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You do... with Apple's implementation of iBeacons -- you're in total control!
There are existing systems that use IR or lasers to track people... but they don't know who you are -- you are just an anonymous dot on an indoor map of a store. If, say, three people hug each other then then separate, they can't differentiate among the 3 different dots.BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices can be recognized individually if they are advertising their unique ID (UUID). Mainly these are used for beacons placed at fixed locations in a store. An iOS device...
Aisle 13
I think there are some high-skilled, well-paying jobs associated with robotic high-tech manufacturing/assembly/testing/packaging -- but not as many low-paying assembly-line jobs,My late father-in-law operated a punch-press for 40 years in a US Steel factory outside of Pittsburgh. Those jobs are gone! I read recently that much of the assembly lines for Apple products are manned by people -- not because they are needed, but because the Chinese Government requires it......
I think these are deliberate, logical steps in an end-game that will play out in the next 2 years.The next "big things" from Apple are already here -- they just aren't visible, yet!
Cue LLoyd Bridges in Airplane.Edit: Ahh... Memory fails -- it wasn't Lloyd Bridges
They could be used as awards or prizes for holiday parties...1st place: A Samsung Gear Watch2nd place: 2 Samsung Gear Watches3rd place: 3 Samsung Gear Watches***Seriously, it could be part of a marketing package for the holidays -- Say, buy a Sammy Phone or tablet (or appliance) and get a Gear free. Likely, Sammy, gives resellers high discounts, marketing dollars and extended terms (no payment until Jan 2014).
Then, there's this: MILEY CYRUS in JUST HER SKIMPY PANTIES would LOVE our smartwatch: Samsung And it is selling like Hot Buns, insists chaebol http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/19/watch_war_samsung_blasts_galaxy_gear_poor_sales_claim/ Edit: I suppose that they could come up with. a special strap configuration that didn't interfere with any activities... Say it isn't so, Hannah!
I don't believe we'll ever know the details about the early negotions between Apple and Verizon. It is interesting, though, that Apple's choice to use the cell radio supported by AT&T allowed it to support carriers in most foreign markets.
Mmmm... interesting! Do you have any links to the references in your last paragraph (the government requirements)?
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