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false AI bug
false. AI Bug
Tim: "Oh, yeah... One more thing..."
Here's an update on LA Unified:http://articles.latimes.com/2014/jan/14/local/la-me-lausd-20140115
Timeless! In a way, this process redefines the meaning of "time" – as did the DVR!
FWIW, I have been trying to figure out how to track a user with iBeacons since WWDC...It is beyond my pay grade...
Game time... See how many iBeacons you can locate...track! Enjoy! Go Borncos! Go Peyton!
You are correct... to a point!Apple hasn't really defined the specs of an iBeacon -- just the iBeacon protocol for using one in iOS. This is probably on purpose.I looked at the Gimbal specs and they are similar to other emerging hardware supporting iBeacons. I have hardware that support iBeacon Protocol from Estimote, StickNFind and TI.From what I've read, it isn't clear which Gimbal devices the NFL is going to use...But, according to the AI Article:Looks like they don't...
My answer is "Yes" to the question: "...tell me if an app is required to ask permission to use your location based on iBeacon just like when it asks for your permission for GPS and wifi location detection?".Your assumption that "So now you're saying that you can be tracked with iBeacons if the user doesn't opt-out?" is false... I am not saying that -- rather you are making an assumption!I don't understand if some of you are in denial -- or if you are being deliberately...
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