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 you are right that benchmarks are used mainly for marketing hype, since few buyers base their decision merely on benchmarks. but you are wrong to then dismiss hype as inconsequential in the marketplace. reviewers cite benchmarks as "objective" performance measures for purposes of comparison with competing products, which is then one building block of a product's overall perception in the marketplace. every positive factor helps that reputation, and 'power' factors like...
 sure, nothing to see here, move on. sweep it under the rug.  no big thing. almost everyone does it. nevermind that man behind the curtain. i was just following orders ...
 sure, whatever.
 welcome, Dude Android Sheep! of course they run their own benchmarks. which are deceived by the trick OS software, silly. that's the whole point! you clearly have not grasped what the story is.
OMG, this is Benchgate!   and every single web site review of these phonied up Android smartphones that ran benchmark tests on them and based their evaluation of their performance in any way on these falsified results has to rewritten! right? at least for the models still on the market today, right?   so will CNET and Engadget and Ars and Verge and all the rest go back and re-write their recent reviews based on facts instead of fraud? huh?   yeah, sure, right.   or...
translation: "Apple just kicked out butts, we're up sh*t creek without a paddle, and don't know WTF to do."
we are looking at more of Ballmer's last hurrah. whatever bribe he offered Delta, the Surface (RT) 2 is DOA. there won't be any 2 or 3 for Delta IT whores to use next year at all. the next MS CEO is going to bury this sad misadventure. MS will double down on the Pro because that is Gates' folly, and he ain't gone - yet. but the RT is a total dead end.
 some guys we hear are even whipping it out ...
 the reason - surely the thought occurred to you - is that NO ONE LEAVES THEIR KNUCKLE PRINTS ANYWHERE ANYWAY, SILLY! so it would be totally useless to the FBI et al. like total cosmic duh. which is also why knuckle prints are excellent security for a person's own (finger)print reader device.
i can now report that, as i thought when posting above, you can use your knuckle print with Touch ID. i just set it up and it works fine.   so in fact the hack that defeats Touch ID can itself be defeated by anyone who wants to. just don't use your fingertips.   but you're not going to read that simple solution in the tech media. that's not the story they want to write.   (and since this comment is days late, probably no one at AI will figure it out either.)
New Posts  All Forums: