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as many note, DED should have included the much longer upgrade cycles for iPads (and all computers) than years ago in his analysis.   most consumers and businesses do not need more processor horsepower for the standard apps they use. nor do they really care about screen resolution specs and other gadget bells and whistles. if they are happy with the tablet or computer they have been using for a few years they will stick with it.   for tablets the best motivator for...
one of the all time flame wars.   anyway, i think that fact that would matter by far the most is how many smartphones - android, apple, whatever - are actually infected with dangerous malware now, and where they are located. possible OS "vulnerability" is not the same, tho that is what this whole argument has been about.   that's the data i need. 
A good number of folks think the MS Surface will still maintain its market niche thanks to running Legacy Windows applications.   basically, no, not for long.   many if not most of those legacy apps have not been optimized for a tablet UI. yes they work on Surface, but that era is fading fast. for real world uses where a tablet is really the best practical choice, developers will be writing new apps optimized for tablets. and if they go through all that trouble they...
Apple just killed Surface. RIP. and MS finally had the sense to join the winning side instead of go on in denial. good leadership actually. they just saved MS Office. even better leadership when they mercifully pull the plug on Windows phone next year.
stick a fork in it. Current C is done.
what is bizarre but no longer surprising is that Apple's huge actual YOY jump in sales and profits is totally ignored by all those pundits who instead paint a negative outcome due to "expectations," while the same pundits react to MS's catastrophic quarterly results with "not so bad".   not so bad? finally admitting that the Nokia take over was a total disaster resulting in a $7.5 BILLION write off? and that Windows Phone is clearly a total fail dead man walking on life...
why don't all these outfits simply wait for Apple to announce its quarterly sales totals before publishing their own made-up numbers? they just can't handle the facts?
BXC is much worse than just an inept pundit. he is a hack that repeatedly turns speculative tidbits from dubious sources into Apple trashing click bait. if he wrote for some Android/MS/Google fan site his non-existant journalism standards wouldn't matter. but when one is writing for the NYT, one expects unbiased professional work. oh, wait ...
Stick a fork in WP, spawn of Zune!
that CNN article is just one more hack-written click-bait trumped-up hit piece. there've been thousands of these about Apple stuff over the years - so many the Macalope makes a steady living from laughing at them.   it comes with being #1.
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