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yeah sure, Android coulda, shoulda, woulda. plus some pure speculation and penis trash talk.why, you'll fit right in!
 yes. but in this case i think this is one time Apple itself should clarify the topic and describe what the 64 bit capability is doing right away on the 5s. understatement is good as a general rule, but sometimes it is just too little, and this is one of them. 
 what's amazing is no one in the tech media is calling SS out for this obvious "me-too" vaporware BS - so totally lame. so totally deserving of ridicule.
all the foaming at the mouth we are seeing this week across the web about the new iPhones are last gasp desperation FUD rants covering up the sheer panic spreading through the rest of the industry and their fan people.   they know in their gut the new iPhone 5s is by far the most advanced portable computer ever made - one-two years ahead of them - combined with a very enjoyable refreshed iOS and many very convenient easy to use features that people actually want (not...
great info from DED. clearly the 5s is the most techinically advanced portable computer in the world now, with several very important new/re-born technologies deployed in Apple's typcial "just works" understated style instead of in-your-face pointless gimmicks. but you would never learn that from reading all the blatently stupid commentary on the web about the 5s the last two days. i dare say, we may have seen a new low in shallow thinking among the tech media. could it...
 Google may never bother to develop a 64 bit Android. as discussed in a DED AI piece a few weeks ago, Google may wind down its Android project gradually, since being mainly Samsung's free software development staff really isn't a great longterm business plan. more likely Google will focus on Chrome OS from now on, creating a "walled garden" platform of its own that runs on top of anyone else's (classic Google rip-off tactic).
ah, yes, what we are witnessing here and all across the web now from die hard Apple-bashers are their last desperation FUD attacks. because they know in their guts in two weeks the iPhone 5c/s + iOS 7 combo is going to be a runaway hit they can't match.    i can smell the fear in their eyes, and it tastes great.
for heavin's sake ... got a drivers license? then your thumbprint is already in the NSA data base. and all my fingers' prints are. if you were ever arrested or even involved in an investigation, so are yours.   sorry, children. that horse left the barn decades ago.
 yes, lines are merely symbolic. but symbolism is not always meaningless. MS gets lines by giving away free tickets to concerts. while the iPhone lines reflect genuine  enthusiasm among a core group - and scalpers who wouldn't be there without a good reason. sure, lots of folks here are fans. being a fan of a sports team or car brand or tech brand, etc. is fun. having something intelligent to say about the topic in question is even more fun. dissing the competition is fun...
 Apple isn't ever going to make uber-cheap phones for the developing world, and everyone knows that, or should. it could never compete with those local OEM's in their markets' distribution channels, it would never make the crummy flimsy hardware they often do, and it would never tolerate the very exploitative labor practices that many of them practice routinely either. as to "what market Apple was trying to address" with the 5c, think ahead. this attractive new c model...
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