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Well ...Apple is kind of easing into folder trees with things like iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, App Extensions and HandOff ... so, they are not entirely hidden!For the near future, I suspect we'll mostly see this implemented with/by 3rd-party developers -- for instance the Apple/IBM partnership.The capabilities of iOS and iOS hardware have grown significantly since 2007. The limit of a flat [no] hierarchy file system sandboxed within a single app is getting long in the...
I think that most brokers have a 3-business-day delay (the settlement date) after any trade (the trade date) in which you can change certain things ...For example if you sell, say, 100 shares of APPL from a portfolio that contains 2,000 shares purchased over several years ...During the 3-day delay you can change which shares were sold (FIFO, LIFO, MinTax) to have the tax consequences you desire -- long term; short term; loss, etc.
Well ... we'll be closely watching you ...Or you could PM me where you live -- I know where Sol X lived!Now, Just because I can:
See this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex-dividend_date
It appears that AAPL and the stock market in general has survived yesterday's bump in the road ... http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2014/10/30/Optimistic-Fed-stops-buying-bonds-to-aid-economy/3181414646385/ Also worth noting that there is typically a lot of AAPL price volatility around the time of dividends: 11/10/14 - AAPL ExDiv 11/13/14 - AAPL Dividend
Done!New beginning for you?
Out of the mouth of babes: Grandkids heading out to Target to get a last-minute Halloween costume for my 14-year-old grandson ... 18-year-old granddaughter says: "Dress up like Obama -- then steal everybody's money."
Quite well said without a clever last remark!
Whoa! Those are beautiful!What are the long-legged heavy-bodied gray birds that look like emus?I'm upstairs now, but later I'll go down and look at these on my new 5K iMac 27.
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