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Got a website where you can strut your stuff?
Here's a thought: Tim Cook for president in 2016!
Some honest questions:Which God?What if you don't believe in God?Does that make you less moral, ethical ... less open to salvation?Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,And saw, within the moonlight in his room,Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,An angel writing in a book of gold:—Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,And to the Presence in the room he said"What writest thou?"—The vision raised its head,And with a look...
This has been an interesting and revealing thread ... And, surprisingly quite civil ... This is the web at it's best!
Well ...I chose agnostic because I thought it would get the idea across ...For me personally, I don't believe in any formal religion ... Nor, do I think there is a specific God ...However, I do believe in faith, as well as science ... and that there is some greater power (other than random intersection) that controls our destinies ...Call it Karma, Serendipity ,,, or just "things happen for a reason" -- as my late wife Lucy said it.Like you, Lucy was a "keeper" and my...
Thanks for that ..."Love without evidence is ... is ... stalking".My late wife was devout Catholic, our daughter's God Parents, the McCanns were Catholic ... I'm agnostic ...But we all enjoyed the following:
Kinda' sums it up!
Dia Del Muertos ...and Guy Fawkes Day coming Nov 5th!
Whoa! Extremely well reasoned and well said!It may be of interest to some, here, that Tim is not Apple's first gay executive ... there've been several ...But, the conditions were not propitious for coming out in those days!When you think about it, society has evolved quite a bit ... but has a lot farther to go!
Occam's Razor!Law Of Parsimony!
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