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because the next major bump in iPad capabilities will come with iOS 5! the software, not the hardware!! with improved notifications and widgets and other convenience stuff like that where Android is most competitive. in the Fall probably, same as last year's iPad bump to iOS 4 with multitasking, cut and paste, folders, etc.and in between will come the iTunes/MobileMe enhancements that the iPad can also use to good advantage. Maybe something useful in OS X Lion too.it's a...
actually Jobs did put it down in writing - big white block letters on the theater's projection screen at least 5 feet tall. the last slide of the show! with him standing directly in front of it!!
just watched the event video. the two things that impressed the most were: (1) simply seeing Jobs look so vigorous and apparently in decent health, and (2) Garage Band. Garage Band really is a true Wow!! app. for the ridiculously insignificant price of $5 (on top of the iPad purchase price, which you would buy anyway for dozens of other good reasons) you get an entire easiest-to-use-ever orchestra of sophisticated musical instrument synthesizers combined with an...
you got that right.
Jobs does not play such cute petty word games. he uses lots of hype, yes, but not pure baloney. there won't be an iPad 3 this year, or 2.5 or HD. yup, instead a 5.5" iPod touch makes plenty of sense. there's are real market niche there. the "big pocket" market. the low-price market (for families with kids especially). coming in the Fall. but we will never see a 7" iPad, something else Jobs made ultra clear. the iPad 2 is really nice. the whole package is greater than the...
bringing a lot of the iOS UI to the Mac is great, but the big question is, will it run iOS apps too? i know some will not work. but most would with all the new touch controls. since we see that Lion will definitely keep Dashboard, they could run there like widgets, which they resemble visually, tho they are far more powerful. that would be a sensation, since many iOS apps are terrific, being so well focused on easy acces to specific purposes. i would expect Apple...
my god, i can't believe this thread. it's full of jokes and has no insults or personal attacks. the campers must be happy.
yeah, for Yoda.
a basic rule of good composition is do not end a sentence with the word "of." that's why it even sounds clumsy. even a headline writer would not do it. better to at least put "year of" in quotes, or perhaps best, end the phrase with 3 dots (...) instead of a period.but ... this is hype. so all that matters is whether it works to incite media interest. and it certainly will.
"Come See What 2011 Will Be The Year Of" implies a lot more will be hyped than just iPad 2. after all, it will be the year of iPhone 5 and OS X Lion too, and whatever else Apple has up its sleeve. so hope to hear about a lot of stuff! btw, that is a terribly written phrase. and ... here comes the media frenzy. with that open-ended come-on, the Apple guessing game may hit an all time high.
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