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Consider this:And this thread at MacRumors:http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/index.php/t-638649.htmlMavericks Server costs $20. Macs are excellent and competitive machines to run Windows. If I were active in selling/installing "computer solutions" I'd consider this a great opportunity to sell Mac Pro-based solutions into SMB.
In the early days of microcomputers, most of them were enclosed in boxes made of bent, stamped and painted metal. Why? Because these cases could be built in small quantities with a little commitment of manufacturing dollars. Then along came Apple, Tandy and a few others that built computers enclosed in cases made from extruded/molded plastics. While thought to be cheaper this manufacturing process is actually more expensive -- at least, at first. The molds for these...
Except, what really pisses off competitors and DIY box-builders, alike -- is that they can't build an equivalent box -- even spending hundreds of dollars more...They can rag on Apple all they want, but the truth is that no one can come close to equal capability for the $... Beautiful or Butt-ugly, aside!
Really jealous here...It would be interesting if you could install OSX Server on that beautiful beast -- to see what advantages/disadvantages, if any.
I think you underestimate how well the Mac Pro will be accepted by business and enterprise.
Expandable vs expendable!
"If you build it, He will come"--Field Of Dreams"If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas”-- Dandy Don"...we could all stand in a circle with our hands in each other’s pockets and somehow get rich."--Paul Harvey
^^^ This!I would add:Large, Powerful iPadRamifications of free iWork / iLife and iOS / OSXiCloud versions of iWork / iLife (feature compatible with iOS and OSX)Maps and Map Services enhancementsiTunes Store Services for Retail / iTunes SpecieAnd, of course:
Turn off JavaScript for Safari in settings -- the crashes will go away...Though, after the recent upgrade to iOS 7 I'm no longer having any crash problems with Safari.As to the article, I have a question for DED:Did you get any on you?
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