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As they say in French ... Asi es la vida!and ... remembering Beaujolais de Texas made it all worthwhile I'm going to rag on my daughter -- she drinks diet Beaujolais de Texas for tha caffeine hit!
It's been posted elsewhere (in this thread or others at AI) that the ApplePay device (iWatch or iPhone) does not need to be online to the Internet for ApplePay.In fact, the ApplePay device, likely, could be in Airplane mode -- with no radios active except NFC.In its basic form the ApplePay device pays (communicates with the merchant's POST) using NFC. The merchant's POST terminal is connected to the Internet and acts as an intermediary between the ApplePay device and...
To Vincent: I got a response from the André you remembered ... sadly, not the one who taught my class in Vincennes ... I'll PM his email to you/
Good points, all!My first reaction to a question like this is: How do they do it now?1) bypass the NFC terminal altogether2) give your cc to the waiter or bartender to take to the NFC terminal3) pay with your cc at the front desk where the NFC terminal is locateed! and 2 are insecure and are part of the problem that EMC is trying to resolve.3 is inconvenient and could allow a customer to run-up a bill (before approval) that he cannot pay for.What appears most likely, is...
Here ya' go for starters: Mierda, Scheise and Merde!To answer your specific pregunta -- the verb is chengar.
Yeah ... I'm certainly guilty of pushing that limit!
Mmm ... Profound!Since reading your post, I've been mentally reviewing my conversations with French individuals as a visitor to their country. I suspect that I have insulted them -- though unintentional and unknowing, it's no excuse.Brings to mind the cartoon panels of the "Ugly American". There's this American tourist, decked out in Hawaiian shirt, shorts, baseball cap -- camera gear hanging everywhere. The American tourist is trying to make himself understood to...
OK!Here's some more info on how it works!http://bankinnovation.net/2014/09/heres-how-the-security-behind-apple-pay-will-really-work/
Enjoyed talking ...Back in 1973, my parents took my wife, 7-year-old daughter and me on a grand tour of Europe ... after a few days in London, we went to Paris -- Stayed in the Intercontinental (now the Westin) on the Rue de Rivoli ... could see the Eiffel tower from our balcony. After a $10 each ham and egg breakfast in the hotel my wife and I convinced my parents to try some recommendations from Europe on $5 a day ...They were game and we tried a recommendation of a...
Not so much if you include lobbyists/politicians in the mix ... They've just institutionalized the processes!
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