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lots of web site articles pointed this out a few months ago. here's one: http://readwrite.com/2013/09/11/iphone-5s-64-bit-a7-why-you-need-it#awesm=~ortPTnCejQdXW3 i think even DED himself wrote one. will have to search .. added: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/09/12/hands-on-with-the-new-64-bit-a7-powered-iphone-5s-with-new-m7-camera-touch-id http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/04/apples-64-bit-a7-already-powering-advanced-new-audio-video-features-in-apps-and-games
you're definitely wrong about the Camera app - one of the very most important to consumers - and its major quality improvements that clearly rely on 64 bit capabilities. and you're probably wrong about Touch ID too., which likely uses 64 bit power. and those are the two "marquee" features of the 5s. in other words, you're just wrong. and that's before any other apps are optimized for 64 bit. why can't you and all the rest just give Apple's 64 bit "innovation" the credit...
for iPads i just don't know. mine work fine. does it crash even after a restart the kills all apps and clears memory?
Mavericks broke a lot of older software. and some old extensions in Safari don't work anymore either.
um ... this is post 1,350 ... clearly there is something amiss with your set up (need more RAM?), a corrupted/bug/incompatible software, or your hardware.
i just don't have this Safari problem - on any device. maybe i just don't go to ... those ... websites.
you have just demonstrated once again how Wall Street is driven by hype, not facts as the conventional wisdom fantasizes (e.g., "analysts"). how else do you think the crash of 2008 was possible? or the next one ...
i'm sure all the other OEM's are "working on" some kind of biometric ID, fingerprints or whatever. but coming up with a reliable consumer product version is obviously very hard to do, since only Apple has succeeded so far. it will be very interesting to see how long it takes them to match Apple technology. 2014? we'll see. until then, all they got is hype.   and methods like facial recognition or retina scans or voice ID are not as flexible. Touch ID clearly has...
some people's fingertips just don't register well for whatever reason - like my wife's. but Touch ID works fine for me on same phone. i helped her try to setup, so no difference there. obviously has to be something to do with her skin - it is kind of calloused.
yes, the Pro is clearly targeted by Apple to pro apps, like FCP, that are optimized to use its full capabilities. so far, no third party apps, like Premier, are. nor the 3D apps either, as you describe.   the test will be when and if major software companies do this. Adobe probably will sometime in the next year. maybe some CAD companies too. otherwise ...?   if a critical mass of third party software is updated for the Mac Pro, then it could really take off. if not,...
New Posts  All Forums: