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yes, there are a lot of lukewarm or wait and see S5 reactions too. but a lame product like this from Apple would have gotten a scathing reaction instantly. the point of this DED Editorial is that Samsung gets favorable media coverage no matter what thanks to its ad budget.
here's my favorite Gush. it's not a major tech site, just one of those others that SS can buy outright:   http://www.latintimes.com/samsung-galaxy-s5-vs-iphone-5s-compare-features-specs-price-and-more-poll-155273
More CNET Gush:   http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13970_7-57619550-78/smile-the-samsung-galaxy-s5s-16-megapixel-camera-is-pretty-good-so-far/
PCMag goes straight to the heart of Gush - the specs:   http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2454105,00.asp
CNET is not going to be out-Gushed:   http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13970_7-57619546-78/samsung-galaxy-s5-reveals-its-hidden-features/
here's a big ZDNet Gush:   http://www.zdnet.com/why-samsungs-galaxy-s5-is-the-best-business-smartphone-7000026772/
 "See all 4,148 articles.": http://news.google.com/news/story?pz=1&cf=all&ned=us&hl=en&topic=tc&ncl=dHyyRHyrC2uh-mMq-VeRLwRq8ni-M
well, the Samsung S5 unveiled yesterday is a totally underwhelming new model. last year's chip, screen, and OS. a few more megapixels but no dual flash. various spec bumps and lots of bells and whistle gimmicks. and oh yes, a third-rate fingerprint sensor and gold plastic case - with dimples!   so what does the tech press do? gush about it! no real reviews yet but lots of hype about what a solid "evolutionary" improvement it is.   i guess "evolutionary" in only bad...
well, we are now about to have a real life test of the Samsung payola hypothesis. the new Galaxy S5 unveiled today is a blatantly derivative P.O.S., complete with an inferior Touch ID knock off fingerprint sensor and gold plastic case, along with a few spec bumps but no 64 bit chip.   if the Apple 5S had been this lame it would have been branded a "total fail" last year.   so let's see how the big tech websites review this Samsung bow-wow. i'll drop back into this...
sure, but the OHS agreement does not incorporate Google services per se.
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