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you don't "see" that 64 bit power making Toch ID work so smoothly or the Camera app producing excellent pix for us photo dummies, but it's there just the same.
exactly. which is why we may never see 64 bit Android OS. but Chrome OS ... ah yes. many think Google's future is based on Chrome, not Android.
64 bit chips do not = 64 bit Android. and why assume Google will ever produce a full 64 bit version of the Android OS and in-house apps as Apple has already achieved? Google is aiming for the broadest possible Android distribution with a lowest common denominator hardware and cost requirement for OEM's and telcos, with less fragmentation if possible. a new Android branch of 64 bit high end products serves none of those goals. and as you note the real value of 64 bit...
whatever, you miss my point: both the Fire and the Surface were hyped by many in tech media to become huge sellers that would challenge Apple's iPad and the iOS ecosystem. well, they didn't. not even close. instead both are duds in terms of sales. but you can't find those hypsters now owning up to their dud punditry.
so the much hyped Fire is a flop. and the much touted Surface is an outright fail. there should be a claim chowder banquet on the tech websites today feasting on the dozens of glowing predictions that were showered upon them both, but i just can't find it. meanwhile tho this will be reported as more proof Apple is doomed, and great new things are coming from Amazon and MS, just wait.
DED is clearly right about the overwhelming double standard in media coverage of everything Apple. for example, take the New York Times ... please. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/24/technology/apples-profit-climbs-but-cracks-are-showing.html?ref=brianxchen the url shows the article's original headline and lede, but both were later edited to change "cracks" to "pressure"! LOL. but the worm may be turning somewhat as Google gets more time as media punching bag due to...
 that would be a neat trick, but there's no standard protocol to implement it. all the OEM's including Apple want capture you in their own 'walled garden' for such device interoperability. you can do a half ass job of it with some IR remotes now, programming them to run all your stuff with dedicated buttons to switch inputs, but there are always individual quirks for each device's UI that don't fit somehow, and if you need to enter text you're outta luck. or you can get a...
 that's what is never going to happen, if you mean ATV would be the primary source for all your viewing. despite all the 'cut the cord' hype, access to broadcast/cable content will remain essential for most homes for the foreseeable future.
Apple TV definitely needs some improvements just to make it easier to use. i've been using two for several years.   first the Remote app still inexplicably requires old style clumsy swipe navigation to control the ATV home screen and all the other menus. i have no idea why. all the icons and lists on ATV could easily be on screen buttons and pull downs in the Remote app too. that should have been fixed years ago.   second, an HDMI pass thru with auto input selection...
for the page hits of course. in general, articles about Apple will routinely get a lot of hits. and in general, negative articles about anything will routinely get a lot of hits. so, articles that are Apple + negative get the most hits. they're just hit whores.
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