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I'll call mine Tara ... As in Tara rah boom de aye
They could do something with a folded horn configuration in a corner of the room.
Alexa please record and upload everything you hear to the Amazon web site until you hear the words 'cease and decist' in my voice.
OT: What bothers me ... With an iPad (I'm using an iPad 4) go to: daringfireball.net -- count the seconds Then Recode.net -- count the seconds Then appleinsider.com -- count the seconds Then Just reload this page -- count the seconds
I haven't found anything that beats Discover for cashback rewards -- though some merchants still don't accept Discover." so I expect this to arrive by iOS 9 OS 1 "
I think that merchant rewards/loyalty cards/coupons are just a permutation of iWallet -- not too difficult to implement, and doesn't require TouchID or NFC (but those could be used to advantage if Apple allows developer access).Anyway, Apple could provide a generic app, say iRewards, which provides the basic mechanism (capture rewards cards, woken up up by iBeacons/WiFi/NFC, exchange info with merchant, capture receipts ...). Then merchants could interface the generic ...
Something like this?Agreed! I can't see Apple getting into a 3% gross margin, highly regulated business -- leave that to others.I hope Discover gets on board -- Accepted most places, 2% minimum cashback on every purchase, 1 month free float!Also, when Apple Pay gets accepted for larger purchases, I'd like them to take the debit card from brokerage savings/checking accounts like Scottrade Bank.
Of course, you're right on 2).On 1), GG writes well and sometimes posts links -- as often as not they do not support his position or unrelated to the topic being discussed. There are lots of ways to jack a thread -- starting in a continuous sub-discussion about unrelated materiel is one form of muddying the waters ... IMO, GG does this as a matter of SOP!GG usually takes a pro-Google, anti-Apple stance in his posts ... that's why I blocked him -- I am an admitted...
The AppleScript/Automator idea is brilliant -- count me in!The optimization for compact code tradeoff for performance is interesting ...I suspect that the Apple Watch S1 Chip will run a version of iOS -- so compact code would be desirable. I don't believe that there would be any embedded C code, as Swift is designed to be as efficient as C and outperform it.Consider: The guy who is responsible for implementing llvm/clang, responsible for Xcode Tools, etc. -- is Chris...
New Posts  All Forums: