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 the Apple bashers are desperate. they need hack-gate at all costs. they know the 4s is a smash hit, and they know Touch ID is a true "killer" feature. i feel their fear of being crushed in the market this holiday quarter, and it feels great.
 good idea. but i'm going to try my index finger knuckle when i get the 5s later this week. not hard to use, and you never leave a knuckle print anywhere. point is, that hack isn't hard to defeat if you are really determined. not that the 'experts' have figured that out yet. myself, i do not live in a world of fear. losing the phone is the far most likely problem. the odds of it falling into the hands of state of the art criminals are miniscule, and if i get mugged i'll...
let me put it to you guys and all the pundits another way: what consumer product in this price range EVER sold more tha 9 million in its first thee day on the market??? answer: none.
bottom line: the 5s is a smash hit, and Touch ID is a "killer" feature. sales of high end android just got iced until they catch up. next come the new iPads with Touch ID. Apple will have a monster fourth quarter.
no Neil. the Surface (RT) 2 is just Ballmer's last hurrah. the next guy is going to dump it. yes, they will keep trying with Surface Pro's. that will be Gates' last hurrah someday, but he won't give up the desktop-Windows-on-a-tablet fantasy until he dies, and he still controls the company.
this is still total FUD. their "fake finger hack" is easy to defeat conclusively.   maybe it has already been noted on this long thread, but you can easily use your index finger knuckle instead of finger tip as your Touch ID print. it's only slightly less ergonomic to do. and basically you do not leave your "knuckleprints" anyplace at all, anytime. certainly not on your phone. so the hackers would have nothing to start with they could ever make a copy of.   when are...
 exactly. there is niche enterprise market for running desktop Windows on a tablet - companies that use specialized software available only for Windows that has been updated for W8 touch UI. but not much has been yet. but consumers just don't need this at all compared to a cheap laptop. like, for college, that being probably the most common reason left to still run a desktop OS for consumers.
so the new Surface 2 is an across-the-board spec bump model (still no retina display), finally with Outlook too. they also drop the price modestly by $50 and double the freebie cloud storage to 200G. the much hyped accessory keyboards are improved too (gee i thought they were supposed to be great last year), but still not cheaper. as to apps ... well not much happening there. i guess if you already wanted one this is a very nice update. but the question MS still hasn't...
 yeah, eight articles about the new Surface! (ok there are two versions)! the lead article headline is:Surface 2 declassified: How Microsoft made Surface into the tablet the world said it wantedgush much?we can compare this with its coverage of the new iPads launch next month ...
 don't understand the question.
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