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ok, i have to nominate this as the all-time DED rant. or at least one of the top five. when i got to Jim Jones i knew he was all-in.   his basic points are certianly valid, if hardly news. there are probably a lot of cheap shots and poorly qualified statements in there too.   but mainly, it's just a lot of fun to read. keep 'em coming Dan, and don't worry about who you piss off. especially here.
ah yes, once again IDC predicts that magical growth for MS' market share will eat away at Apple's.   just like Windows phone has done.
it's the end of an era.   beautiful Swiss premium mechanical watches have defined the premium market for many decades. including high fashion jewelry watches.   that's over now.   yes there will always be a few elite buyers who will pay ooga mooga for those. and jewel encrusted fashion watches for the elite. but not enough to support today's Swiss industry. maybe only just 25% of it.    the 75% rest of the high-end market will demand "smart watches" that to date...
how loud is the speaker - can you hear a call in a busy room? outside?
i'm not clear. what do you get for the basic $349 model? doesn't a charger come with it?
 yes there will always be a market for a big hunk of gold bling. especially among the no-class crass neuvo riche. like some sports superstars and celebrities i could name. but as of today, as a hip/cool status symbol the Rolex is totally passe. until they at least bring out their own bling-full smart watch - but with Android? really?
yes, if supplies are tight they'll be re-selling the Limited for $25k or more there. and if they sell first-come at stores, there will be riots outside. so probably will be done some other way.
as to the topic at hand: Right On, TC!
oh they'll find one ... but in fact the only killers are the iPhone 6's - true Droid Killers.
over 250 millions iPads have been sold so far, and i bet most are still in use. all can run iOS 8 except for the original iPad and there were only about 15 million of those. so the rest are "good enough" for someone in the family to use. the one compelling difference worth upgrading for is the 1.5 lb weight of the iPads before iPad Air arrived at just 1.0 lb, making it much easier to hold. all the other newer features like Touch ID and better cameras and displays are nice...
New Posts  All Forums: