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Thanks for the links… I'll investigate tomorrow!
Yeah, long story short -- I had been watching AAPL channel between $10 and $20 for years… I bought in @ $17. I didn't know much about the stock market but I knew a lot about Apple and Steve Jobs.
Mmmm.... I do a lot of posts from my iPad 4. I always use landscape mode… And do a lot of dictation. I am pretty happy with how everything works.Kate/dictated from my iPad.Ha! I dictated that last... *Typed/dictated
I was missing scottrade.com -- the account with my biggest/oldest (2003) aapl holding. I would just toggle JavaScript whenever I needed it .I am running iOS 7.1 on my iPad 4 and, currently, all is fine with JavaScript and AI.
I had the same problem... I was able to bypass it by turning off Safari JavaScript. It disappeared as suddenly as it appeared -- now works as expected.
As a leading FCPX site, and the fact they got a BTO configuration on day 1 -- makes me believe that they have direct contact with Apple.
1) Thats a good idea. You could also fully populate it with short cables and bring them all out to a wiring harness/router on the back/bottom.2) No, not my Mac Pro...I got up too late and the shipments were already out to February... But that gives me more time to save $ to get:New Mac Pro -- likely, mid-range4K MonitorTB2 Pegasus Raid -- likely, the 32 TerabyteMy granddaughter just got $1,800 worth of starter DSLR gear and she takes lots and lots of photos and videos......
Ships All is quiet on the water And the wind across the sand Whispers through our quarters That the morning’s close at hand Our love’s in perfect order As we fold our sails in sleep But the moon is falling starboard And we have promises to keep chorus: We rest here while we can But we hear the ocean calling in our dreams And we know by the morning The wind will fill our sails to test the seams A calm is on the water And part of us would linger by the shore For ships...
New Posts  All Forums: