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LOL!Reminds me of when I worked for IBM in Las Vegas ...We had this customer, Mac, who was a brilliant, crazy man -- but we were installing (a 6-12 month process) a new IBM 360 in his DP department. Since this was one of the biggest and most visible accounts in town, every IBM executive who came to town wanted to visit the installation. (Aside: it was very difficult to convince an IBM luminary to come to town ... yeah, right!).Anyway the IBM salesman had scheduled a...
By golly, Mabel ... We can get one of these new-fangled fingerprint remotes so that we can sit in front of the TeeVee and buy things without ever leaving the recliner ... Yes, Clyde ... I've already done the gift shopping for 2015 and am thinking about Easter 2016 ...
TouchID!I am interested in this thread despite the diversion of hacked celeb pics ... Maybe they should implement a TouchID system on iCloud ... Seriously!TouchID ... And the NFC/iWallet/iTunes infrastructure (whatever) to support it for major credit card purchases ...Did you ever consider why the cc companies inundate you with free offers, interest-free transfers and introductory offers, checks, cashback rewards ...There are at least 2 ways the cc providers make...
WOT, but, found this:
OK, you guys are beating me down ...But, thanks for the well-thought and presented info!Mmm ... what if we had a programming language that used RPN -- like APL.Talk about productivity -- I can write that program in one line of code!'Course I can't read it ... Understand it ... Maintain it ...
Yes!The major reason for an iWatch, IMO, is to keep your iPhone in your pocket or purse -- otherwise why bother!
Yeah ...It's been my experience at any major Apple event I've attended or viewed -- that Apple salts the crowd with Apple employees ... mostly technical, but some marketing/evangelists.They all contribute to (or cause) excitement at the appropriate moments in the program.Later, the main speaker acknowledges their contributions and thanks them for their efforts.This is good marketing, HR, and presentation strategy,
That's a pretty likely outcome!
'been reading your series of posts ...This is not your first rodeo!
My bad ... We're in agreement!
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