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How about this:It's Coming...Dedicated Mac Pro Hosting and Colocationhttp://www.macstadium.com/mac-pro
What you say is true, today -- but it is starting to change. The status-quo Wintel apps are kind of like the "rust belt" of technology.For example take POST/Checkout/Cash Registers... Today, that job can be done cheaper and more efficiently on an iPad -- and it doesn't require special technical ability (IT) to setup and support.Within the next 2 years we will see the bulk of customers pay for onsite purchases, say in a supermarket, with your phone, receive an itemized...
You show me your definition of a pc, i.e. "personal computer" -- and I'll show you mine!For starters:Here's a Michael Cioni video from 2012. Michael is a pioneer in using technology for digital "filmmaking". The entire video is a great view!The definition of what he is about starts at 01:51, through 4:29...The demo starts at 15:18...
Good question!!! Is an iPad any less that a 1978 Apple ][, 1981 IBM/PC, 1984 Mac, 2013 pc or Mac? In some ways, it's much more than any of these "real" PCs.Headless home servers, server farms...
Good points!I believe that every individual (and every organization) has an agenda -- including me and thee...Some are [mostly] open and forthright about their goals, purposes and methods -- while others obfuscate.It is the responsibility of the individual in how he conducts his actions and to observe and understand the actions of others.And, yes, Karma is the ultimate judgement.
There's a funny video at:http://freebeacon.com/leno-pokes-fun-at-obama-presser/
This^^^But, but, but... climate change is settled science...This (emphasis mine):And this:
Maybe not such a new strategy:http://law.jrank.org/pages/572/Bribery-tradition.html
Mmm... A services/polling company publishes a report, an analyst publishes an analysis, a writer publishes an article, a reader posts an opinion... These people each have an agenda?. What a novel thought!
Yes, when we opened our dealership, 3 of us put in $20,000 each and made an Application to Apple. Myself and one other were full-time IBM employees who planned on holding our current jobs -- just in case...When Apple reviewed our Dealership Application, they setup a meeting. Sue Wardy a very attractive and pleasant Apple rep conducted the meeting. Sue told us that Apple was interested, but they thought we were under-financed -- saying that they were only accepting...
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