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Yes, iBeacons uses BTLE!But you don't need to turn off Bluetooth -- just don't run any apps that are advertising or scanning for beacons.BTW, exactly the same thing as "beacons" can be (and is, in some places) done with WiFi (at a much higher battery drain)You could run an app in the background that scans for iBeacons and logs the activity... and when you get home review all the "good deals" you missed.In fact, an app written like this might be a way to get a gentle...
You probably won't be looking at your phone unless you are getting navigation information to stores (or items) of interest.Say you are looking for shirts and lawnmowers -- you tell the app (select from a list). You can have the app show you how to get from where you are to the correct departments... or you can keep the phone in your pocket as you browse the store. As you approach the shirt or lawnmower department, a beacon (identifying same) will come in range and your...
You do... with Apple's implementation of iBeacons -- you're in total control!
There are existing systems that use IR or lasers to track people... but they don't know who you are -- you are just an anonymous dot on an indoor map of a store. If, say, three people hug each other then then separate, they can't differentiate among the 3 different dots.BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices can be recognized individually if they are advertising their unique ID (UUID). Mainly these are used for beacons placed at fixed locations in a store. An iOS device...
Aisle 13
I think there are some high-skilled, well-paying jobs associated with robotic high-tech manufacturing/assembly/testing/packaging -- but not as many low-paying assembly-line jobs,My late father-in-law operated a punch-press for 40 years in a US Steel factory outside of Pittsburgh. Those jobs are gone! I read recently that much of the assembly lines for Apple products are manned by people -- not because they are needed, but because the Chinese Government requires it......
I think these are deliberate, logical steps in an end-game that will play out in the next 2 years.The next "big things" from Apple are already here -- they just aren't visible, yet!
Cue LLoyd Bridges in Airplane.Edit: Ahh... Memory fails -- it wasn't Lloyd Bridges
They could be used as awards or prizes for holiday parties...1st place: A Samsung Gear Watch2nd place: 2 Samsung Gear Watches3rd place: 3 Samsung Gear Watches***Seriously, it could be part of a marketing package for the holidays -- Say, buy a Sammy Phone or tablet (or appliance) and get a Gear free. Likely, Sammy, gives resellers high discounts, marketing dollars and extended terms (no payment until Jan 2014).
Then, there's this: MILEY CYRUS in JUST HER SKIMPY PANTIES would LOVE our smartwatch: Samsung And it is selling like Hot Buns, insists chaebol http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/19/watch_war_samsung_blasts_galaxy_gear_poor_sales_claim/ Edit: I suppose that they could come up with. a special strap configuration that didn't interfere with any activities... Say it isn't so, Hannah!
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