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:) Do you understand the concept of an internet forum where people offer opinion? Do you understand that I am offering my opinion of the smartwatch's relative value, particularly it's value for me?  Now, you clearly don't share that opinion and that's absolutely fine by me. In fact, I am re-assured.  Ryan Smith, the Editor of the respected site Anandtech writes "The Apple Watch is essentially a wrist-mounted extension for your iPhone plus a sensor suite"  Rob Pegoraro of...
Agree.  It's an initial push into wearables but I'm still disappointed by what this initial iteration actually delivers. Perhaps I was expecting an array of sensors that do something more than reveal my heartbeat at that point in time.  If nothing else it will certainly strengthen the virtuous circle surrounding the iPhone and perhaps the Apple ecosystem, but the watch needs stand on it's own merit as a device, and I don't think it will find an audience outside those who...
Many people who enjoy and own Apple products find no compelling argument to buy this watch when it requires an iPhone and it's principle selling point is that a wearer will not have to reach for their Phone as often and that it sits on your wrist and not in your pocket.
 I'm sure the device has "potential" as you call it and future iterations will get better but right now most observers have correctly called it a secondary screen for the iPhone because an iPhone is required to do anything of note. So for $400, I'll continue to put my hand in my pocket and engage my iPhone.  I bought the original iPhone the day it came out, I bought the original iPad after a month or so, and their value in functionality, usability and convenience were all...
And the point still stands. The original poster said Apple had "doubled-down" on quality with the MacBook, and for me, one significant component of quality is actual performance.  I understand Trade-off's were made to shrink the MacBook and one compromise was on the processor. For me, that trade-off doesn't work, and I'm still awaiting a device that offers the portability of a MacBook Air with Retina display on which can handle my workload.  Hence I'm disappointed.
 Many of us who own and enjoy Apple products can see little value in what has been accurately described as primarily a secondary display for an smartwatch in its first iteration.  While I'm sure the idea of a fashion accessory made by Apple will appeal to tough guys like you, and many others, many of us still await a compelling argument for wanting one.
I think you clearly failed to even read mine properly.  I said it didn't work for me. I was disappointed. And I even came to that conclusion without your intervention. Where did I mention anyone else?
:) Setting your pompous remark to the side because it seems you are upset that the Core-M could not possible satisfy my needs, the Core-M is a downgrade on my current MacBook Air which struggles under a heavy load. It's just the Broadwell equivalent of the Haswell Y line and if you read the reviews of the first PC that used it, the yoga 3 pro, most of the criticisms are levelled at performance...
 ?!  :) The performance of any device is a highly significant component of it quality, and how it performs routine tasks is impacted by the processor.  The MacBook doesn't have the engine to support my needs and those of many people I know who are in the market for a laptop offering the portability of a MacBook Air but with a better quality display that has now become standard.
 High quality?  With that processor?   I'd love a MacBook Air that supported a Retina display but find myself increasingly pining for more horsepower on my existing MacBook Air.  This doesn't do it for me, it's underpowered.  So, I'm disappointed
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