here:"There's no substitute for cubic inches!"
The infamous Ford Edsel had a transmission where the gears were changed by electronic push buttons in the center of the steering wheel...If your battery was dead, you couldn't shift the car out of park so you could push it to get it started.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BIwz330MqWo&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DBIwz330MqWo
"Mine dahlink... I vant to bite chew on the neck..." Wagging tongue..
Laughing out loud... Literally!I read your last 2 posts in reverse order as email via push notifications... And it just hit me...When you're mad at her do you say "PATTI-JEAN"... Like her mother did when she was little I suspect that you-know-who is not a reader of AI.
Have a look at this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MultiplexingMultiplexing is evolving all the time... And it can be combined with buffering and the introduction of latency to give the effect of continuous transmission...Think of it as starting to record a show on you're VCR, waiting few minutes, then playing the recorded showing...Applied to streaming, as in this article, unused bandwidth (holes) could be filled to assure all receivers get their data packets in...
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