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the key question is how much latency is at all noticable to a user. is there an authoritative study on that? a tenth of a second (100 milliseconds)? if that is the threshold, then these results are significant. but if two tenths of a second, then it doesn't really matter.   does anyone know?
Chandrasekher better update his resume. or maybe he needs to spend more time with his family.
well, Congratulations Eric!   you have just succeeded the "retiring" champ, Steve Ballmer, to claim the title of Biggest Buffoon In Tech!   we knew you always had it in you ... you've been working your way up the list for years now.
the next even bigger step is the A7 iPad coming very soon ... certainly the full size iPad. and will we see a Mini-S too?
of course this once again proves the blatent double standard in the tech media. if Apple did this you know it would be an instant "BenchGate" sensation, top headline news at, say, the Verge - which so far has not posted any report about this at all. and these guys claim to be "journalists." Consumer Reports would issue a press release, like they did for so-called "AntennaGate."   but instead the reactions are mostly So What? and related lame excuses. i guess in one sense...
Cheating - in China? i'm shocked!
 um .... did you read the rest of my comment? all the stuff you don't quote and don't address?
 you are right that benchmarks are used mainly for marketing hype, since few buyers base their decision merely on benchmarks. but you are wrong to then dismiss hype as inconsequential in the marketplace. reviewers cite benchmarks as "objective" performance measures for purposes of comparison with competing products, which is then one building block of a product's overall perception in the marketplace. every positive factor helps that reputation, and 'power' factors like...
 sure, nothing to see here, move on. sweep it under the rug.  no big thing. almost everyone does it. nevermind that man behind the curtain. i was just following orders ...
 sure, whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: