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^^^Succinct and well said!
I did a little surfing and found this:http://www.faqs.org/patents/assignee/luxvue-technology-corporation/and this:http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20140048909then this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_on_insulatorIf I understand this correctly, the sapphire that Apple is manufacturing could be used to produce large, * inexpensive, bright, dense, high-quality, light-weight, power-efficient, heat-dissipating displays -- all the good things, NOW!* It remains to be seen...
I think they'll have a verdict today -- don't want the Cinco De Mayo weekend go to waste Also, SOT, but today we have a birthday:Happy Birthday BASIC.
I read recently that Google was (successfully?) exerting pressure on Sammy to cut back on the duplicative bloatware.As I see it, Google is attempting to transition from a [relatively] open ecosystem to a more closed/curated ecosystem. Even though many (most?) would claim that this would benefit the users -- it still could be considered anticompetitive and illegal -- depending on what is done and how it is done.It is very difficult to become a virgin!
Good points!But, at least she'd have her shirt tucked in.
In a way, yes ...But (as I understand it), until recently there was no tie-in and no preclusion of offering a forked version in addition to the supported version. So there are precedents that had been set that are now being changed -- now there are tie-ins where there were none before.I read, somewhere, that in commerce, tie-ins are illegal (anticompetitive) per se. If you are a large company and/or dominate a market, it would wise to always be wary of how your actions...
While there is no direct correlation between retail and developers, I hope that Angela plays a role in the coming WWDC -- she is an engaging and inspiring speaker.
They may get sued, but I don't think Apple has the same exposure as Google.Google is attempting to tie-in one thing (Android OS) with another (Google Apps and Services) -- essentially saying:  If you want this, you have to take this, too!Apple is saying here is the package -- take it or leave it!
Antitrust/restraint of trade laws sometimes produce some interesting rulings. In the 1950s, A small Southern California Supermarket chain:  Von's Market;  attempted to merge with another small local chain:  Shopping Bag Stores. Even though the merged chain had less than 30% of the market (AIR, it was 17%), the merger was struck down -- it was ruled that the longer term effect tended towards an illegal monopoly. In the 1970s, IBM had 97% of the maimframe computer market....
Consider it from this perspective:You are a manufacturer and want to enter the smart phone marketplaceYou need an OS to run on the phoneThe only viable choice of OSes is Android with a dominant market shareIn order to use Android on your phones, Google the Android provider, requires you to offer other Google apps using Google services to the exclusion of competing apps and servicesThis is called an illegal tie-in. There are lots of antitrust case precedents striking down...
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