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well, there may no longer be a Google-curated Android with that official brand name (i assume Google has it trademarked?). yes, Google may shift completely to Chrome with its own 'walled garden' ecosystem rather than profitlessly continue to be Samsung's R&D department.   but there will certainly be many 'forked' versions of the same basic Linux/Java OS, whatever it is called, used by OEM's all around the world to crank out cheap phones and tablets in the hundreds of...
you know, the mini in particular is state of the art stuff. no one ever simply launch at maximum production rate with new advanced products. they need to take some months to hit full speed. i've no doubt iTouch was left out this year because they just can't produce enough of the state of the art sensors yet, they need them all for the 5S. you're being unrealistic.
exactly! except you should have cited the Yankees instead, who just buy their way into the Series many years. ah but not this year!
totally correct. my company has about 50 PC's. all are W7 by now. none of the proprietary programs we have to use are even W8 ready. and Server 2012 - optimized for W7 - is the core of the system. never going to touch W8 with a ten foot pole. W8 is DOA for enterprise, and crap for consumers. only Windows nerds actually like it. and putting crap on a tablet gets you nothing but a crap sandwhich. on toast.
as many note, this just proves once again there is a knee jerk Apple FUD bias in the tech media, along with a blatant double standard for all the rest. Nokia just died. RIM is dying. MS is floundering aimlessly. HP has lost its way. Google's invasion of your privacy continues to metastasize. Amazon never makes real profits. all the Asian OEM's except Samsung are bleeding cash. and Apple is even slowly winning the patent war with Samsung. but the "news" you get are...
it's really not complicated at all. Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile were the three first generation smartphone OS's. when they were new they were a breakthrough and prospered (wiping out the earlier PDA's) but they were primitive - OS's too intrinsically limited to advance significantly. so when Apple's second generation new iOS smartphone appeared, along with its following Android imitator, those three were quickly blown away. they all attempted to develop...
 thanks much. after watching, i tried the only such app i have - PDF Pen - on my trusty iPad 2 and could see the line propagating about 1/2" behind my finger as i drew at a normal quick pace. so yes, it does matter. i plan on getting a new iPad next month, so i'll check that out then and see if there is a noticeable improvement. my wife has our 5s right now, but i'll check that out next.  i can see now that a difference of 50 ms really does make a difference in user...
 wait a minute! my kitty has Paws of Lightning! he's gotta be 10x more sensitive to latency than us ... that would be cruel!
the key question is how much latency is at all noticable to a user. is there an authoritative study on that? a tenth of a second (100 milliseconds)? if that is the threshold, then these results are significant. but if two tenths of a second, then it doesn't really matter.   does anyone know?
Chandrasekher better update his resume. or maybe he needs to spend more time with his family.
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