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Apple TV definitely needs some improvements just to make it easier to use. i've been using two for several years.   first the Remote app still inexplicably requires old style clumsy swipe navigation to control the ATV home screen and all the other menus. i have no idea why. all the icons and lists on ATV could easily be on screen buttons and pull downs in the Remote app too. that should have been fixed years ago.   second, an HDMI pass thru with auto input selection...
for the page hits of course. in general, articles about Apple will routinely get a lot of hits. and in general, negative articles about anything will routinely get a lot of hits. so, articles that are Apple + negative get the most hits. they're just hit whores.
you keep forgetting the /s
you forgot the /s
nice try, word games. "official Google" = using the Google ecosystem. and no, once you are in it, you can't readily get out of all its data mining and still use it all. sure, you can abandon all Google services, root you phone, etc. and escape. but that's not what consumers do. and Google knows that and exploits that.
yes you can opt out of much of the Google data mining. but never all.  and the right way to protect our privacy is to instead make everything like that opt in. which iOS does nearly all the time. you know damn well Google stacks the deck its way. pretending otherwise is apologia for evil.
indeed. we can all refuse to sign up for the Google ecosystem if we use iOS and its alternative services and options offered on iOS. which means we can all avoid their data mining. now, Google has a very good ecosystem, in various ways the best. like its search vs. the Bing alternative. but we still have a choice if we use iOS. if you buy an official Android product YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT CHOICE. so tell me ... which of these two alternatives - iOS or Android - is really...
 yeah good points. but i roll up my sleeves anyway. haven't worn a watch since high school tho. maybe i could get into it now. if it did FaceTime i'd have to have it.
 that's really fascinating, thanx. self-charging phones and pads would be pretty amazing, and only need a smaller battery, so thinner and lighter too. they could charge even when 'turned off' as long as there's light. might work great for a smart watch especially. their small screens would keep the per unit costs modest, the thin screens can be easily curved, and the thinner the watch is, the better its esthetics. but nevermind. everyone knows the days of Apple...
 she picks the music and plays slot games.
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