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well, i'd like to turn our attention to Joe Wilcox. that guy is a true piece of work, a true "hack." a lifelong MS sycophant, he's written dozens of contrived posts bashing Apple. but this one might be the most ludicrous ever - and that's saying something. and he's beyond claim chowder - he just ignores everything he's written that turns out utterly wrong. there is so much of it, why bother?   what's really great is knowing how the huge success of the 5s combined with...
 you still actually discussed none of their report's contents. maybe they stacked the deck as you assume. or maybe iOS is just better. the answer lies in the contents themselves, not your innuendos.
what really stood out in this report was how bad Windows Phone is. after some reflection, i think whether it's phones or tablets - or even now the W8 desktop OS - MS still thinks it can dictate that consumers will have to use its products, whether they really like them or not.   but a great many - most - now don't. and now they have other very practical alternatives they like more.   MS made the classic mistake of thinking Windows users actually loved them. they still...
 yeah sure if you say so. did you actually read their report? usually helps to criticize based on evidence in the thing itself instead of speculation. it's quite interesting. their evaluations make sense and appear consistent, tho any of us might focus on some other details they did not.
ah, you should all (not) see Joe Wilcox over at Beta News desperately trying to debunk the 9 million sold fact of the matter. that just means shipped not real sales (he must think it's Samsung)! they're stuffing the channel!! and ... and ... wider distribution. so it's worse than last year!!! i say so!!!!   it's sheer panic on the droid/MS side of the fence this week. they know the 5s is going to clean their clock, and they know Touch ID is a "killer" feature they just...
 the Apple bashers are desperate. they need hack-gate at all costs. they know the 4s is a smash hit, and they know Touch ID is a true "killer" feature. i feel their fear of being crushed in the market this holiday quarter, and it feels great.
 good idea. but i'm going to try my index finger knuckle when i get the 5s later this week. not hard to use, and you never leave a knuckle print anywhere. point is, that hack isn't hard to defeat if you are really determined. not that the 'experts' have figured that out yet. myself, i do not live in a world of fear. losing the phone is the far most likely problem. the odds of it falling into the hands of state of the art criminals are miniscule, and if i get mugged i'll...
let me put it to you guys and all the pundits another way: what consumer product in this price range EVER sold more tha 9 million in its first thee day on the market??? answer: none.
bottom line: the 5s is a smash hit, and Touch ID is a "killer" feature. sales of high end android just got iced until they catch up. next come the new iPads with Touch ID. Apple will have a monster fourth quarter.
no Neil. the Surface (RT) 2 is just Ballmer's last hurrah. the next guy is going to dump it. yes, they will keep trying with Surface Pro's. that will be Gates' last hurrah someday, but he won't give up the desktop-Windows-on-a-tablet fantasy until he dies, and he still controls the company.
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