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Ha! When my wife went into labor... The hospital said to go home as it would be at least 12 hours...I had dinner at some friends, played some games... I had six Yatzees.. My daughter was born before I got back to the hospital... Las Vegas 1964!
LOL... QFT.... More's the pity...
Well, I am 74 years old, widowed from the love of my life for 12 years -- so it really never entered my mind!
There's an old joke about Joe Garagiola when he was playing... Seems his wife was about to deliver and Joe stood at the foot of the bed in full uniform, smacking his catcher's mitt while yelling "put it right in here, babe".
LOLThis certainly raises a whole 'nother set of opportunities for Candidate Weiner... Steady there, big fella
Mmm... Sounds like it will be interesting when they all get together......Wonder if the NSA was watching too?
The reason they did it this way is free advertising to induce Google Play user with competitive phones to but Smarmy phones... "Gee, Smarmy does a better rip-off of iPhone apps than whoever..."
the Innovation elephant in the room is OS X Mavericks…. It is lean and mean, very fast, and low power -- my iMac 27 is like a brand new machine with faster CPU, GPU and more, faster RAM -- and all I did was install a new OS!
Tim Cook: "Spell 'innovation' for me" Journalist: "I_N_N_O_F_V_A_T_I_O_N" Tim Cook: "There's no 'F' in innovation!" Journalist: ....
C'Mon... Quit playing dumb... You know full well that Google supplied the backend data to Apple's maps app through iOS 5.I read somewhere that Google was paying Apple to use Google's backend data.I don't think anyone but the principals involved know what really happened... But most suspect that Google offered Apple the data for new features, like TBT, in exchange Google wanted to track users and/or include ads...They couldn't resolve their differences and so Apple rewrote...
New Posts  All Forums: