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Unfortunately, Apple will need to announce their Zamboni in Los Angeles -- rather than San Jose ... Sigh
He, who laughs last -- laughs loudest!
^^^Succinct and well said!
I did a little surfing and found this:http://www.faqs.org/patents/assignee/luxvue-technology-corporation/and this:http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20140048909then this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_on_insulatorIf I understand this correctly, the sapphire that Apple is manufacturing could be used to produce large, * inexpensive, bright, dense, high-quality, light-weight, power-efficient, heat-dissipating displays -- all the good things, NOW!* It remains to be seen...
I think they'll have a verdict today -- don't want the Cinco De Mayo weekend go to waste Also, SOT, but today we have a birthday:Happy Birthday BASIC.
I read recently that Google was (successfully?) exerting pressure on Sammy to cut back on the duplicative bloatware.As I see it, Google is attempting to transition from a [relatively] open ecosystem to a more closed/curated ecosystem. Even though many (most?) would claim that this would benefit the users -- it still could be considered anticompetitive and illegal -- depending on what is done and how it is done.It is very difficult to become a virgin!
Good points!But, at least she'd have her shirt tucked in.
In a way, yes ...But (as I understand it), until recently there was no tie-in and no preclusion of offering a forked version in addition to the supported version. So there are precedents that had been set that are now being changed -- now there are tie-ins where there were none before.I read, somewhere, that in commerce, tie-ins are illegal (anticompetitive) per se. If you are a large company and/or dominate a market, it would wise to always be wary of how your actions...
While there is no direct correlation between retail and developers, I hope that Angela plays a role in the coming WWDC -- she is an engaging and inspiring speaker.
They may get sued, but I don't think Apple has the same exposure as Google.Google is attempting to tie-in one thing (Android OS) with another (Google Apps and Services) -- essentially saying:  If you want this, you have to take this, too!Apple is saying here is the package -- take it or leave it!
New Posts  All Forums: