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ah, a gigantic feast of crow is being served on the internets today. preceeded by a first course of egg on the face. and topped off with a heaping bowl of claim chowder. do you think all the bloggers, pundits, and "analysts" will finally learn the difference between "shipped" and "sold" once and for all this time??
everything about this new report is very possible. multiple important incremental improvements to iPad1, but no breakthroughs. i believe it. given its detail and the many other rumors about manufacturing, factory production of the iPad2 must be imminent. which would make sense for a March sales start, with a typical Apple February launch announcement. but what about the "other shoe" - the software? what will Apple add to the iPad's iOS? we know what is coming with iOS...
Sony's "next gen" portable is classic Sony: jam pack every bell and whistle Sony's great Japanese engineers can devise into a single gizmo. a real tour de force. except that is not what anyone except nerds/geeks wants, or can figure out how to fully use. Sony should learn from MS even, and the success of the Kinnect. the Kinnect is a one trick pony, but it is a good trick: an inexpensive accessory that is compatible with a large installed base of XBox's that nails...
oh Sam, Sam. you're supposed to already know this: MS sells WP7 licenses, not phones. it sells them to the OEM's, not consumers. THEN the OEM's manufacture the handsets and put them into the various retail channels inventory (do any OEM's sell a WP7 phone direct to consumers? i dunno). finally a real person, aka consumer, actually might buy one from one of those retailers, be it a telco or Best Buy etc. we don't know how many of these initial 2 million MS licenses have...
ah, i love the smell of burning MS in the morning ... of course this is good ol' Microsoft bashing. and metaphor mashing. always fun! actually, a whole new generation of leadership may be exactly what MS needs to get out of its doldrums. but a fish rots from the head ...
made 'em up.
btw, has anyone else noticed the visual tricks Samsung is using in its Galaxy tab ads to make it look bigger than it really is? all the forced perspective shots where a hand and tab stand out in close up against a receding background view? and a guy in the ad holding it who is definitely on the small side? cheap tricks.
yeah, there will certainly be some market for 5"-7" tabs. probably never more than 10% of all tablets. but there are always some consumers who prioritize small size and light weight. for that group, would not surprise me to see a 5.5" iPod touch someday.
Vaporware by definition is something that never actually solidfies into an actual product for sale. so yeah, Cook is trash talking when using that term for definitely upcoming tablets. Promiseware or futureware or hypeware woulda been more accurate. guess he just wanted to show Apple has its game on.
yeah. and a big question is what does this do to Chrome OS later this year? launching a new product like that which can't support the "whole web" is really a problem. the iPad proved you don't need Flash. apps can deal with media delivery directly and on their own - and better. but a browser dependent OS mandates always using Flash as middleware to get H264 content.
New Posts  All Forums: