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 i think this is a pretty good indicator for the proportion of iOS users who are genuine "early adopters." more than i thought.
 you're all forgetting that next year Apple will likely knock the 5c price down another $100 and still be able to maintain it's profit margins. at that point Apple may also finally launch a larger screen version of the 5c at the previous price. and as long as Touch ID - clearly iOS' new "killer" feature - is not matched by other OEM's, Apple is not going to drop the price of its top model at all. so the 5s will be taken off the market next year like the 5 is being...
 you're on the right track. but ... how many of the older models of iOS and Android phones/tablets included in those grand totals are still actually in use? many have have been thrown out by now or are laying insider a drawer in someone's house. the survival/resale/resue rate of iOS products has to be significant higher than the Android stuff too.
 of course SS will almost duplicate the Apple design verbatim ASAP. they figure any patent lawsuit will take years, and by then it won't matter anyway - they'll finally have their own design ready. that's how they do business.
 all the droid fan people are saying, so what, no big deal, it's coming soon to android too, ain't that hard to do, no problem, etc. etc. ... it will be very interesting to see what actually happens, and when. same goes for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. you KNOW that as of today every major OEM in the world is in a total panic to get one of their own ASAP - it's the 5s' "killer" feature. sales of high end Android phones are going to plummet until they catch up. it will...
mark prigg at the London Evening Standard is also smitten by the 5s: "This is, without doubt, the best smartphone ever made - and puts Apple squarely at the top of the industry."   certainly overall the reviews are very very good, the best i can recall for any model iPhone.   and diehard Apple fans are already starting to camp out at the stores. since rumors say the 5s supply may be very limited at first, there could be record number of them by Thursday night. 
ok, looking at the reviews i can see already the dog lovers of the world love the new 5s slow mo. and you know the unbearably cute kittens can't be far behind. get ready for an eternal avalanche of 10 second pet clips in your inbox. thank god babies already move slow.
 gol, what a weasel this guy is. on the one hand he writes: "With its ease of use, enormous wealth of high-quality apps and content and well-integrated online services, the iPhone still provides the best overall user experience of any smartphone." and goes on to note the very good new features. but then he wraps up: "There’s nothing wrong with either phone. But there’s not much that’s pulse-quickening about them either." go figure.
 a few mention NFC as an aside. but i think everyone is finally realizing it's a dead end, while Apple is on the right track with iBeacon, Touch ID, and Pass Book. you know Apple will make sure they all work together seamlessly too. meanwhile Google is flopping around like a fish out of water trying to get Google Wallet into the mainstream. even the telcos are sabotaging them.
 exactly. for a smartphone/camera, i want small and handy. for surfing and laid back stuff, i'll get the retina Mini when it is released, next month i hope. it's about having two right tools for two different jobs, not one compromise tool in between both.
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