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I'm still watching it, but here goes:Jimmy tells Walt that what the Beats Service offers is [a personal] curation that is based on your listening history, and current interests (mood, event, genre, artist, style, etc.) -- Beats selects the next song you hear and tells you what it is. Beats is dynamically curating a custom playlist for you at that specific point in time. The experts know what you like, and what you want to hear -- and are presenting the music especially...
I haven't read the entire thread. but here's a video that is revealing: @ about 16 minutes in they start to discuss the [then] new Beats service. http://video-api.wsj.com/api-video/player/iframe.html?guid=B135580F-2DC6-47CD-8BAD-924E07AB6C21&mg=reno64-wsj
I think they could to some extent -- especially the iCloud and mobile components.We have lots of music from (impossible to find) old records * thai is now on iCloud via iTunes match -- it is quite user-unfriendly and slow to access via iTunes on the Mac or the Music app on iDevices. The Beats app UX is far superior -- it seems to anticipate what you want to do,Also, they could combine the iTunes Match subscription, with a streaming Beats subscription & you could 1-tap...
I just downloaded the app -- setup is one of the best UXes I've seen on an iPad. Apple could learn a few things from this app. It's faster than lightening -- touch and immediately hear! Combine this with my existing iTunes match, about 20,000 songs, music videos, podcasts ... they may be on to something. BTW, to begin to understand the "follow the money" aspect: http://www.asymco.com/2014/05/09/measuring-not-getting-the-cloud/#disqus_thread
I told my 15-year-old grandson that Apple might buy Beats and he ran outside tell all his friends.
AI generated duplicate
I agree with your evaluation.If this deal happens, there's more going on than meets the eye ...
Mmm ... Another opportunity for Sammy ...They could appropriate the Gillette Theme Song and lyrics (maybe even Sharpie, too):🎶 Look Cheap, Feel Cheap, Be CheapTo look cheap -- when you use your phone,To feel cheap -- with every call you make;Just be cheap -- get a Sammy Phone,For the quickest, slickest con of all!  
Follow the money ... e.g., Being head of Chevrolet [Division] is worth more, and pays more, than being head of Cadiddliac [Division].
It occurs to me that the computations involved in ray tracing may be similar to those required for: fingerprint scanning iris scanning even location fingerprint scanning ala WiFiSLAM even pCell location determination via cell signal noise Thoughts?
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