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Jimmy has 40 plus years of experience and connections in the music industry -- Eddy doesn't have the time to attain equivalent chops!
I think that that's a reasoned assessment.Most here, including myself, are looking at this from the perspective of a techie, shareholder, experienced Apple customer with an understanding of their products and services.But there are different perspectives -- the creatives -- the consumers of music/media ...And, yes, the self-entitled youth of today who believe they are due the constant satisfaction of every need and desire (a never-ending I'm so bored, are we there...
In Ft. Leavenworth, KS (yeah, yeah, I know, I know), they have the famous Junior Junior High school:General George S. Patton Jr. Junior High School
I don't mean to cherry-pick your quotes -- rather to curate them I think this could be a new buying service -- kinda' iTunes on steroids.Think of it this way, it [Apple] knows (with your approval):who you arewhere you arewhat you're doingwhat kind of mood you're inwhat stimulates your various moodsyour credit cardpotentiallyHow much money you have to spendwhat you want to buywhat is important to youwho you want to buy it fromcomparative products, sources and priceswhat's...
You answered that, yourself, in the earlier thread:Creative understanding of the music business -- and 40 plus years of experience, connections, contacts -- plus the streaming licenses with the record companies -- something Apple, Jobs, Cook, Cue, et al have never been able to accomplish. Iovine, himself, is an executive of a record company!In the words of Pogo: "We have met the enemy ..."
And this video explains it all:
Exactly! Augmented [creative] computer intelligence Though, I think if Jobs were alive and well and heard the Iovine pitch today -- he'd. likely, go for it ...A natural evolution:  Apple the Personal Computer;  Apple Computer;  Apple;  --> myApple.
Not just Apple -- Google, FaceBook, Spotify and all the other tech companies.
Yes!You go to the gym on Friday -- When you wake up Friday morning, a special, curated, @SolipsismX playlist for you, today, at the gym is on your iDevice.
New Posts  All Forums: