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amazing no one has pointed out the obvious reasons for this pattern - in Android the notifications are literally in your face constantly. they stick on the home screen and can't easily be managed - turned off app by app - individually. many do not offer an opt-in/out choice at installation either. so yes of course they will get a much higher response rate as a result of that agressiveness.   manipulating the user to somehow monetize everything is a basic premise of...
all this back and forth about tech benchmarks just don't matter to 99% of users (or me). they care about the everyday results of that tech on the screen when they are using the phone:   - camera performance, like point and shoot quality in all kinds of light and any lag times - video recording performance, like image stabilization and maybe slo mo - game performance, like no stutters and the graphic level of detail of the games - does it get uncomfortably hot to hold...
unless Lyons has a copy of the email "I produced the email that Levy had sent to the business editor of Newsweek and gave it to Howard Kurtz at CNN"  - which Lyons did not present in his riposte - the detailed 4/7/10 Kurtz summary of that Newsweek scenario absolutely destroys his claim. deal with that.
yes buy them. but then combine Wii with Apple TV and convert all the DS games to iOS. without cross platform of course. this move is Nintendo's surrender. they'll be totally out of the hardware business in 5 years. 
agreed. but the flagrant double standard where working conditions and environmental concerns are addressed only to Apple while the media totally ignores the same far more egregious circumstances with regard to all the other Asian OEM's and their suppliers is beyond belief. it's sick (and i don't mean hip-cool). and he's right - Google doesn't give a shit about that. DED should do a whole Editorial on that one topic alone.
oh, about the AWatch ...   either it's really super-convenient or it's not. if it is, it will be a huge hit. otherwise, so-so.   like i wonder, can you really hear/talk a phone call on it?   have to wait and see when it finally gets into real world use.
ok, i have to nominate this as the all-time DED rant. or at least one of the top five. when i got to Jim Jones i knew he was all-in.   his basic points are certianly valid, if hardly news. there are probably a lot of cheap shots and poorly qualified statements in there too.   but mainly, it's just a lot of fun to read. keep 'em coming Dan, and don't worry about who you piss off. especially here.
ah yes, once again IDC predicts that magical growth for MS' market share will eat away at Apple's.   just like Windows phone has done.
it's the end of an era.   beautiful Swiss premium mechanical watches have defined the premium market for many decades. including high fashion jewelry watches.   that's over now.   yes there will always be a few elite buyers who will pay ooga mooga for those. and jewel encrusted fashion watches for the elite. but not enough to support today's Swiss industry. maybe only just 25% of it.    the 75% rest of the high-end market will demand "smart watches" that to date...
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