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Hands down, Apple has the worst "cloud" implementation of all provider. Google is instantaneous; Apple is a crawl. Type any word into Google's Chrome or Gmail and you get instant feedback. Try search for anything on iCloud and it may return something after 5-12 seconds, or it will just hang and not work. Emails sent from GMail and iCloud arrives up to 1/2 minute earlier on GMail. Apple is way behind on cloud development and it's focus on having just two huge...
n. I'dl Mindless with small hands it seems Nothing wrong with a bigger screen. I had a Samsung note in my jeans pocket recently and it was just fine. It's a preference. Apple should offer the maker a choice of screen sizes and they'd displace a lot of larger androids.
It's amazing that Apple wouldn't provide a f$cking choice! I can buy a 13", 15" or 17" laptop. I'm 6'4" have big hands and wear glasses. I'd like a bigger screen, a much bigger screen, and I'd prefer Apple to provide me with the option to buy one. I'd even pay more for it over a 3.5"one, but give me the option. Many men would like a bigger phone and it's showing up more and more in surveys. Not everyone will like, but it's becoming a preference for a majority of men.
Or I could press a single button that brings up a Guide for me. It's even quicker. It'll be interesting to see what Aple does in such a low margin, mature business like TVs, but I'm not replacing my 50" TV unless it breaks. I have invested in several peripherals (PS3 as a Netflix & general media player) and I really cant see myself changing anytime soon. I'll swap out my phone, I'll change PC/Macs and I may even change content provider for TV (sat vs internet vs cable). ...
Market is not impressed reflecting the initial reaction that many existing Apple iPhone 4 users may not find the 4S sufficiently compelling to warrant the upgrade. It's still a great phone but will it entice others to buy it now or wait for the iPhone 5?
Small sample size but reaction is a bit underwhelming. 8 people here in office with iPhones (5 x iPhone 3Gs; 3 x iPhone4), and two of the 3Gs are jailbroken. Only one is definitely upgrading to iPhone 4s. The rest see nothing sufficiently compelling to warrant the upgrade. Siri commanded some interest but nobody really wants to talk to their iPhone (I love the feature)
I have begun to get unusual behaviour on my Mac with odd pop-ups when viewing sites such as BBC. I use Chrome as my browser. Anybody recommend virus/Trojan scanning and removal software?
The irony of it... And so many of those jailbreak apps exist to deliver functionality available on Android but which Apple didn't wish to support. There is still room for Apple to copy.
Yes, this was very disappointing after all the rumors concerning deep voice integration. How long before the acquisition of Sirus bear some discernible fruit?
Couldn't agree more. Although, I think it's more than just gullible IPhone users becoming locked into yet another closed system. Apple really could make their messaging platform ubiquitous, and more powerful, and more useful for their users. They may yet make a platform agnostic messaging app but I doubt it. They are all about "closed", "complete control of user experience" etc. but wrt to SMS that makes just about as much sense as restricting the Apple's mail client...
New Posts  All Forums: