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Then why wouldn't Smarmy reverse engineer and copy Apple's A processors? They are superior to what Smarmy has and they are manufactured by Smarmy.
Ohhh...I always wanted to use the word "detritus" in a sentence.
I was attempting to match the sizes of things that I might have on my desktop. There is no way I'd have a current Mac Pro on my desktop or even on the back bar -- but the new Mac Pro is something else.,
Another way to look at the cost:In Sept 1984 AAPL was selling for $26.50 -- so you'd have to sell ~100 shares of AAPL to buy that $2,500 Original Mac.If you held those shares you would have 800 shares after 3 2:1 splits or stock worth $454.45 x 800 ~= $363.500.I suspect you'll be able to buy a new Mac Pro by selling 10-20 shares of AAPL or using 2-4 quarters AAPL dividends @ $3.05 per share per quarter.
It is interesting that the original 1984 Mac was priced at $2,495.In today's dollars that would be over $5K.Based on what it can do, and the price points -- I don't believe that this will be a niche product.Here'a some more 1984 data -- to help put things into perspective:http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1984.html
I knew most of our customers by name... PM me if we ever met.Here, from an Apple video shoot in our Sunnyvale Store in late November 1983 When they filmed this they taped all the windows so no one could see into the store:
13.6" x 9.6" x 10.9"              9.9" x .6.6"            9.9" x 7.7" x 7.3" Not quite to scale... but close enough!
I rode around Cupertino/Sunnyvale with Woz in his just tuned Porsche with a [then] top speed of 13 mph...I smoked a cigarette in front of John Draper AKA Cap'n Crunch -- and got screamed at (in my own store)...
I think you are somewhat incorrect... there were plenty of "cars" [automobiles] that predated Ford's cars -- some by more than a century. (steam, electric), So that part of your interpretations of the quote fails.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_automobileLack of roads limited the speed and distance of early cars and they were expensive.What Ford did do is make a sturdy, reliable car that did not require a road, was faster than a horse (over a long distance)...
You may not be aware of it -- with OSX you can toggle a magnifying loupe that moves with the cursor.It is enabled in System Settings--->Accessibility. The default toggle is Command-Option-8.On OSX Mavericks, you can set the size of the loupe and the magnification within the loupe. You can also make the loupe stationary or split the screen 1::3 with the left segment magnified.I have 74-year-old eyes and short fat fingers -- and find that many controls are too small on a...
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