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 yeah good points. but i roll up my sleeves anyway. haven't worn a watch since high school tho. maybe i could get into it now. if it did FaceTime i'd have to have it.
 that's really fascinating, thanx. self-charging phones and pads would be pretty amazing, and only need a smaller battery, so thinner and lighter too. they could charge even when 'turned off' as long as there's light. might work great for a smart watch especially. their small screens would keep the per unit costs modest, the thin screens can be easily curved, and the thinner the watch is, the better its esthetics. but nevermind. everyone knows the days of Apple...
 she picks the music and plays slot games.
 likewise, i'm sure.
 you must not be married. she runs everything from the passenger seat. sure, iWatch will be another Apple ecosystem extender device. that's what this is all about.
 my point is, CarPlay will likely run on top of any kind of underlying generic OS with the necessary adaptations for it. QNX, Linux, whatever. the carmarker will determine what Nav system OS they want to use. i suppose there are various ones in use now.
 believe it when i see it.
 what's slick about CarPlay is that it is running on top of the automaker's own Nav system OS (some Linux flavor? or QNX for Ford soon). just like AirPlay works on multiple brands of AV equipment with some other kind of underlying simple OS. all it needs is a dedicated button on the Nav unit, like an input switch on a TV, and access to the voice button on the steering wheel and touch screen UI elements. the same would be true for DroidPlay. actually, Android devices can...
oh, wrong. you forget about your passengers, who use the iPad to kill time on longer trips or search for stuff around and about. my wife does this all the time. they can take care of the infotainment system instead of the driver - much safer.
yeah i saw that. that was its catch up to Apple's iOS in the Car announcement last year. i mean actual real world operational deployment like this.
New Posts  All Forums: