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It's my understanding that Windows has (or soon will have) a clang/llvm implementation. So it stands to reason that this implementation will have access to the Windows file system, OS APIs, etc. -- and any programming language running using clang/llvm will be able to issue the equivalent of lprint, print, println() ... whatever.Sure, C++ implementations already have this in place -- and any new clang compiler would need to implement it -- be it for C, C#, C++, BASIC,...
But, doesn't C++ need to know the underlying file system so it can read/write to Windows, OS X, Linux?So, how is a C++ app written to access the Windows file system executable on OS X and 'Nix?BTW,I do underst the MVC design pattern.
... Old Rusty Warren Joke:  "The only time I say 'no' is when they ask me if I've had enough."Now, about that Swift clang/llvm thing ... Oops, sorry ...
E -- Hot Air Balloon rides
AIR, Europeans use the:  yyyy.mm.dd  format -- but maybe that's only the French being, well ... French I'd like to see something in Cyrillic or base 12!
Speaking of iOS 8 -- another Beta should drop 9/1 (Labor Day) or 9/2.Typically, this iOS release would be the GM ... With an invite to developers to submit iOS apps, including Swift, apps to the app store ...But, depending on the availability schedule of the products to be announced on 9/9 (and iOS 8 support for them) -- I don't know how Apple can maintain secrecy & Developers can meet the:  iOS 8 GM / new product support / new product availabilitydates.
Shouldn't it be: 2014.9.9 ?
I was going to ask you for a link -- thx.The shareholders event doesn't count, so you are right about the schedule of events you originally posted!
Yeah, but ... they could demo the connected home features in a small corner of that building -- you can use scale models of doors, garage doors, lights ... In 1978 Mountain Computer had a Voice controller device for the Apple ][. They used it to control all of the above using scale models that fit on a desktop.It's gotta' be something much more interesting/disruptive ... or just a large hands-on area where 2,500 attendees can concurrently fondle and experiment with the...
I'm starting to get the feeling that this is a really, really big event -- maybe even the biggest event in Apple history. Hmm ... How large is the attendance at the President's annual State of the Union Preso? I did some surfing and could find no mention of any Apple Event at Flint Center except the 1984 Mac announcement ... Hmm ... 1984 - 2014 ... 30 years ... lots of great successes (and a few failures) in those 30 years ... The Flint location in Cupertino gives...
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